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  1. Dude, check out issues 86 and 87. It features Sonic vs. a highly witty, awesome rendition of Metal Sonic, and the interactions between the two are a real treat to read. It also references the Mecha Madness storyline pretty meaningfully.
  2. Pokémon is awesome. I love my LeafGreen team with a passion; it's a really wonderful remake. I tend to prefer filling up my Pokédex as opposed In the FireRed ROM that I played, I managed a different team, but I hacked a level 5 Mew early on in the game so I could add him to my roster, because the concept unobtainable Pokémon is just evil. (In fact, I hate the different versions thing too. Damn marketing ploys.) Emerald was pretty good, but I didn't enjoy the 3Gen roster quite as much. 4Gen looks more interesting, but I haven't properly gotten through any of the versions as of yet. Once I obtain a DS Lite, I might get my hands on Platinum or whatever new version just came out. EDIT: Why on Earth does "Pokémon" change to "PokA~©mon" whenever I edit. EDIT: And now the character is changing to a question mark. This is getting ridiculous. EDIT: Oh SSMB you crazy fuck !! why is this damn thing so much of utter confusion~ fuck it
  3. Seems like nobody bothered to read what I had to say in my last post! In short, don't feel bad about your skills as gamers; you have your own way of enjoying the game, while these speed-runners have theirs. Speed runs aren't a guage of skill that everybody has to live up to. Not everybody loves memorizing levels day in and day out just to get the shortest time possible, and just because these guys can complete Eggmanland in 43 seconds doesn't mean you suck or that you have to do it in that time as well, unless you really want to. It's just all fun and games. I'm pretty sure that nobody is actually killing themselves over their skills BUT DON'T RUIN THE DRAMATIC IMPACT OF THIS POST.
  4. Incidentally, Stereolab music, which is far from hard rockin' shit. "Space Moth" and "Captain Easychord" fill me with a relaxing sort of energy when on the move. Other times, I typically put on the best battle music in RPGs I can find. Oh right, and "genesis of next" by globe and "Finished Symphony" by Hybrid are also very intense. I love long songs.
  5. Sean


    On and off I care about spoilers; it really all depends on how much I value the material. I have yet to complete EarthBound or Mother 3, and I've been avoiding any and all spoilers like the plague (hence why I never participate in any discussions concerning the games, even though it's one of my favorite game series). Other times, I don't give much of a fuck, such as when I finished reading the first two Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy books and decided to skip all the way to the end to see what happens to the main characters. Sometimes, though, I can love a series a lot but be anxious to see how it ends. For example, I watched the anime series Kino no Tabi completely out of order because I was afraid that the main protagonist was going to die in the end (I watched volume 1... and then volume 4, and volume 2 after that, and one year later, volume 3). In this case, it didn't really matter because the anime doesn't follow an overall storyline, and the final episode is nothing special in comparison to the other episodes, save for certain parallels to the character's past. I don't take any pleasure in spoiling anything for others, however. I know what it's like to get pretty passionate about keeping certain events a surprise to myself, and so I don't want to drain that sense of enjoyment out of anybody else who would feel the same way. (This is also the reason why I try never mentioning games such as Mother 3 around other people, because I don't want to accidentally come across somebody who spoils it for me "for the lulz". In fact, I never mentioned Mother 3 in this post. LEAVE ME BE.)
  6. I think ADV's license for the series got transfered or something. You can always read the chapters online at 4chan.biz (nothing to do with 4chan's main site, by the way, so it is very safe for work and user-friendly). Yotsuba&!, by the way, is quite a wonderful series. I loved Azumanga Daioh because it was very humorous while at the same time being all heart with no drama (I cried during the final episode). Honestly though, I couldn't stand Lucky Star from what I've seen of it, due to all of the anime/game references flying completely over my head. It's basically a show about otaku for otaku, and while I am a fan of anime, I can't find much appeal in it myself.
