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  1. Trump is the worst Orange Lantern ever.

  2. Random thought: The reason why immortality is condemned while prolonging our health isn’t as much out of any genuine moral problems so much as it is because being immortal would mean a person can never enter the “afterlife”, and thus be denied the supposed salvation promised. As such, denied salvation, the immortal people would have to focus on improving their lives now, which would mean they would have to be critical of the people who disperse the idea that immortality is evil and realize that the reason why life sucks is because of them.

    A prolonged life by contrast is accepted because those same immortality deniers who benefit from corruption and evil can have people who live long enough to toil away for their benefit, but don’t live long enough to realize they were duped and manage any meaningful resistance because by the time they might realize it, they’ll be too old to put up a fight or be too indoctrinated to want to fight back. And they’ll still buy into the idea of a salvation post death so they might not even want to fight back since they’ll be dead eventually.

    1. RedFox99


      Generally I don't think man itself can ever make immortality.

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Yeah probably in regards to true immortality; I was just thinking about the mindset behind it more than anything. That said, I’d say this would still apply to some extent for people with extreme longevity as well.

    3. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J


      To me it's always more so been a mater of value. If I lived forever nothing would really have any meaning to me anymore and that would kind of an apathetic and hollow existence.

  3. That moment when you realized Ed Edd n Eddy is the story about a kid friendly trio of drug addicts scamming people for cash to get their next fix, and that Kevin is a drug dealer.

    1. RedFox99


      And the worse part is that that's not even the most messed up thing about the show.

  4. I just had this mental image of an old timey styled Eggman, where he’s an evil carnival ring master, he runs a steampunk carnival with captured animals in giant hamster wheels that power his robots/are built into the robots, and he abuses them with a whip to get them running.

  5. Torn on Smash Bros Ultimate. On one hand, the stage builder is up my alley and I kinda do want to check out the huge character list and maybe fiddle around with the content. On the other hand, I don’t have the Switch online, so I can’t really play competitively unless I fork up the cash, and I haven’t really played my Switch in a while...

  6. SenEDDtor Missile

    Enigma2Me's General Works Topic (Youtube, Fanfiction and More!)

    The TRUE Episode 31 of Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Dub! Previous one was an April Fools joke. Skip to 15:45 if you already saw the other version and want to get to the new bits.
  7. [reddit]


    There are real life angry birds. Apparently they’re called bearded parrotbills.

  8. True or False: True is False.

    1. TheOcelot


      False is True

  9. You’re not wrong In That the pieces were there; Penders just never really capitalized on it.
  10. Not much of an accomplishment, considering Echidna Presley, Star War Trek the not ripoff and Football are what I'm up against.
  11. Honestly all things considered, I don’t remember much of Echidnaland either. Probably because for all of his attempts to be the next “insert whatever popular sci-fi creator that will surely put him in the annals of history”, the man just never was able to create anything resembling a consistent and thought out world. It’s telling that out of everything I can remember about the Echidna culture, all I can remember are ripoffs of Star Trek, Star Wars, a bit of Superman, and that one echidna with an Elvis haircut. Nothing is modified or changed enough to take into consideration that they were supposed to be an ancient advanced civilization, and instead feels like a hodgepodge of various popular sci-fi bits and contemporary American stuff, like Lara's sweet sixteen thing and Football. Football. In a civilization that should have existed thousands of years before it was even invented. If he really wanted to handle this kind of idea of an advanced ancient civilization, maybe he could have considered making their weapons Chaos Energy based hard light versions of typical tribal weapons. Hard light blades, energy tipped spears and stuff like the Sheikah weapons from Breath of the Wild or something. Heck if he’s so stuck on the idea of Echidna women marrying young, maybe turn that into a case of values dissonance, where tribal traditions once required women to marry young and birth children because the world was a cruel place with no guarantees of survival, so they needed to get children quickly before their current generation died out. However, when they became enlightened and advanced, they never bothered to change these outdated beliefs because they never had any reason to or something. Honestly maybe those elements could have even served as a possible way to gray the conflict between the Dark Legion and the Haven Echidnas, like maybe during their early days the DL were progressive revolutionaries who had discovered a better source of technology, but it had the side effect of being devastating towards the environment but that could be ironed out eventually. However, both out of tradition and fearful paranoia, and mixed with a bit of logical fear for the destructive capabilities of the tech the DL found, AND that they’d be ousted from power, traditionalists tried to Suppress them via numerous ways, one of which might be to force the daughter of one of the DL to marry and be effectively held as hostage. Things snowballed from there and the Dark Legion was banished from Echidnaland, but not before damaging he place to the point they never really recovered. Now the modern conflict is essentially the descendants of both factions, the environmental loving but strictly traditionalist (and highly mysoginistic, hence why there was only ever one female Guardian) Haven Echidnas who don’t understand that their tech is becoming more obsolete due to their traditionalist endeavors and arrogance and their numbers are shrinking rapidly vs the understandably vengeful, comparatively progressive (they have more female leaders for one thing) but also dangerously reckless with technology Dark Legion (implication being that their tech might have unintentionally contributed to the terrible conditions in the Twilight Cage/Zone). Sorry, I think I went off on a tangent there.
  12. He burned all the other hills and this was the only one left that was reasonably vertically unchallenged. Hell if I know. I barely remember any of the locations he’s made.
  13. Watch him retcon Lara Su and the Sue Legion into British Aliens and claim that since Geoffrey is cockney, that it’s now okay because Of the age of consent.
  14. If there's one thing that bothers me about Sonic Boom outside of my personal feelings regarding the show's quality and narrative, it's that all of the background characters are so dull appearance-wise. Like they all have realistic colorations and bland outfits compared to the pop, distinction, and vibrancy of many of the other characters in the Sonic Franchise. It's telling that I can't remember most of them except Dave, yet I could remember Cosmo from Sonic X very easily despite having not seen the show in ages.

    For that matter, why does the West have so damn much difficulty getting the design philosophy of Sonic's character design down? I mean at least with Dave his thin appearance and gangly limbs evoke the sense of him being a nerdy teenager and helps to distinguish him along with his light blue color, so it at least works in that aspect. But why does everyone else feel so off? Why are they all so boring to look at?

    1. RedFox99


      Doesn't help how a lot of the designs are copy and paste from each other and most of their personalities range from bland to outright unlikable. 

  15. Hedgehogs are living durians.

    1. Diogenes


      they stink

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      The hedge or the durian?

    3. Diogenes


      well they're the same aren't they


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