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  1. Well...it took a while but I'm actually excited about Sonic again. I still hope that there's a 3D game as well though. Feels good to come back here after being gone for a year and discuss a Sonic game I'm excited for
  2. Wow...it's been a while. So, dat Sonic Mania though.

  3. New trailer. Obviously if you haven't read the manga then sad for you cause there's spoilers up the ass.
  4. EVO in 2 weeks!!!! Can't wait.

  5. Oh man this game looks better every time I see it. Good thing that the Uncharted collection is coming this year cause I need a refresh. From this point I ain't watching any more U4 vids. I've seen enough to know that it's going to be a damn good game.
  6. Producer (dunno his name, lol) showing of some of the new features of the battle system. It says Part 1 so I'm assuming it's going to be a series.
  7. Bought a 500GB SSD for my PC...let's see how much of a difference this makes to loading times.

  8. Wait what? P4: Dancing All Night is coming to Europe without delay but they still don't confirm P5 for a 2015 European release? LOL, get out Atlus.

  9. Now we just wait for that trailer.
  10. New screenshots showing off the protagonist!
  11. I just think that the new Zelda is going to pull a Twilight Princess and be on the NX as well at launch.
  12. SO. The reason why Zelda Wii U wasn't shown at E3 was because: Full interview here: http://uk.ign.com/articles/2015/06/18/e3-2015-why-nintendo-didnt-show-zelda-wii-u If that was the case then why was Xenoblade shown about 2 E3's ago? Why was Zelda shown before this E3? Yeah I call bullshit on this one Reggie. Miyamoto clearly said that they even had "great Zelda footage to show"...
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