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  1. Honestly the end of this week has been a massive pain for me. Getting laid off, still suffering my hybrid ear infection/possible jaw problem, trying to figure out if I can afford certain subscriptions or not, and I've now been running into dizzyness and lightheadedness, and exhaustion.

    1. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Do you think the dizziness and exhaustion might be stress-related due to getting laid off?

      I can kind of feel your pain when it comes to getting laid off. I mean technically I quit my job, but I did so on the assumption I'd be able to do regular freelance work, but they only promised me about a third of the work (and thus income) of what I had been planning on. Not much consolation, I guess, but hopefully you can feel a bit better knowing you're not alone.

      Hope things get better for ya.

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