  7. At uni today, I watched a prerecorded lecture delivered by a college professor named Barry Schwartz. In this lecture, Schwartz discussed the psychological connection between freedom of choice and happiness: his theory is that having a greater amount of choices in life diminishes our overall happiness. Here is an example that Schwartz provided. All his life, his typical daily attire included a pair of blue jeans. When he was younger, there was only one type of jeans to choose from, and that was the type that everybody who wore them had to grow accustomed to. Skip to the present time when Schwartz decides to buy a new pair of jeans; when he goes to the store, he is overwhelmed by the sheer number of different types of jeans: ankle jeans, low-rise jeans, bell-bottoms, straight, baggy, whatever. After spending hours searching through the variety, he manages to find one that is a great fit for him, even better than his old pairs of jeans. However, at the same time, he is disappointed because his expectations for jeans have increased after being exposed to so much to choose from. The psychology behind this – and I’m sure all of you have experienced this multiple times – is that we tend to regret our decisions when we know we could have made a better choice. Whether it involves buying a pair of pants or deciding between finding a career or having children first, we are constantly making choices in our day by day lives. You have to choose between which courses you want to take next quarter in college, you have to decide whether to buy this car or that car, you have to evaluate what medical advice you ought to follow. Not only is the sheer amount of choices to make overwhelming, but typically you have the luxury of deciding when to make this choice – especially if you have an opportunity to change your mind later on. Society has evolved to the point where there’s no such thing as a cell phone that doesn’t do too much. But when there is no barrier or reasonable limit to what we can do, are we really that better off? The reason why we may become disappointed after making a choice – or, as many people would know it in shoppers’ terms, “buyers’ remorse” – is because it is our responsibility alone for making that choice. It's our fault when we make a choice that isn't so great. When we have so much to choose from, one of those choices is bound to be the best one, right? Even if we make a choice that is good and right, we are liable to feel a little guilty over it, causing us to try and reason with ourselves whether or not the choice we made was the right one. Another prerecorded lecture that was shown (I can’t remember the lecturer’s name) dealt with the issue of synthetic happiness vs. natural happiness, and why people tend to believe that synthetic happiness is somehow inferior to that of natural happiness. The lecturer discussed a recently conducted study involving a group of people having to choose between two prints. One group was told that they had to ultimately decide on the spot and that their decision was final, while the other group was told that they had four days to change their mind and exchange their print should they decide that they were dissatisfied with what they got. The results? Those who were forced to choose on the spot tended to be happier with their print of choice, because after settling with it right away, they had the mental reasoning that they couldn’t have chosen otherwise due to their restrictions. The people who had four days to change their mind constantly agonized over whether their print was better, or whether they should exchange it. Even after the said four days, they felt a lingering sense of regret over their decision due to the possibility that they could have settled for better, but probably didn't. So what do you guys think? Obviously, it’s pretty clear to us all that having absolutely no choice whatsoever is pretty bad, and we all pretty much know the good things about having a lot of choices, after all. But as far as the disadvantages of having a lot of choices go, is it always good for us to constantly have a buffet table in front of us, or should we balance it out by having our waiter ask us for our order on the spot? Should there be a relative limit of sorts to what choices we make and when we make them? Having an entire month to study for an exam, after all, can become a lot more pressurizing near the end than only having a week to prepare for it, and I think this is an interesting perspective to consider, one that I find myself agreeing with due to having constantly pondered this issue in the past.
  8. In terms of gauging a player's skill, I really don't understand the appeal of speed-runs. Obviously these people wouldn't do it if they didn't enjoy it in some freakish way, but you have to remember that not everybody enjoys spending hours upon hours perfecting a level they're going to have to memorize backwards and forwards hundreds of times; this is certainly something none of you are obligated to do to get maximum enjoyment of the game, and there's no shame in playing levels at a normal pace while making mistakes along the way. I know I enjoy my games way more when I'm relaxed, rather than constantly time-grinding and playing levels over and over again until my mind gets numb enough to where I become desensitized to boredom (which I find I tend to do for certain RPGs). So yeah. Enjoy these and all, but you don't have to feel your skills at the game are any worse.
  9. Replacing Fang's popper pistol would be of the greatest sin. How.. how could you do such a thing? I don't care for Rouge because in SA2, she was little else than romantic fodder for Knuckles. I never really thought of the two in the same sentence, because my initial impression of Fang was a polar opposite, having first seen him in the Archie comics. In fact, I think Fang is just too good to return to the games. Same reason why Bean and Bark haven't returned, or why Big or Vector haven't usurped Sonic's position as the main character yet! (It'll happen one day, though)
  10. People were fighting over Akira?
  11. I've been in three online relationships (I guess I'm just too much of a HOMOFAGGOT for offline action - no, girls in high school were really comfortable around me probably because they thought I was gay, since I used to act pretty flamboyant). First lasted for two years, second lasted for nine months, and third... lasted for three weeks. I don't think online relationships have any advantage to speak of compared to real-life ones, mainly because nothing beats being able to physically be around the one you love, but it can be a pretty interesting way to start out a relationship, if it manages to flourish. Appearances tend to play a much smaller factor for online relationships than offline ones, at least from what I've seen, so a lot of times people like going for others for their personality. I know I fell in love with my second girlfriend long before I even knew what she looked like, having been best friends for over a year at the time.
  12. Alien-itch. Myself, Jake isn't even my real name. I just wanted to come up with something that was ordinary and not particularly cool. As a kid, I was a big fan of Jake the kangaroo rat from The Rescuers Down Under, so that's probably where my subconscious got it from at the time.
  13. Pft, forget Elfen Lied (which was a good series, I have all of the individual DVDs), that series was hardly violent other than PSYCHIC BEHEADINGS. Go watch the first season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni. Second season tones down the shock factor in favor of solving the first season's established mysteries, though, and it all comes out for the better in either case. Awesome character development too; Keiichi is one badass freaking male protagonist when he's not in paranoid murderous rampage mode like all of the other characters.
  14. Sonic Riders was insanely hard, while Zero Gravity was insanely easy (except for Free Race mode, where difficulty spiked way back up). I know it took me forever to complete Babylon Garden in Story Mode. What these games really needed was a difficulty setting. Second game controlled a lot easier than the first, though. As for hard mode in other games, ah... well, I find them pretty boring if you have to unlock it. Allow a difficulty setting from the get-go, or don't include it at all, because Sonic Heroes's ultimate reward isn't worth the trouble I would have to go through to unlock it.
