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  1. >Battle Network >good writing sorry don't have time to make a more thought-out reply. anyway BN games are usually full of some pretty crappy writing and stories lol except for PARTS OF BN2 and 3. And while those games had their moments, the plots weren't nearly as amazing as I remembered them to be ten years ago.
  2. That's fair. I'm not concerned about whether people like the show or not since I have no interest in watching more of it myself. But seeing people deride Fully Charged for its changes from the games, while either ignoring or giving Battle Network a pass for it, bugs me, and I haven't seen many (if any) reasons that indicate why the changes are inherently bad to begin with
  3. So far, not a single person has come forth and convinced me why the changes in Charged Up are bad while the changes in Battle Network (which really aren't that much more faithful to classic/X than this cartoon's are) are fine. So methinks a lot of double-standards are being held against this show from people who were dead-set on hating it in the first place.
  4. Maybe if most of the complaints weren't: - about how it's different from the games - from disgruntled Mega Man fans (and virtually nobody else from what I've seen online) I'd buy this.
  5. Oh yeah I forgot about Sonic having the green emerald in Adventures hm sonic isn't real
  6. I look at Adventures as what happened immediately after Mania's good ending, whereas Encore mode is just some bonus thing where I don't think about the story or how it makes sense for events to play out 100% the same
  7. I'm not sure how many people would play it (I'm not big on trivia games myself so I can't say I'm too interested) but I think it'd be worth it if you plan on improving your programming knowledge this way and use it for future projects. If you have interest in such a thing and if you'd have fun doing it, then you should do it Maybe you can upload it to itch.io and share the link around online to get people to play it. Plus if you're gonna make it Sonic-related then I imagine there'll be fans who nerd out over this kind of stuff
  8. I kinda get what you mean. I don't agree with it but I can't say I don't see the appeal. A solo game with no other good guys would probably push Sonic as an ally-less force of good who has to keep his chin up no matter the hardships. Either that or he just simply has no one to bounce his jokes off, forcing him to maintain a serious demeanor aside from throwing wisecracks at Eggman and his badniks. I'm just throwing shit out there and I don't know how well that sort of thing can work in Sonic, but under a good pen I think there might be some potential. However I don't think the presence or lack of Sonic's friends really contributes much to a game's tone (at least none that currently exist in the 25+ years of the franchise's existence) and I don't think Sonic CD's darker atmosphere, for example, had anything to do with him being the only good guy aside from Amy. It was because we get to see the effects of Eggman's rule in a future where nobody is there to stop him (...........well tbh all it affects is the color palette and music, but hey the games back then were minimalist. you can fill in the blanks yourself with your own imagination). also regardless of whatever potential there is in there, I don't think anybody who is tired of Sonic being the only playable character would ever want this in any capacity. These people want more (important) characters in the games, not fewer, and also not just different versions of Sonic (the werehog, classic Sonic, hell even the avatar who literally is a non-character and whose abilities are nerfed from Unleashed Sonic and Colors Sonic) and getting rid of EVERYONE is just gonna make people mad. Myself, I relish in Sonic and friends interacting with each other (in fact a huge problem I have with the series, dating even as far back as Sonic Adventure 1, is that characters don't interact nearly as much as I wish they did) and I would absolutely hate to see everyone go away.
  9. Moving to showcase forum. Also I'm a little burned out of Mania at the moment but I'll find time to check this out sometime during SAGE.
  10. http://www.siliconera.com/2018/09/10/the-last-remnant-remastered-announced-for-ps4-with-new-elements-and-engine/ OLD OP: The Last Remnant is being taken off Steam on September 4th https://steamcommunity.com/games/23310/announcements/detail/1709566654679120493 No one knows why apparently. I don't know much about this game, just its name on and off over the years, but I'm thinking about grabbing it ($10 is chump change), but I'm still interested in hearing whether anyone here has played it and what they think of it. And for those who are interested in playing it, now's your last chance as far as PC goes.
  11. The only part in act 2 that throws me off is that when you reach the part where the sky turns to sunset, if you go right it just takes you back to an earlier area. Unless I missed something but... I went down that path twice and both times it just took me back to where I started.
