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  1. Random thought: I kinda like to think Professor Pickle is actually friends/acquaintances with some of the elder characters you meet throughout Unleashed, like Gwek and Zonshen. My headcanon is that his younger years as an archaeologist and potential globe trotter meant that he not only saw many strange and unusual things (hence a lack of reaction to the Werehog situation), but also meant that he interacted and befriended people from many different cultures.

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      A personal headcanon of mine is that Pickle may have also been close friends with Eggman or some sort of teacher (depends on how old Pickle really is or you can do both idc).

    2. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @True Detective Soni Huh, same here. I always figured he met Eggman back during his early days as a professor, and Eggman was just a college student. I believe that Pickles probably felt that Eggman was a fundamentally good person at his core, but his upbringing (Eggman was a spoiled brat with family known for egomania, mental issues, and severe entitlement complexes in my mind) and Eggman's inability to understand that his actions had consequences beyond just himself made it extremely difficult to get through to him, and would have eventually led to him getting the boot from Spagonia U. Pickles would secretly consider it one of his biggest failures, even though later on (headcanon) Sonic would point out that it isn't his fault Eggman has so many problems.

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      Well I personally thought that the reason why Eggman turned bad and took in world domination is because of how GUN handled the Gerald situation and well, it's kind of hard to avoid new outlets from hearing some massacre going on a FREAKING space station so they decided to spew out how Gerald became a traitor and the Robotnik name has been fully tainted, this of course angered Eggman greatly and cue the melodramatic fanfic spewage.

    4. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @True Detective Soni Well to be honest I was operating from the idea that GUN had successfully covered things up for the most part and that Eggman didn't find out about it until he was an adult. Plus while him being angry at the injustice does make for a good bit of backstory, I also like the idea that a good portion of his problems are born from his failings as a person.

      Going off on a tangent here, if an Eggman redemption arc is ever conceived for whatever reason, I'd like this inability to understand how others view him and the inability to realize that his actions have consequences outside of how it affects him be a major obstacle. He'd basically try to be "good" in an attempt to curry favor and try to sweep his crimes under the rug, while under the notion that people hate him becuz of jealousy and stuff (when really it's because he's an asshole), and him presuming that a half-assed sorry would suffice, and thus he becomes baffled when this doesn't work. I also think the only way he'd finally get why people don't think of him positively is if he was stuck in some kind of lotus eater scenario where he was forced to endure the crimes he committed from the perspective of the many people he had ruined.

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