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  1. I can’t help but notice that one of the reasons why the Deadly Six don’t make much of an impression to me is because of their introduction in game. Or rather how weak their initial one was. When you take into consideration almost every other 3D Sonic game and their major antagonists, they all generally have one thing in common: ALL of them have interesting introductions that give you a good idea of what they do and how much of a threat they pose.

    Chaos made his entrance by terrifying the local police and shrugged off dozens of bullets being shot at him due to his aquatic nature. Granted he technically just stands there, but the world still reacted to him in a way that emphasized his threat. Simple, not too flashy but effective considering the dated tech.

    Shadow monologues while the story emphasized his similarity in appearance, and then has him teleporting to match Sonic’s speed easily, demonstrating him as an evil doppelgänger with seemingly far greater abilities. Again simple but effective.

    Mephiles comes out of a broken macguffin, decimating all of Eggman’s robots while still a shadow before taking on the shape of his enemy, before sending them to a different time period. Pretty impressive even if the lackluster animation and art style makes it kinda meh.

    King Arthur SLASHES the fucking sky and tears open a rift to a hell dimension to summon an army of his minions that are such a threat that the granddaughter of MERLIN has to summon a warrior from another world just to have a chance to stand against him. The King might not have been more than smoke and mirrors in terms of character, but hot damn that’s one hell of an impression.

    The Deadly Six...just stand there in the shadow (MENACINGLY!) until one of them gets called up to attack Sonic, and then they get insulted. BOO boring!

    If that’s not strange enough, they get a better establishing moment after the first TWO of their group gets their butts handed to them in the form of them taking control of all of Eggman’s robots and forcing him and Sonic to work with each other. Heck, their initial introduction could have been rectified somewhat if all of them had attacked Sonic at the same time like they did in their first introduction trailer. 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      The was much effort put into how they entered the story as how they exited it.

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