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  1. I still wish they made better stage picks (or at the very least picked a single Sonic 3 stage), but it's kinda hard to stay mad after seeing a trailer like that. I seriously though things couldn't look better after seeing Chemical Plant....then I saw Rooftop Run. Dayum. As bitter as I still am, consider me sold.
  2. Oh yeah, I'm sure all of the Community would have agreed to completely leave out a level for Sonic 3 (and Sonic CD to some extent). We sure only have ourselves to blame for that. Nice try, but spare us the blame game stuff.
  3. I thought it was great. Some genuinely good alternative routes, level design that's not plagued with pits, and good physics. Not a 1:1 with the Genesis games, but none of the liberties taken are off putting. Generations disappoints in a certain other area, but at least the gameplay itself seems to be quite fun. That is ultimately the more important thing.
  4. There's still hope for that depending on how they handle the Metal Sonic fight. I wanted Sonic 3 representation. Screw you too, Sonic Team. What, final boss reveal?! Time to bail out!
  5. The leaked list appeared plenty of times, and everyone was saying it was terrible and Sonic Team failed already (and rightfully so). But I defended them because I thought there was no way they'd be dumb enough to completely skip over stages for Sonic 3 and CD, pick all city stages for the Adventure games, and omit so many favorites like Ice Cap, Hydrocity, Lava Reef, Flying Battery. I knew they weren't going to have every single one of my favorites or anyone else's, so you can drop that poor argument. I just thought they'd do the best they could to satisfy most people. Evidently not, hence all the complaining here and everywhere else on the web. But there's stiil DLC, right guise! ...guise?
  6. So the game's fun, but it's the poor stage choices that make the "Sonic Cycle" disappointment phase? Nice twist, Sonic Team!

    1. sonfan1984


      Either way, people will still be disappointed if their favorite levels didn't make it in. I like most of the levels they picked out. Oh yeah, and spoilers.

    2. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


  7. Six...SIX city stages, yet not one single artic one. I can't believe Ice Cap wasn't a lock. No underwater one either (Hydrocity :/). Hell, them skipping Sonic 3 like that is just insulting. The demo is fun, but the leaks are very disappointing. Bar a few cool twist like Death Egg. That's the last time I give Sonic Team the benefit of the doubt for anything.
  8. Green Hill, City Escape, and Rooftop Run. Sega's making all the right choices so far (for the console version at least).
  9. First Sonic game that I actually pre-order? Could be!

  10. LMAO at that Silver topic meltdown. "Living under Sonic's dick". Hilarious.

    1. Badnik Mechanic
    2. eXtaticus


      Oh god, I remember that... Bloody hilarious.

    3. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      @Hog: LMAO! This is the first time I've seen it. XD

    4. Sami


      L. M. F. A. O.

    5. eXtaticus


      Together, we CAN get this post to -30: http://tinyurl.com/4yud6fd

    6. Velotix von Skruviktorrius

      Velotix von Skruviktorrius

      I've run out of negs for today.

    7. eXtaticus


      That sucks. I TOLD you all that it should be more than -2 per day...

    8. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Hmmm... Im curious. I'm gonna check out that topic now. It may be locked but I could use a good laugh.

  11. I like both styles of running. Modern Sonic does his Naruto-ninja thing, while Classic Sonic runs more actively. Classic Sonic is probably the better one, but I wouldn't say Modern Sonic looks retarded. And Sega can say that the poll doesn't matter all they want, but it's going to have some kind of effect in the long run. If polls and fan request didn't matter to them, they wouldn't have brought Classic Sonic back in the first place. Not to mention all the other moves they've made due to popularity reasons (whore out Shadow, go Sonic only, make Sonic 4, etc.). I don't think Modern Sonic will be getting replaced or anything, but I'm pretty sure Classic Sonic won't be disappearing again after Generations is over with. Maybe they'll go the MegaMan route.
  12. This... ....and this. But in the spirit of the topic, I'd like to have Knuckles, Espio, and Blaze.
  13. ^It's been obvious that this place has waaaaaaaay more modern fans than classic. Didn't need the Facebook poll to tell me that. I am surprised that Modern Sonic is getting spanked that bad though. I though he'd at least be at a third of what Classic Sonic is. Damn. I don't really have a clear favorite myself. It's like Classic MegaMan and X to me. Both have their own perks that I enjoy. If I had to choose one, it would be Modern Sonic I guess, but the Unleashed/Colors model only. Otherwise, probably Classic.
  14. Aside from Sonic Colors (kinda), the Rush games are the only modern Sonic games that thoroughly satisfied me. The Advance series was solid, but forgettable. Same goes for Sonic 4. The first Rivals sucked so much that I didn't even bothered with the sequel. Chronicles was mediocre, and I don't think that I need to touchdown on the flaws of 3D Sonic games. But the Rush games left a very good impression on me. -Addicting gameplay: must have went through the games more the 30 times. -Excellent soundtracks: the first one in particular, but the sequel had worthy tunes. -Great multiplayer: first Sonic game in which this feature was a very significant component. -Enjoyable story: didn't think there would be a plot that would make me like Cream, but lookie here. -Good visuals: backgrounds: mainly the backgrounds, but 3D models were decent too (lol Chronicles). -Special Stages that are fun to replay: I can't even say this for Sonic 3 & Knuckles, so it's quite the achievement. -Actually fun filler content: sailing in Rush Adventure puts treasure hunting and mech shooting to shame. And then there's the introduction of a new Sonic character that not only doesn't suck, but is very good. That's an extremely rare case for Sonic games. Of course, Sega had to go and mess her up just a year after her premiere, but they've screwed every character at some point. I do think it was a bad idea for Sega to try and make Rush-like gameplay the new standard for Sonic. It's awesome, but no substitute for momentum based gameplay. Still, that's no fault of the Rush games themselves. If it wasn't for them, I sincerely doubt I would have stuck around the Sonic franchise during the 2005-2007 days as close as I did. During the times plagued by Shadow and Sonic '06, these were the Sonic games that kept me enthusiastic about Sonic. If there's any non-classic Sonic games that can still "stack up" ( ), it's the Sonic Rush games. Few people? The original game's soundtrack seems to be more favored from my view. Not too surprising either, given Hideki Naganuma's reputation from Jet Set Radio.
  15. Actually, they did. Not Shadow necessarily, but he was probably the only current character that could somewhat pull it off. Yes, because people have totally been saying that Adventure fanboys are the only ones capable of being stubborn and annoying. Oh wait, nobody said that. Come on dude. As big as an Adventure fanatic as you are, you should be aware of terms like "2D pursuits" and "retrofags". Dumb words that modern fans use to attack obnoxious classic fans. It should be obvious that both groups have their elitists individuals. No need for you to act like Adventure fans are some poor victims. Hence why I dislike both groups. Even though I'd say I'm mainly a classic fan, I can't stand the way some of them act like anything that isn't like the Genesis games. Especially when it comes to bickering about small stuff like Sonic's model and Eggman being called Robotnik or not. They are the same as the diehard Adventure fans to me. Both groups seem to want a game that's a copy 'n paste from whatever they wroshipped back in their childhood.
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