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  1. It's the same kind of thing with the secondary characters at the time too. A lot of people thought that there were too many characters but fast forward to today and everyone wants Knuckles, Amy and the like back because we haven't seen them in ages. I think Sonic Rush was good for at it's time, especially the state that the series was in at this point. Same goes for Secret Rings, and now that we have Sonic Unleashed, Colours and Generations, people are comparing the newer games to the older ones and forgetting how much more accepting we were of the games at that time. Personally I thought that Sonic Rush and Secret Rings were okay but over time I just got bored of them I guess (I did hate Secret Rings' controls though). I liked Sonic 4 quite a bit though, a lot more than the Rush games.
  2. Eh, mine ain't working either after I had to disable my antivirus as it kept automatically deleting the files D: The Mega Drive Collection's been stuck at 0.0% for ages -.-' I'll try SaSASR I guess Edit: That's not working either What a bummer, was looking forward to playing that.
  3. Urgh WHAT? The Flintstones doesn't really need to be brought back, it was good for its time but now compared to other cartoons its a bit bland. Plus Family Guy is BAD. I hate it. American Dad is slightly better from what I've seen, but they're almost the same show =/ I love the older pre Family Guy/American Dad cartoons like Johnny Bravo and such... I never would have guessed that the same guy worked on those. If he does this Flintstones remake well without making it like Family Guy though I wouldn't mind too much. Now if there's an awesome cartoon that needs to be brought back, then its Wacky Races. This would have been PERFECT (except for the fact that the Professor is like more mad and Dick Dastardly is working for someone, but I could deal with that).
  4. YES. Now I don't need a PS3/XBox 360 after all! Thank you Sega, we are friends again ^.^ Although I totally understand it not coming out for Wii, with the new one coming out and all. Since I believe the 3DS version will be butchered or be made like ANOTHER Sonic Rush, I may buy the PC version (that is if it'll run on my laptop).
  5. Eh, I really like Kaepora Gaebora too, but I haven't got a clue on how to pronounce his name... anyway, I already pre-ordered this game, and I will buy a 3DS on the day I get it. I never actually finished the original even though this is my favourite Zelda game by far, I will be spending my summer playing and trying to finish this.
  6. The OVA is by far the best by such a long way, it was actually amusing and it's the only one I would and still actually watch from time to time. Characters all had a good personality and the game characters personalities were consistent with the games. AoSTH is just totally crazy and silly, but it works for it. I've watched SatAM a couple of times and just didn't like it. Lol, I loved Sonic Underground as a kid, but I couldn't watch it now. Sonic X is just so boring and uninspired. When Sonic X did the Adventure/Adventure 2 arcs, it was so annoying when they forced Chris into the situations that happened in the games and in other situations as well as it detracted from developing the relationships of other characters, the ACTUAL SONIC CHARACTERS. Other characters like Cosmo, had little to no personality at all. The final season improved things a little, and the episode where Tails had to destroy Cosmo was very well done.
  7. Haha, who are their intended audience supposed to be? The only people I see buying this are bored college/university students taking the mickey, or 12 year olds thinking they're grown up/funny buying a game about foreplay =/ You don't need to shell out £20 on a video game version of truth or dare.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0VIJ4Tbg9g This. Love the original more but the Foo Fighters aren't my favourite band for a reason.
  9. I wouldn't mind a Sonic anime, as long as it wasn't an adaptation of any of the games but still had a plot that would fit into the canon, if you get what I mean. I hated Sonic X for the most part, especially the game adaptation episodes where they forcefully shoved Chris into the plot and well, you know... 'Everybody Hates Chris'. New characters are okay as long as they don't steal the limelight. I also really hated the animation. When I watched it I wasn't very knowledgable about anime at the time but even I could tell that the animation was piss poor. The only things I really did like was Cosmo (a cool looking character that looked unique and didn't hog the attention like that whiny teenage brat) and how the Amy and Sonic relationship was portrayed. In fact, what the Sonic series just needs to do in general is to develop the characters' personalities more. Or just make Sonic OVA 2. =D I think everybody would be happy then.
  10. Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, because whilst I read Sonic The Comic, the last Sonic game I played was Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive (we only got rid of our Mega Drive like a couple of years before though). Although I knew about Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast and wanting it as a kid, I didn't really know much about Sonic Adventure 2. Anyway, to this day it's still my favourite Sonic game of all time. I also used to play the game to death with my friends so there's the nostalgia there too.
  11. My favourite Sonic VA is the Japanese one by far, for the same reasons people have already said. With both of the English VAs for Sonic, they're both alright. Drummond was the best in SA2 but in the other games he's just 'meh'. I'm not normally too fussed about voices really, but Rouge and Omega's REALLY need changing. Omega's is really high pitched for no reason at all and really doesn't suit his character one bit. Rouge's voice makes her sound middle aged, it's really too low. Lani Minella or whatever her name is was pretty good as Rouge, but she loses respect from from me for voicing that goddamn Pit. Sonic and Tails' new voices are okay. Infact, Tails' new voice is actually PERFECT. It's the best Tails voice since like ever.
  12. Shadow worked as a character best in Sonic 06, out of the three 'hogs, he had IMO the best story by far. He has Rouge and Omega so I wouldn't call him completely a lone wolf, but I'd like it if they had some humour with Shadow once in a while. Like make Rouge tease him about him moping around or something.
  13. Wow, it's been a looooong time since I actually bothered with couples, but I still have the ones I prefer over the others, and I've put them in order of favourite to not-so-favourite. I think this post is going to end up longer than I thought... Sonic x Amy - I just finished Chronicles today, and I've gotta say, the whole Amy sub-plot thing is cute. In fact this is easily my favourite video game pairing, which is funny because I used to hate this couple with a passion like years ago (thanks to Sonic Heroes mainly). When Amy is characterised well, this couple really works (e.g. Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Chronicles) but when Amy is portrayed badly/stalkerish this couple absolutely stinks (Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle are the worst offenders). Fortunately, Amy hasn't been portrayed badly for quite a while in the games, further making me like this couple. Shadow x Rouge - This was the first pairing I supported, and I still like it a fair bit. They've always worked together in every game they've appeared in (except Rivals 2 I suppose), which is strange considering they are both two characters that are supposed to be just out for themselves. The two characters show real concern for each other like nearly all the time, and they have this really close bond. Also, Rouge is probably the only character Shadow would open up to about his feelings. This could be just interpreted as friendship though. >.>' Knuckles x Shade - These two go well together, especially towards the end of Chronicles. Only problem is that Shade is like, 3000 years older than Knuckles or something? Knuckles x Rouge - I like Shadow x Rouge more, but I still like this pairing too. That bickering never gets old =D As for all the other characters, I'm not really bothered. I haven't seen a lot of Sonic X but Tails x Cosmo was alright from what I saw, despite the fact that Tails is 8. Also, I've never read Archie properly, but I liked Shortfuse x Tekno in the Fleetway comic.
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