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  1. Deleted some posts containing screencaps of someone (off forum) spouting offensive language to a movie fan. We're aware that there are people like this on the internet so no need to draw further attention to them.
  2. Okay, for the seventeenth time, enough of this shit. Arguing about whether design choices are for the greater good of the general audience have historically gone absolutely fucking nowhere in this thread and I've been long convinced that you in particular get a kick out of riling people up when you say stuff like this. Stop bringing up the marketability of the character designs or overall movie direction in this thread, and for fuck's sake stop sucking Paramount's dick over every creative choice they make while acting like people who expect otherwise are being unreasonable, or we're going to finally put our foot down on your gaslighting antics.
  3. Castle of Illusion! That's really cool. I was hoping for th- >WORLD OF ILLUSION
  4. Having a general SRB2 mod topic is okay. Kart getting its own topic is fine too.
  5. I played a few levels of this and it's pretty excellent. It reminds me of Doom 64 EX, another pseudo-source port that uses the original game's ROM for its assets. It's mostly what you'd expect from a Taxstealth-helmed port of Sonic 3, even right down to having smoother Special Stage graphics. If anyone is wondering whether or not it's better than Sonic 3 Complete or that it usurps it as the definitive version of Sonic 3, I think both versions of the game complement each other well and have their own unique advantages, so anyone who is a mega S3&K fan should find value in having both on hand. I'm sure I'll find myself going back and forth between Complete and AIR in the coming years depending on my mood.
  6. Oh fuck no we are NOT pulling this horseshit again. Stop stanning for the movies by insulting other arguments or we'll start dishing out immediate strikes. Also what the fuck? I thought this was the comic thread, not Paramount's Sonic fan film by creative art director Ken Penders. Get back on topic.
  7. Earlier today we got some new footage of Project Wight, a game developed by The Outsiders revealed back in 2016. You take the role of a young Darkborn creature, a species of monster hunted by Viking-like clansmen in a grim fantasy setting. It's a deliberate perspective flip on the classical setting of humans fighting monsters, with the angle of sympathy landing squarely on the monsters' perspective. Your kin faces ritualistic slaughter and suffering at the hands of these humans, and your grief fuels your revenge. It's a first-person-perspective action game with some RPG elements. By killing humans, you'll transform and become powerful enough to take down more at a time, but there may be times when you'll need to revert back to your more child-like form. You can also gain abilities via the "death gift" system, in which you encounter your dying kin across the land, symbolic of grief for your species' loss. There's also some stealth gameplay and you'll need to do a number of hidden takedowns on humans alongside barging into their camps claws blazing. Here's the new footage revealed today. Content warning: There are disturbing scenes containing death, torture, and dismemberment of both humans and monsters, including on-screen depictions of humans killing Darkborn children. It is extremely graphic and very upsetting, so consider yourself warned before you watch. There are a lot more details about the game in this Game Informer article, including a few quotes from the creative director David Goldfarb; he (and some of his team at The Outsiders) previously worked on games in the Payday and Battlefield series. The game is coming to PS4/One/PC, but a release date has yet to be revealed. I'm pretty excited for this game for the role reversal and for it shaping up to to be an extremely emotional, if upsetting experience. Kind of gives me some Hellblade vibes too due to being an indie title with the visual quality of an AAA title.
  8. If M2 can add a suspend feature or an easier difficulty for Monster Land, I'd be on board with that. From what I've played of the PS3 version however it's my least favorite of the Monster World games because the difficulty is atrocious even with infinite continues. It went on for a little too long and I couldn't bring myself to finish it despite repeated attempts. I'd be all over another M2-enhanced version of Monster World 3 on the Switch however.
  9. I was expecting both Sonic 1 and 2 but if I had to pick I'd go with 1 since I actually like that one. What I'm hoping for is a Disney game; Aladdin, Quackshot, or an Illusion game would be pretty cool to have on here.
  10. HGH's problem was that the Kickstarter promised a lot extraneous features and so WF were committed to fulfilling them and had to allocate budget to do so. I enjoyed HGH but in a way I view it as a necessary evil now that we're getting a new Shantae installment that will make use of the previous game's HD spritesets, which were made possible thanks to the Kickstarter, in a game that will hopefully hearken back to the Metroidvania quality of the previous games. The success of HGH should pave the way to better future games, and I trust WF to understand the criticisms made against HGH and learn from its problems. It's a fantastically well-made game that deserves certain praise for the effort and care put into it, whose biggest shortcoming was a wide scope of side dishes that made the main course suffer.
  11. New gameplay footage. Looks fantastic.
  12. SLW was a failed attempt at that, but I don't think it would have ushered an era of Sonic that'd be much different from what we've had since Unleashed. The series would mostly likely have remained the same as it is now. As Wraith pointed out, SLW takes a bunch of cues from Colors so it wasn't as radical a departure as it seems on the surface. It's like how Sega changed the gameplay for Heroes but that game still felt like a fork of the Adventure formula.
