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  1. Hoollly fuck yes I remember you! Hope all is well!
  2. Emma Stone is actually blonde, but dies her hair.
  3. Parallel Lines by Blondie. I can't stop listening to this record.
  4. I can't say I remember you, although the avatar character looks familiar (maybe). Either way, hola mang.
  5. Hey, welcome back. I remember you from when I first registered. ;3

  6. Is there a meaning for today?

  7. I would go broke. Completely bankrupt. That's how many times I'd see this movie, if it were real.
  8. Led Zeppelin's first album. It's easily their weakest one, since bluesy Zeppelin is sort of boring and this is their biggest(/only major) blues album. But I haven't heard it in a while, there's some good songs on it... pretty heavy for the time, too, I guess. But not too revolutionary.
  9. My name is Dean. I used to post on here some years back and keep trying to make a resurgence back into the place but now I have so much free time in college that it'll probably happen. I dunno what to say, really. I like music, playing guitar and naps. Fucktons of naps. That is all my life has ever amounted to. Hi.
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