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  1. I like to imagine that Eggman holds Gamma in high regard as the perfect soldier for his robot army due to his skill and obedience, and compares every other mech he's ever made to Gamma with the large majority falling short (especially Omega), ironically never realizing that Gamma had secretly betrayed him.

    1. SurrealBrain


      Not implausible, at least in the game continuity.

    2. Hyp3hat


      I like to think he sends Orbot and Cubot away to fetch a spanner, fully expecting to have to walk down the hall and get it his goddamn self because they're useless. Before he takes a bite out of his giant sub, he just reminiscences about Gamma...

      'I told him to get the frog with the tail, and he did it. First try. I didn't even have to shout at him. No-one had to fall over. There was no sass, or back talk. Why did I start programming my robots to assassinate my character so flawlessly? He even found those upgrades I left for him around the Egg Carrier... Where did he go? Where did I go wrong?'

      Then he takes a bite, and the self-doubt dissipates. 

      'My greatest creation! A robot that can make a perfect BLT sub. The Egg Hoagie. Sonic will never, ever taste a sandwich as good as this.'

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