  12. Sega probably isn't even directly involved. DotEmu seems to be the publisher much like with Dragon's Trap.
  13. It's worth noting that this is by the same developer as the Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap remake. I don't have any experience with SOR but I am immediately interested in this because of them. Sign me up.
  14. I'd rather keep the old design because the new one, despite its original pre-reboot intentions, is far too closely associated with the reboot, and it kinda wouldn't be fair for her to get the redesign while nobody else does. Plus, I still like her old look just fine.
  15. I strongly doubted K. Rool making it in because to be fair it wasn't so much that he was forgotten, but rather Nintendo was adamant about not using him again in DKCR and TF. Had those games never existed, I never would have thought that Nintendo had anything in particular against him. I'm still floored that K. Rool is in Smash at all. I don't think his presence in a new DKC is absolutely necessary (I thought the Snowmads were fine, even if it would have been cool if he had shown up in a viking getup this time), but it really is nice to see him again.
  16. Yeah uh, no. You didn't make these and I am seriously not liking how this post is insinuating that you did. These are by a band called The Sounds and it's not cool that you don't even so much as credit them in this... weird bizarre "project" you're doing that I don't understand the point of at all. If you want to go ahead and use a dead Sonic OC to do a Gorillaz act then make your own music rather than taking other people's unrelated work for it. Or at least have the courtesy to source the band and be more upfront about how much work you put into this thing. At least you made the art and didn't steal it-- OH WAIT WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS: https://api.paigeeworld.com/post/58ecfe8bc82de429465b5166/pwgallery-watercolorpencils-traditional-mina-watercolourpencils-drawing-by-tallpotato So not only do you post unsourced songs but you actually claim that you made a piece of artwork for it. Unless you want to tell me that you're actually this @tallpotato / cocoapotato artist? Seeing as how this girl claims she's 13 while your profile states you're nearly triple that age, I'm just gonna assume the worst about you and shut this down, since it doesn't seem you'd possess much dignity about stealing a little child's artwork on the internet anyway. Also, we are well aware of your history of stealing artwork and passing it off as your own, even outside of this very forum. We're not stupid and I immediately suspected your idiotic actions here the moment I saw this thread. That's why I know there is absolutely no goodwill attached to this "project" of yours whatsoever. If we catch you stealing people's work and passing it off as your own again you can expect a more drastic and permanent mod action, kthanxbye.
  17. Amy's render looks super cute. But why is her car so boring-looking
  18. The collection is out on Steam. No Denuvo in sight. I'll buy this at some point. I probably won't even wait for a sale. I've always had a lowkey interest in these games despite knowing next to nothing about them
  19. People see Sonic Mania as the antithesis to Sonic Team's output and I think part of why that is is because Sega's previous effort at a classic revival - Sonic 4, which too was under direction by Sonic Team - was bad and showed a total lack of understanding of what made the originals so high quality. Sonic Team is also programming-deficient when it comes to classic Sonic's gameplay and feel and Forces is the second time they screwed it up, even worse than they did in Generations. If anything you're giving Sonic Team (as a whole) far more praise than they deserve when the so-called passion they contributed to Mania isn't reflected in their own products. Iizuka gave a lot of invaluable input in Mania's direction, and I definitely believe he owns a place in Sonic's direction in some way, but it was what it was: input. And I don't really hear about a lot of other Sonic Team members, if any, contributing much to Mania aside from Senuoe in the sound department. (if anyone has any info on it I'd love to hear it however) The team as a whole didn't program the physics or design the actual levels, two of the most important things that they consistently have failed at time and time again whether it comes to modern or classic Sonic gameplay. Nobody at Sonic Team even knows how to design a classic Sonic level, and they've had nearly an entire decade to get it right. It's easy to see that they're just plain incapable of it. If they truly cared about their own work then I think getting classic Sonic gameplay right should be their first priority, especially since Sega is now pushing classic as its own separate branch. Maybe you're right and Sonic Team is great in an advisory role, but they should stay the hell away from designing classic Sonic gameplay in-house. They don't fucking get it at all and they never will.
