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  1. A Skyward Sword thought:

    I can't help but wonder if Ghirahim and Fi are more foils to each other than the game itself explicitly says. Ghirahim's flamboyant behavior to me often seems like he's basically trying to act like he has emotions, but the way he expresses them often seems detached or is so over the top that it feels forced. The only time his emotions do seem genuine is when he's enraged at the end or when he's happy after capturing Zelda (also at the end as it turns out).


    Fi by contrast emotes very little the majority of the time, but some of her text does seem to indicate emotion by being rather deadpan with snarky moments like Link mistaking a Kikwi for Zelda, speechlessness/confusion at Scrapper's interest in her, and her dancing whenever she's conveying a message is surprisingly more expressive than you would expect from such a logic-driven spirit. It makes me think that she has a lot of emotions deep down, but isn't able to express them in a way outside of robotic and logical means.


    Basically, Ghirahim is a sociopath in the sense that he can fake emotions but can't actually feel anything outside of rage and happiness (for anything that works in his favor), while Fi is capable of great emotional depth but can't actually express them properly.

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