  15. Ah, here's another one I just accomplished today in Phantom Brave, which was annoyingly tedious: getting the InvisiSlash, Winged Slayer, and Dimension Slash (!!) abilities on both Ash and Laharl, and finally being able to properly power level in this game by generating level 9999 random dungeons with Many Giants and a +55% experience bonus, effectively wiping out all of the level 9999 enemies in one fell swoop and gaining hundreds of levels in the process. This is a pretty huge deal especially considering how long it freaking takes to set up a really good leveling ground in this game. My play time currently clocks in at 98 hours, and I spent every hour of it trying my best to tackle level 9999 enemies and obtaining some of the rarest abilities. Now I probably stand some sort of a chance against Baal and Pringer X.
  16. When I first watched this movie, I didn't even realize that that was Johnny Depp. With some exceptions, screen actors are typically better off with screen roles rather than voice roles anyway, because both require separate degrees of skill. It's pretty difficult for an actor who has been trained to express his emotions and actions visibly to focus his entirety in mere sound.
  17. Most of the anime and manga I enjoy are usually pretty obscure by today's standards. Series that I tend to go for are AIR, Kino no Tabi, and Azumanga Daioh. I haven't seen them yet, but I've been meaning to get into Kamichu! and Haibane Renmei as well.
  18. Obtaining all of the treasure maps in Disgaea 2 and unlocking the Land of Carnage. I hate this series's random encounter formulas. Good, now I know with which game to start!
  19. The Saturn version did have those neat-looking Special Stages, though I've never played them. Otherwise, it's exactly the same game with some cosmetic makeovers.
  20. Sonic X-Treme looked terrible. It looked like it would play like shit, and from what videos have been released of it, there isn't really much speed at all, so much as cumbersome, tedious platforming with a terrible camera style (and from what speed moments I have seen, the game practically plays itself) - Sonic could have been replaced with Mario and it wouldn't have made a damned difference; the game just makes me feel utterly nauseas.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  22. Lisa Ortiz's role as Amy really doesn't do her justice; she was quite good as Lina Inverse, actually (she'd have to be, if she wants to achieve a similar memorable quality to that of Megumi Hayashibara's performance). I also liked her somewhat in Animation Runner Kuromi, but oh well... As for better VA, uh... Wendee Lee. Also, Kaori Mizuhashi would make for a pretty good Amy, provided that she used her Marona voice (and not, uh... Laharl's voice) and that Amy's personality was revamped to be more sweet and less psychotic. No matter which VA I try thinking of for Amy, it's specifically for a less bitchier version of her. Also, who was the guy who voiced (samurai dude) in Makai Kingdom? He should totally do a voice. Vector is my best bet at the moment for him. Listen to him in the link I provided and he would sound kick-ass. Holy shit dude, really? That's awesome - Jet Link is awesome. I should look for a clip.
  23. Phantom Brave. I'm able to steal from level 9000 dungeons now. <3
  24. So anybody here remember Mecha Madness? If not, do so, you're missing out. There's really no doubt in my mind that "Mecha Madness" was truly the pinnacle of quality in Sonic history, let alone the comic series. This three-issue arc dealt with Robotnik finally capturing Sonic and roboticizing him, who unleashes him to wreck havoc on Knothole Village. With the use of one of his scavenged roboticizers, the Freedom Fighters hire Knuckles to be mechanized and battle Mecha Sonic. Eye candy ensues. Judging by how much lighter in tone the comics were back then, this was some pretty heavy stuff. When Robotnik captures Sonic, he doesn't do crazy shit like brainwash him or install a tracking device in his nervous system; he transforms him into a destructive, killing machine. Awesome fight scenes aside, what also got to me in "Mecha Madness" was the struggle between Sonic's robotic side and what little humanity he has left. Although Sonic follows Robotnik's orders to a T, you can see Mecha Sonic's struggling internally, and only when Mecha Knuckles's life is put at risk (when the two are sent pummeling into Robotropolis) does a part of Sonic finally emerge, protecting Knuckles from nuclear destruction by taking the full brunt of the damage himself. Near the end, Sonic even briefly expresses remorse. ...At least, right before he becomes de-roboticized and returns to his usual jerkass self. Naturally, when I read this as a kid, it left me with mixed feelings, and I still think of the arc as one of the most emotional moments in the series, comics or otherwise. In fact, Mecha Madness was one of my earliest exposures to the Sonic series (the first being the Sonic & Knuckles special), long before I played any of the video games. Truly a way for me to get into the franchise! Mecha Madness was referenced in issues 86 and 87, too. It's worth noting that this came out during the time Spaz was actually a pretty amazing artist. More than that, his style was my favorite in the entire series. To those familiar only with his recent crappy excuses of covers, here are a few examples of his earlier artwork. He only occasionally illustrated full stories, but it was always a treat to see them whenever he did. It's a shame he really doesn't care anymore.
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