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  1. I've always wondered if the reason why Eggman is so outright evil and childish is because he's never been exposed to more than just his own point of view for his entire life? (spoiler ahead)

     I could kinda imagine him being the kind of kid who didn't take criticism very well, or was either heavily spoiled while being praised for his brilliance, thus causing his ego to become so massive that nothing gets through his mind unless he wants to hear it. So in the event he ever did try to be brilliant in real life (in-universe), he would have been subjected to criticism and scorn for his callousness and lack of empathy, which caused him to block them out and confine himself into an echo chamber via his robot lackeys (who are all sycophants) and his own thoughts. With that in mind, Sonic is probably the only true outside force that he interacts with on a daily basis, and since he and Sonic are essentially opposite extremes, it just exacerbates his already existing ego problems and inability to think of any view outside of his own.

    What do you guys think?

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