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  1. Oh sorry guys I completely misinterpreted what the topic was about. Initially I thought this thread was about what I, myself, would personally want to do with the series, not what I would do that other people want. Me wanting the FFs in the games was totally stupid since there are other people who don't want them, man I feel dumb for thinking about stuff that would make me happy to see, sorry for the mix-up guys also if one more person tells me "there's no point in adding them" (like that's actually gonna convince me the more times you say it?? and what's honestly the point of any of the other suggestions posted in this topic if you're gonna pull the pointless card) I'm gonna lose it lmao
  2. ...They'd be friends with Sonic who sometimes helps him fight Eggman? It's not hard for me to imagine how they'd fit into the games. Put them as they are minus the "fighting for freedom" bent, childhood connections, and romance. It'd be like introducing any other new character. The lack of imagination in this topic surrounding these characters in particular is weird to me. Either people try to act like there's no logical reason to have them or they have to think of entirely new roles that don't make them remotely the same characters as before. I am literally in my corner going marge_thinks_potatoes_are_neat.jpg, why do people take issue with that
  3. I'm confused by and pretty tired of people telling me that these characters don't fit the series or add anything interesting. I don't even know what those words mean at all no matter how many times I hear them. Like, I'm fine with people not caring about them or not liking them to want to see them show up in the games, you don't have to waste your breath with really bizarre reasons that don't make any sense to justify that opinion
  4. I unlocked Super Sonic in Zero Gravity again and he's a lot worse than I remember him being. At least in the first Riders he was hard to use but like... it was possible to actually win races with him..

    1. Menace2Society


      Oh, it’s definitely possible. I always won matches whenever I played as him (although that’s probably because I was already pretty good at the game)

      But yeah, he was a fairly lackluster character in hindsight. The fact that he can’t really use the gravity moves REALLY hinders him.

    2. Sean


      ZG is a pretty lackluster game in general but I had fun doing the mission mode again. (I hated mission mode in Riders 1)

    3. Menace2Society


      Yeah, Riders 1 was a lot better in most aspects, honestly.

      BUUUUUUUT, I do have a lot nostalgic memories with Zero Gravity, so it’s hard for me to really dislike it, even with its flaws. 

    4. Sean


      It has Blaze so it's an alright game

    5. Strickerx5


      Ungravity > Sonic Speed Riders tho

    6. Sean


      No lies detected, ZG's vocal themes rule.

    7. Menace2Society


      and both are better than “Free”

  5. They could be revamped for the games like how the Chaotix were redesigned for Heroes. I just think it'd be fun to have them around
  6. I would introduce the Freedom Fighters into the games and watch the internet burn. Also Blaze will be playable in every game from now on
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. Sonic Colors at 60FPS is a life-changing experience and I'm never playing it on Wii hardware again

    1. Soniman


      How has this game never been ported yet. I hate it 

    2. Thigolf


      I don't get why Sega seems so reluctant to porting the Sonic games people like in general

    3. Sean


      Also, mapping sidestep to shoulder buttons


    4. Tracker_TD


      I didn't even know you *could* map sidestep to the shoulder buttons for Colours

    5. Sean


      You just have to map left and right to the shoulder buttons, makes it functionally identical to the sidestep in other games except it makes Sonic move left and right when not in sidestep sections

    6. Strickerx5


      The same could be said about any Sonic game of that era tbh.

      I honestly think that I can pinpoint the exact moment I went full on PC to when I was first played through the forest section in adabat at 60fps (through the Unleashed Generations mod). There was simply no turning back after that.

    7. shdowhunt60


      Sonic Colors played through Dolphin is fucking gorgeous. Like it's amazing what Sonic Team could squeeze out of the Wii in the first place, and it's surprisingly just well the game scales up with resolution. There's lots of moment in the game that just makes my jaw just drop.

      It really is disappointing how, after Generations, I just can't say that about a Sonic game any more. Forces in particular was just such an ugly, ugly game.

    8. Polkadi~☆


      Oh, Sonic Forces is technically impressive, it really does look good. But with a poor art direction, it never appears as such. It’s like every “realistic” game these days, where it does look amazing, but only on a technical level.

      Compare that to Unleashed and Colours, which both have a very strong art direction, and both know clearly what they were looking to achieve, even if Colours was technically weak, and the Unleashed was too powerful for the hardware it was released on.

  9. I enjoy Riders but it really needed a difficulty setting and option to disable turbulence

  10. @Ferno If you dig One Piece's music you should check out Gravity Rush/Daze's OST sometime. Same composer (Kouhei Tanaka) and some of the music is OP as hell: 


    1. Ferno


      Just now seeing this post and wow that is One Piece af

      But other than that I always told myself I'd get Gravity Rush in general if I ever get off my butt and get another Sony console

    2. Ryannumber1Santa


      I can’t recommend Gravity Rush enough. It’s a massively underrated Sony property, and it’s a crying shame that Sony didn’t give Remastered a proper push on PS4, likely causing Gravity Rush 2’s sales problems.

