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  1. Prior to Lost World, I always saw Eggman as the inventor who can create cool and dangerous, but not always practical or safe machines, and Tails as the inventor who is good at creating stable and effective (for the most part), but usually boring or not particularly flashy machines. 

    That's not to say Eggman can't do the latter or Tails can't do the former, it's just that personality-wise Eggman is too impatient or reckless to really bother with the latter, while Tails is too cautious or by-the-book to do the former that often. It's also highlighted by how crazy most of Eggman's machines tend to be (and the numerous gaping weaknesses or impracticalities they tend to have), while Tails' machines tend to be heavily modified versions of existing machines like his plane, or are practical like his MilesElectric.

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