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  1. Can we please stop talking about that quote? Like the only reason I'm stepping in is because it is painfully OBVIOUS that it was a joke (and a light-hearted positive one indicating his LOVE for the franchise and not disillusionment like everyone who reads too much into his words feels about the series themselves) and regardless how you feel about his ability as a writer, he's demonstrated time and time again that he actually legitimately gives a shit about his work and the franchise he pens for. I'm putting a stop to this because y'all are making a moon out of a molehill or however that saying goes. So... stop.
  2. I suppose bundling the two games together is one way to get me to not buy another copy of Mania.
  3. I've played Chronicles once and that was way more than enough for me, but I'll admit that this is shaping up to be pretty nice-looking. I don't think I'll play it, but I wish you guys luck and hope to see it finished someday.
  4. @AdventChild I'm going to ask you to please stop with the video posts until someone else comes along who feels like discussing them. You also should make a habit of doing more with your posts than just posting a video and talking about nothing else pertaining to it.
  5. With stuff like the Wii shop's closure, I think there's reason to worry as more people are realizing that digital content is not future-proof and will be lost at some point following the inevitable closures of older storefronts like, say, PS3 or Wii U. It hasn't happened yet and it's not gonna happen for a while for PS4, but there will come a time when these games will be unplayable without the servers hosting this content now. It also negates some of the benefits of having physical copies.
  6. Penders didn't create Monkey Khan (that would be Frank Strom) and he certainly did not come up with Journey to the West or its characters. Don't talk about Penders in this topic.
  7. I picked this up today: It was cute. I got it mainly for the art style and it's mostly just a cute romance between Penny and a guy she meets after losing her apartment and job. The problem is that it has some sloppy pacing issues when read in one go, but from what I understand it was a webcomic published over the span of three or four years, so it's understandable that it wasn't written for a 30-minute single-sitting reading in mind. I also thought that it cribs Scott Pilgrim toward the end which was weird, came out of nowhere, and didn't fit with the rest of the story at all. That was the one part of the story I didn't like and I would have forgiven the all-over-the-pace pacing before that if it hadn't been for that scene. Otherwise I liked it and it'd be nice to see more of Penny someday. The story is nothing special, it's mostly just cute fluff, but it didn't need to be anything more (which is why the ending is really weird)
  8. The first DLC has been out for a little over a week now. It's worth it for the new music alone. Seriously. Some of the new boss music is absolute fucking sick. Spoilers for the main game and Death Wish mode:
  9. I might pick it up on Steam at some point. The art is hideous (pixelated GBA/DS sprites are best) but I never got why it took this long for the series to go multiplatform. I've avoided buying any version of the games past the DS so I'm not personally burned by the constant re-releases lol no AA7 though
  10. I don't follow Telltale anymore, but this blows. Sam & Max were some of my favorite PC games around the time they came out, and I really liked TWD1. It's depressing that the only major point-and-click game studio is now dead, and despite isolated instances like Life is Strange, I really don't think the genre is gonna pick up among major publishers again. Hoping that the 200+ employees that lost their jobs can find work elsewhere soon. I'm also wondering about the fate of their titles on digital storefronts. There were some games I wanted to pick up sometime like Strong Bad, TWD3, BITF, and the Batman games if those were any good.
  11. Honestly I'm willing to bet that they snuck Peach into Super Mario 3D World without Miyamoto knowing about it
  12. I'm cool with it. It's still Peach in spirit, and having Toadette gives her a chance to shine in some way
  13. https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly/trove Humble Bundle is giving away some games until tomorrow (9/16). The ones labeled "Free until 9/16" are eligible, and you don't need to be a subscriber to Humble monthly. The list of games are the following: Alan Wake's American Nightmare LIMBO Uurnog Fortune-499 Tiny Echo Cat Girl Without Salad Drawkanoid THOR.N Crescent Bay
  14. I like the classic designs more than modern* and welcome any opportunity to use them again outside of a Generations/Forces situation. *including Amy's -shrug-
  15. I legitimately can't stand playing any version of Sonic 2 that isn't the Taxman version. So I probably won't get it. Hell, the MegaPlay version (if they do include it) isn't nearly as interesting as Sonic 1's since there's no race against the clock or truncated levels iirc
  16. also I remember selling off my Wii U copy for Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. That was the biggest mistake of my life, not because I loved NSMBU but because Paper Jam is garbage I'll probably get this again
  17. Sean

    Mega Man

    It felt easier. I mean... sure I got a game over a couple times but it felt like I was able to learn the tricks slightly faster than I was able to in something like Mega Man 9 I think one of the main reasons is that 11 (or at least Block Man's level) isn't constantly blindsiding you with off-screen enemies with erratic flight patterns
  18. lol. At least the original was only 10 bucks still haven't played it though, maybe I'll get around to it once I go back to 'Murica next month
  19. Sean

    Mega Man

    Played the demo on a friend's PS4 today. I enjoyed it, and while there were a few big curveball moments (the mini-boss was really hard for me to figure out at first, and I even got a game over on it), they were nothing I wasn't able to overcome with some practice. That's just how classic Mega Man generally works and unless it's Rockman & Forte we're talking about, I can adapt to things as long as I'm dedicated to replaying parts of stages over and over until I get them right. I'm not a fan of the boss. I think its giant form is pretty frustrating, especially if you don't use gear powers. I don't have much else to say about the demo since it feels like standard Mega Man other than that, but I liked it.
  20. Aside from some character parallels and the general robot-focused setting, Mega Man and Astro Boy as a whole have extremely very little in common.
  21. Admittedly I'm having trouble thinking of what can be done with Shadow to justify a new addition to the classic roster. He has his chaos powers, but I... actually feel that it's those same powers that make him and Silver feel like ill-fitting oddballs when it comes to Sonic characters' superpowers. I don't think there's a fangame or hack I've played that makes Shadow fun for me. And I'm not crazy about having the homing attack/light dash in the classics I'd rather just see classic Amy first.
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