  13. I think this attempt at categorizing Sonic into eras only really works when you have years of existing stuff to look back to and it's not something that's possible to determine in the present day. Looking through Sonic's discography I'd say the only two major games that changed things up in the franchise in a way that laid the foundation for future titles are Sonic Adventure and Sonic Unleashed. It's not even specifically based on their respective gameplay formulas sticking around (for example I don't consider Sonic Lost World to be an attempt to start a new "era" even though it had radically different gameplay, and it wouldn't have mattered to me if its gameplay was successful and stuck around for futher sequels) but rather those were the titles that influenced numerous games after that in the biggest ways. Beyond those two games though I think people are a little too obsessed with further compartmentalizing the series which is funny to me since a lot of people complain about Sega canonizing the divide between classic and modern Sonic, too. In the end I try not thinking about that nearly as much as what future games can do to stand out while learning from what worked and what didn't from past games, and it's because of that that I don't think about eras at all. I think the next Sonic game can learn just as much from Sonic 1 and Sonic 3 as it can from Unleashed, Lost World, and Forces.
  14. One-word posts aren't allowed. Why do you think yes?
  15. @Mountaindewandsprite If you can't provide reasoning as to why you believe Sonic doesn't work as a game franchise then I will lock this topic under the assumption that it was created without proper consideration for it. I see no merit in this discussion unless you show that you're actually willing to engage in it yourself.
  16. Okay I'm going to stop being an ass so here's my attempt at a serious reply. I don't think this question means anything at all. It's one thing to ask how Sonic would work in other mediums for mental gymnastics, but saying the concept inherently doesn't work as a video game is fucking bizarre to me because that's a criticism you normally apply to something that either was part of another medium in the first place (example, adapting a movie to a video game) or a game that has some great ideas but the gameplay or the quality of it is overshadowed by them (example, I enjoyed Solatorobo and Gravity Rush but felt that the gameplay was the weakest thing about them and might have enjoyed them more in anime format) but Sonic on the Genesis was a groundbreaking game because it was a video game. People fell in love with the visuals, the music, the character design, and most importantly, the gameplay. Its SELLING POINT was that you can run super duper fast. Trying to pitch a cartoon or a comic series based on that principle doesn't work as well because people wanted to play a game where you were running fast, not watch a cartoon where a character is running fast. This is like... something that's an actual fact and not really up for debate. That's why honestly I don't believe this question has any merit due to that principle. You also haven't provided any reasoning as to why you don't think it works as a game or why things done in the comics/cartoons can't be done in the game so I'm having a hard time giving you the benefit of the doubt that you thought this idea through much.
  17. I'm sorry I'm trying to be nice but reading this sentence is making me lose my fucking mind
  18. Normally I don't talk about things I hope get announced at upcoming events since I keep my expectations pretty tempered, but lately I've been finding myself wishing for Sega to re-release past Sonic titles rather than unveil info on upcoming ones. I'm not impatient for the next Sonic game and don't mind waiting a few years since that's the norm for most franchises anyway. But with Sonic I find it really odd how Sega hasn't ported games newer than Sonic Adventure 2 to newer platforms. I think it'd be cool if they announced an initiative to bring more Sonic games to Steam and modern consoles, and not just the 3D ones - stuff like Rush, Advance, and hell, certain spin-offs like the storybook games could definitely use a new lease on life and find a new audience since it's been so long. Even games I dislike such as Heroes and Advance 3, it'd be great if Sega added them to Steam or released a compilation, a proper successor to Sonic Mega/Gems Collection from two generations ago. Basically I want Sega to better preserve the wider Sonic catalog than just the stuff from Sonic 1 to Sonic Adventure 2. I don't care if Generations or Lost World get ported to PS4/One because the PC versions aren't going anywhere, but it blows my mind that they haven't put out an Advance/Rush collection, or put Colors or Unleashed on Steam. Hell, why aren't Heroes and Riders on Steam? They already have PC versions and it would be an easy buck for them if they can optimize them to work correctly on newer operating systems. Anyway yeah that's my hope for tomorrow or whenever in the near future, as minor and unlikely it is. tl;dr I don't care about getting the next game(s) just yet but I'd appreciate modern ports of some middle-aged Sonic titles, so if Sega announced that tomorrow I'd be hella set for now
  19. I like it better than KH2. KH2 is more fun in a casual flashy way while still having its own depth to it (so I wouldn't say it's flashy in a bad way like KH3 is, I still have a lot of fun with it) but in 1 the player has to be more careful about how they approach an enemy and balance out melee with magic more often. You can't button mash your way through it like you can through 2 on normal difficulty. It's almost like the difference between DMC1 and 3, both are still good games but 1 has a more simple charm to it that requires more deliberate input and wildly attacking enemies will just get you killed faster than in 3. And you have less tools at your disposal but that just gives you more room to think more about how to use what you do have. I haven't played it on proud mode but I think the normal difficulty suits 1 well, the reason being that the game's less agile movement still presents a challenge to the player for most of the story. In comparison, 2's normal mode is a complete pushover and you might get better enjoyment on proud mode.
  20. Next person we see threatening the life of an individual or group of individuals will get a two-week suspension or ban, depending on user's warn history.
  21. Beta update was pushed into the public branch, so Denuvo is officially gone now.
  22. Can vouch for both Slime Rancher and Oxenfree, they're both excellent and are absolutely worth their asking price, let alone for free. Fuck Epic Games and their garbage store, though.
  23. Fucking hell I said no Paramount shilling bullshit from you anymore. Have a strike for electing to ignore my warnings in the rules post I made, and if I see you do this again you can have a suspension too.
  24. You want to know why Sonic and Shadow don't just kill Eggman? This is why. I'm not even going to fucking entertain this topic's existence. I'm thinking this series is genuinely not for you, so please stop talking about this crap here.
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