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  1. Here’s my take on Snivelly as a hypothetical game character:

    -His birth name is Snyder “Snivelly” Robotnik.

    -He spent a lot of his early life with Julian Robotnik, Eggman’s Dad and young Ivo when he was a kid.

    -Julian was abusive towards Snivelly and spoiled Ivo rotten, causing the former to be supremely resentful.

    -Snivelly eventually had enough and sabotaged Julian’s project In his company, resulting in his untimely death (though he was an asshole so no one cared). Snivelly changed his name into Snyder Snidewell to avoid scrutiny.

    -His life goal is to have a scientific legacy akin to Gerald Robotnik prior to the ARK incident, but he’s considered a second rate nobody by Robotnik standards, being smart but not a genius. This played a part in Julian’s abuse towards him and his own eventual resentment towards Eggman.

    -He feels incredible anger towards GUNfor their role in killing Gerald and Maria, and for tarnishing the Robotnik family name, and he sees Eggman as a spoiled brat who never grew up, and who’s destroying the Robotnik family name even further with his world domination antics. As such, on top of his goal for leaving his own legacy behind, he also wants to wipe out both Eggman and GUN to erase the sins of the Robotnik family and restore their family honor.

    -Eggman barely remembers who he is due to him being an asskissing toady to his Dad, but also because Snivelly was so boring that he honestly forgot he existed. This pisses off Snivelly even more especially considering he finds it unfair that Eggman inherited the intellect he wants, yet squanders it on what he sees as frivolous.



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