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  1. Very yes.

    Either that or *poutpout*

  2. Sean

    Oh well ! Thanks, nya~

  3. Sean

    I'll bet most of those views were due to me checking my own profile.

  4. Iris is yours? Pft. What on earth are you fighting fooooooooooooooor?

    I haven't played Musashi 2, but I've played the first game on ePSXe. Haven't gotten very far in it yet, though.


    Ooh, Persona 4.

  6. The only regret I have is not using my real name in the email I sent him~ because I can't show it off in real life without people being confused.

  7. Yeah! It's one of my most prized possessions.

  8. I know, I was just apologizing, is all.

  9. It seems that I got off easily...!?

    Regardless, I hope my post wasn't spam. I just felt that the videos would do a better job explaining my point rather than typing up one giant counter-argument. I was going to leave it at that, however.

  10. Ah, okay. Well I'm sometimes on AIM, but I don't use that very often, myself. If I catch you online, I'll be sure to ring you a hello, though!

  11. *pats you* Although we've never clashed, I don't mind your attitude on the boards, really. I would probably lose my patience far more if I were in your position, myself.

    By the way, would you like to chat sometime on MSN? ^^

  12. Sean

    Ah, I remember you! How's it going? And how is Hazel doing? I've talked to her once last month, but otherwise haven't regularly conversed with her for a while.

  13. Thanks! I AIM FOR CUTE.

  14. Sean

    And now my comments are stretching the tables so just delete them when you get the pic.

  15. I'm really sorry to hear that. I sincerely hope things turn out for the best, though!

    Also, if you like, we should chat sometime! Plus, we're fellow fans of cute things~

  16. Huh, what the hell. Is she doing alright now, at least?

  17. Hm, well, I don't have very much Sonic art offhand (as I've only recently got back into drawing fanart for the series), but I do have that one crude sketch that I submitted for Sonic Relief. You can find it here:




    (broke up the link to avoid stretching the table too much)

  18. Yeah!

    It's also very similar to the style in which I always draw the Sonic characters. Might make an art topic sometime.

  19. Sean

    Well, you can rant to me anytime if you ever feel like it, nya.

    And thank you!

  20. Interesting !! I have heard of that anime.

  21. Huh. Is your avatar from Cyborg 009?... or some Tezuka anime...!?

  22. Sean

    Heya; since you mentioned a particularly low mood in your post, been wondering what's up? Anything you'd need to get off your chest?

  23. "Damn...sadly the media will probably overeggagerate this situation but its still tragic none the less"

    "What? is it true? how and when??"

    Successful troll is successful

  24. Sean


    Ooh! Next time I see you on MSN, tell me your thoughts.

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