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  1. The shit I see on Reddit is making me think that a large number of right wing, libertarian and “enlightened centrists” are Unempathetic smug assholes.

    1. Phos


      Typically anyone who brags or puts any emphasis on being [anything] centrist is on what I'll call a paper horse - A high horse but they made it, it has no value or relevance, and it doesn't actually elevate them.  They want to seem above it because at some point holding no values and the vague concept of not caring became cool to them.  People are only a centrist until they realize something can affect them, note that realize is important in that sentence.  

      All libertarians share at least one of a few flaws: basically have no understanding of human nature, no understanding of history, an unhealthy obsession with the concept of lawlessness or balkanization, or are sociopaths.  I've had one argue to me that social programs are unnecessary because beggars are able to survive.  

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