  20. It might come, except the console versions haven't received a single post-launch patch and even the GOG.com version (the one I own) doesn't get all the updates that the Steam version has, including modding tools and a relatively major patch that came out this May. I asked the devs in the Discord chat if the DLC was even coming to GOG on the same day and one of the people in charge of the questions said they'll "get clarification on it later." Probably because that particular version didn't even cross their minds. I'm bracing for a delay on that particular storefront and this is what I've had to put up with since launch due to the mistake of buying on day-one what turned out to be an inferior, less-supported version of the game. Never say never, of course - this same dev team said that a Switch version wasn't happening. However you'll be waiting a damn long time for console support if it does indeed come. You're better off waiting for a sale on the Steam version (and not the GOG version) because that's the one that has the highest, and usually only, priority.
  21. If any console owner is hyped for the DLC... don't be. It's only coming to PC. Willing to bet the Switch version won't have it either (despite coming out later) unless they change their mind later on.
  22. I like the anime but.. it's a little too incompatible with the series to really line up with the games imo. Completely different personalities, roles, settings... hell, Kirby's favorite food is watermelon and not tomato for some reason. Plus I don't like the idea of game!Kirby having the mentality and capability of a toddler. Oh and it started the bizarre misconception that the "star warriors" concept exists in the games in some form or another, like that being the name of Kirby/Meta's species. I prefer it just be its own thing
  23. I think of Meta Knight less as a rival (he doesn't seem interested in besting Kirby at anything, at all) and more as someone trying (and failing) to be the mediator in a situation that involves Kirby going off and doing something stupid as always Dedede fits the bill of a rival better honestly. His attitude toward Kirby may not be outright villainous but it can be childishly petty. Which I think works really well for this particular series and helps inject an element of lightheartedness in the otherwise serious, foreboding entities that Kirby faces off against
  24. If it weren't for Sonic 3 Complete, that would be my #1 most wanted remaster because it is my favorite Sonic title but the base game has aged somewhat. S3C is literally only missing widescreen and Mania-specific features (and has those crappy Knuckles underwater physics), but it otherwise suits my needs well and I'm not squirming in a seat for an official remaster. Likewise, SA1 and 2 on PC have fan modifications that make them close to definitive for me and I'm not itching for Sega to put out an official effort themselves. SADX has the Dreamcast Conversion and other stuff which are good but unfortunately don't make it 1:1 to the Dreamcast version due to the presence of bugs and engine oddities specific in the GCN/PC ports and are unfixable without access to the game's source code. However it's good enough and it's a lot more convenient to play than busting out the old Dreamcast again, and fan mods have helped this version of the game be the best it can be, which is a lot more effort than Sega was willing to put in any version of SADX. So I'm happy with it. As for SA2 my definitive version is probably Super SA2: The New Challengers by Neo, and I actually recommend it over MM's character select mod due to how well it integrates itself into the game. It lets you choose alternate characters for stages (like any speed character in any speed stage), but it also is specifically tweaked to enhance the game and iron out any possible oddities that may arise, such as the broken sound banks in Green Hill when playing as Amy or Metal or preventing alt. characters from obtaining upgrades they shouldn't get (lest it breaks the game and prevents the proper character from getting it). A lot of bugs were fixed up as well from what I've observed in my experience. It may not sound like much, but it's a set of features that Sega really should have implemented themselves when porting SA2 to Steam. And I have a few separate mods to fix up other setbacks such as an unlocked emerald radar for the treasure hunting stages, and giving Amy and Metal a spin dash. Like with the aforementioned mods for S3 and SADX, I can't play the base SA2 game anymore without this mod. I want an Unleashed remaster but Wraith and Jez have already covered what I want nicely. I think a Colors remaster would be good and it's getting to the point where it might be necessary outright because of how... held-back the game looks and feels on Wii hardware. Make the game HD and 60fps, and change the controls so that they're more like Unleashed and Generations. I'm actually not the biggest fan of Colors, at all, but I wouldn't be against a port and I never understood why there wasn't one because it's the most well-received game of the post-2006 line-up of 3D Sonic games aside from maybe Generations. So I don't think a re-release would hurt at all. I know there's Dolphin but my computer can't handle that shit, and I want a dedicated port over an emulation.
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