      If you do get another Sony console, GR/GR2 should definitely be one of your first pick ups, it’s a fantastic series that needs more love.

    3. Sean


      @Ryannumber1Scarer I 100% completed the first game and enjoyed my time with it. Even picked up a European physical copy since US ones are scarce.


      it's also the only Sony exclusive IP I think is worth a damn


  11. Managed to get my copy of Sonic & Knuckles Collection on PC working last night =D Eat your heart out, Sonic 3 Complete/AIR !! ...

    1. Sean


      Also installed and got working Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic CD (1996) using Sega PC Reloaded. All of the games come with a mirrored mode which makes for a really fun and somewhat new experience.

    2. TheOcelot


      I'd like to one day be able to play the PC version of 3D Blast even if it's not quite as good as the Saturn version.

    3. Sean


      PC version of 3D Blast was my first ever Sonic game so I'm glad I held onto my copy and can get it working again. Playing these ports again, they hold up surprisingly well and were solid efforts back in the 90s, although CD '96 has a few odd collision issues that I don't recall happening in the Sega CD version.

  12. Do people here still talk about Sonic

    1. Speederino


      If I started doing that consistently I'd be very disappointed in myself.

    2. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Nothin' to talk about.

    3. Crow the BOOLET
    4. Adamabba
    5. Rusty Spy
    6. Teoskaven


      What the fuck is a Sonic?

    7. tailsBOOM!
  13. What happened was that the URLs for the main.htm and navi.htm pages got turned into .html files and broke the main layout. If you rename them you can access them and the rest of the site. https://www.deco.franken.de/main.html https://www.deco.franken.de/navi.html Might try to back up what I can from this site sometime next week.
  14. I loved every single moment of that episode. Was not at all expecting them to touch on Tails's backstory either, and the broship between him and Sonic was just great. Pleeeeeaaaaase let these guys work on the next Sonic cartoon 🙏
    1. Ryannumber1Santa


      If Ducktales Remastered is getting delisted, I wonder if Disney Afternoon Collection will be too.

    2. Ferno


      but im broke right now and i get PAID on the 8th

      this is really cutting things close for me

    3. Strickerx5


      Snagged it just now. Was never really for the game but hey, you never know.

  15. http://www.capcom-unity.com/capkel/blog/2019/08/06/pick-up-ducktales-remastered-on-sale-now-before-it-leaves-digital-storefronts-starting-august-8th DT: Remastered is being delisted in a couple days on all platforms. It's 75% off on Steam, so if you were interested in this and haven't played it yet, now's a good time. https://store.steampowered.com/app/237630/DuckTales_Remastered/
  16. Alright, I've about had it with this attitude of yours, so I'm gonna give you one last fucking chance to shape up. This is your final warning I will give you on this entire forum, so next time I see you act antagonistic and immature like this anywhere else, you are getting a strike and a suspension. And if you think about responding to me, as you tend to, think carefully about what you say because this includes responses to this warning.
  17. Huh. Very interesting. I just rewatched this 20 minute video on the psychology behind MTX in F2P mobile games and how to rope "whales" into companies' ecosystem. Not a single fucking thing about children taking advantage of their irresponsible parents' credit cards. It's almost as if that's not the main source of income for the mobile industry and is at best a very nice yet ultimately trivial bonus for companies.
  18. DQ Hero is cool but I'm glad Banjo is there as a more standard fighter since technical or gimmick characters are harder for me to wrap my head around and enjoy properly. They're always a neat addition to the game and fun to try out for a while, but it's why I couldn't latch onto the majority of new characters in Wii U with the exception of Bowser Jr., who doesn't have any special gimmicks compared to most of the new guys. With that said DQ Hero looks wildly creative and it's pretty fascinating how his moveset works. I thought the same thing back when Ryu was shown off in Wii U and how a lot of his moves use traditional fighting game inputs, so this is just the sort of thing I look forward to seeing in Smash, even if it's not for a character I personally care about.
  19. https://blog.activision.com/crash-bandicoot/2019-07/Get-Ready-to-Go-Prehistoric-The-Back-N-Time-Grand-Prix-is-coming-to-Crash-Team-Racing-Nitro-Fueled-on-August-2nd
  20. I think "Dragon Quest Hero" would have been a suitable name for him, like "Duck Hunt Duo" in Europe.
  21. This was retweeted by @SVKaiser, developer of the Doom 64/Powerslave/Turok PC ports, and @pripyatbeast (CEO of Night Dive Studios responsible for releasing the updated Turok and Blood ports) made a cryptic tweet hinting at this before deleting it. It's definitely a thing and is most likely going to be based on the Doom64EX port.
  22. Since it was a mistake, there's not much left to discuss.
  23. We're not doing this. Also you guys report the topic next time instead of spamming it because this shit gets on my nerves.
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