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  1. Redoing my previous status because I just realized certain details about it weren't entirely right:

    In hindsight, I'm surprised that Eggman didn't try to implant Shadow with cybernetics after his fall from space in SA2. He likely could not have gotten out without a scratch (although Sonic didn't get a scratch from Unleashed, but he did have Chip help him), and Eggman was a bit more sinister back then, so it wouldn't have been that odd. Heck maybe it could have been some kind of proto-roboticizer if they had wanted (though then again I'm not really sure if Sega Japan even knew what a roboticizer was anyways so there's that).

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      Feeling obnoxious tonight, huh?

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      its only obnoxious if you choose to think of it that way


      its amazing

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      That's...not how it works, but okay.

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