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  1. While they bring up the Treasure Hunter angle for Knuckles and Rouge, I actually kinda wish that Knuckles and Professor Pickle had formed a partnership of sorts (and having an excuse to have Dan Green talk with Dan Green), with the two of them bonding over their interest in ancient history, and Professor Pickles being fascinated at talking with the last known Echidna in existence.

    Knuckles could become an Indiana Jones like figure who seeks out ancient relics to find out more of the world that he doesn't really get to do while guarding the Master Emerald, maybe find out more about himself and try to become a more metaphorical guardian for his species by trying to find and preserve his species' history.

    Rouge would essentially be his rival/counterpart due to straddling the line between friendly treasure hunter and possibly less friendly tomb raider, and they'd also play a part in areas involving ancient evils and threats that Sonic might not be around to deal with.

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