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I am SenEDtor, also known as Enigma2Me on YouTube.

Also formerly known as:



743 ED Missile

I've been hanging around this forum for almost 9 years now, and I've not really changed all that much. My primary focus when it comes to debating about Sonic is mostly linked towards the story and lore of the series (and whatever little continuity still exists), as well as arguments regarding the direction that Sonic should go, the characters and their characterizations, and throwing in my own little "fix the story" and headcanon moments into wherever I feel it fits.

On the Youtube side of things, are you interested in cartoon fan music videos? Then check out my channel via the link below, or take a gander at my Channel Trailer (OUTDATED, might need to change it soon) to get an idea of what it is I do. I also am considering expanding my focus into commentary and analysis type videos if I ever get things off the ground, but cartoon fan videos will probably be a decent chunk of my focus for as long as I helm the channel.


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