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  1. Huh. Is your avatar from Cyborg 009?... or some Tezuka anime...!?

  2. Sean

    Heya; since you mentioned a particularly low mood in your post, been wondering what's up? Anything you'd need to get off your chest?

  3. "Damn...sadly the media will probably overeggagerate this situation but its still tragic none the less"

    "What? is it true? how and when??"

    Successful troll is successful

  4. Sean


    Ooh! Next time I see you on MSN, tell me your thoughts.

  5. Sean

    You're graduating already? Sweet! Hope you ace your final exams, as well.

  6. What happened to your profile.

  7. Sean

    Chris the OTAKU.

  8. Sean

    Totally! I definitely hope you enjoy it; the PS1 version is one of my favorite games for the system, so I'll look forward to talking about it with you.

    Also, how've you been, man?

  9. Sorry; it wasn't like I was trying to be a jerk in my response... I just happen to have a very direct way of expressing what I think. I seem to have a problem of trying to maintain a positive image while others think of me as being a douchebag when I don't even try to be... I hope you don't think of me as that.

  10. Aha, another person who has met Bill Nye! I've met him twice myself, at the science center in Seattle, and got my picture taken with him on both occasions. I also got a book he wrote autographed~

  11. nowthennowthen@live.com is mine. I'll be sure to catch you online sometime soon.

  12. We should chat on MSN sometime! Once I manage to find the time to sign on.

  13. The truth hurts :(((

  14. Hm? Oh, thankee. :o Though I did steal it from a friend.

  15. Of course. I'm usually a lot better with handling my emotions, but I agree that I was starting to take it too far. But thanks.

  16. A'ight. Thanks, dude.

  17. I have the full pic, though it's not much bigger (or more interesting).

    Do you want!?

  18. Sorry again for my actions in the Riders topic. It was really out of character for me to act that way.

  19. Sorry for what I said, man. I wasn't in the best of moods, but I shouldn't have taken it out on anybody anyway.

  20. My perversion will be KNOWN TO ALL.

    Also, I'm doing swell, you?

  21. That Pikachu on the left is gonna get TAKEN HOME by me.

  22. Even after all this time it still makes me laugh.

  23. They're nobody, at least as far as I'm aware. My sig/ava are just random art that the artist did; you can find his stuff on Danbooru by searching for "katahira_masashi".

  24. Hey, let's bitch about OP on MSN sometime !!

  25. Hallo again.

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