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  1. In regards to Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, does anyone think the artstyle and graphics looks a bit...overdone compared to the original? Like while the original is a bit on the dated side, it feels a bit more faithful to the artstyle of the show, while the remake feels more like the Crash/Spyro Remake interpretation of Spongebob; very overly colorful palette, a lot more detail in ways that feel strangely off/realistic? given how the show, movies and original game were only as detailed where it was needed...

    It's not bad, just weird is all. I know it's early alpha, but yeah.

    1. Nix


      Like, the more colorful and brighter shading on Spongebob himself looks great, but the rest of the game kind of reminds me of those amateur "this game but super realistic in Unreal!!!" videos.  It's really overdone and kind of tacky looking.  The overly warm color palette for that level also really betrays the underwater aesthetic, and it's just kind of feels like a visually incoherent mess for a Spongebob game.

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