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  1. Infinite’s introduction really could have been done better. Like have the first battle against him be the first time Sonic confronts him after saving some civilians (no Tails, have him be further away in his plane doing his own hero stuff, but too far away to help Sonic), where you can whittle down his HP, only for his HP to either miraculously regenerate or not change at all (with digital illusion stuff around the HP bar to hint that something is off), and then the cutscene after attempting to beat him shows Sonic exhausted and bruised and battered before Infinite deals the final blow knocking him unconscious. Then the cutscene shows Infinite dragging Sonic way after informing his defeat with Eggman, and the frightened civilians telling a late Tails what had apparently happened.

    1. JezMM


      God I'd love more "story in gameplay" stuff like this in Sonic.  I actually thought they were gonna do something like this during the ACTUAL first boss fight against him, since the last few hits only chip off tiny bits of damage until you reach a trigger point for him to do his pre-scripted "final hit" moment

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