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  1. Reaction: There are actually more Robotniks in the world of Sonic, but they're all so ashamed of being associated with Eggman due to the tainted Robotnik name that the majority of them changed their names to distance themselves from him. Even Gerald's redeemed name isn't enough to get past the stigma.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Plot Twist: Professor Pickle is one of them, which was partically how Eggman knew where he lived and that he studied the Gaia manuscripts

  2. Reaction: Big is mistaken for a cryptid in the Sonic verse at times, due to his uncanny ability to show up in places he shouldn't be able to.

  3. Iwata vs Reggie still a fun fight, and a decent intro into Mii Fighters.

  4. I wish that you could download YouTube videos at different speeds. Like some videos play better at 1.25 over just normal speed, so you should have the means to download them at 1.25 speed.

    1. E-122-Psi


      I wish downloading them AT ALL was just a normal function on Youtube, though I get that would only further exacerbate the copyright disputes.

    2. Teoskaven


      The download feature actually exist but it's exclusive to people who subscribe to the Premium offer.

  5. That'd mean he'd have to admit he's not the big progressive feminist intellectual he pretends to be.
  6. And then Pokemon Legends: Giratina is announced a year later and involves all of the Platinum stuff like the Distortion World and whatnot, thus allowing Gamefreak to make evven more money by cutting out the Platinum stuff and sticking it in a different game. And it'll be a story about Giratina's fall from grace as Arceus banishes him from wherever the hell Arceus banished him from. /kinda sarcasm.
  7. I always feel like the weird one out in Smash Ultimate discussions with the fixation of the DLC fighters, because I honestly only want Smult's custom stage editor to be expanded on/include past editor features and objects (and a working camera so it's freer movement like past cameras; it's more beneficial for Machinimas), and more customization for Mii fighters.
  8. Random thought: Cats and dogs barge in when you use the bathroom because they're keeping an eye on you from predators, since you walk them and/or provide them cover while they poop. They're returning the favor.

    1. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      I guess we've been lucky. The animals I've known haven't done that with us. I'd probably die if that happened.

      Some cats get alarmed when their owners take baths or showers. It's kind of sweet.

  9. It's the next book in the book series "A Song of Ice and Fire" that the Game of Thrones TV series is adapted from, and the author, George R. R. Martin is NOTORIOUS for his schedule slip. To put things in perspective, the book prior to the Winds of Winter, "A Dance with Dragons", came out back in 2011. There's also a worry that the author will die before the series is ever completed due to his chronic procrastination, given how old he is.
  10. Roger's averageness as Sonic means that I don't really have any strong feelings about him not being Sonic anymore.


    @Crow the BOOLET Crow's replaced Tokoyami in the Netflix adaptation of My Hero Academia.

  12. To everyone who got Super Mario 3D All Stars, can you use the record function on the Switch to record the 30 seconds of gameplay, or does it not work?

    1. Adamabba


      It works

  13. This time on Paper Mario, the Thousand Year Dub Episode 39, Mario goes to find a cannon to shoot himself towards the moon, in an outpost Fahr Fahr Away...
  14. This time on Paper Mario, the Thousand Year Dub Episode 39, Mario goes to find a cannon to shoot himself towards the moon, in an outpost Fahr Fahr Away...

  15. https://www.npr.org/sections/biden-transition-updates/2021/01/18/957802213/bidens-inauguration-is-going-to-look-very-different-heres-what-to-know I'd feel a lot less anxious if Biden DIDN'T hold this inauguration publicly at all. If Biden and the other Democratic people there die because of this, then it will be all for nothing. Macho posturing for the sake of "tradition" and "proving you won't be cowed by terrorists" is pure foolishness and arrogance. THEY NEED TO GO VIRTUAL FOR THE SAKE OF THE NATION, not for the sake of a few egos. This is NOT a normal time. These insurrectionists aren't just a small angry mob. They're embedded in every facet of the government, even within the people who are supposed to protect Biden. Treating it as normal, blindly acting "traditional" is dangerous. And if someone claims that it's cowardly, remember that Abraham Lincoln had to sneak into his own inauguration during the Civil War. For Fuck's Sake Biden, you are LITERALLY at the line of starting the end of the Trump Era of Evil. Don't literally pull defeat from the jaws of victory on your Inauguration!
  16. The Conspiracy theorist in me thinks it's a dogwhistle for "there will be a peaceful transfer...to MY, Donald Trump's second term and eternal position as president for life." I just don't trust anything he says, and the Democratic party needs to watch their backs more carefully.
  17. Still both siding it. Anyone who is still a Trumper at this point is the BAD GUY. PERIOD. If they want to be good guys again, THEY have to dump Trump and his enablers, and do EVERYTHING they can to atone. THEY don't get to play fascist bootlicker and still pretend they're good people.
  18. Screw that bothsider nonsense. Don't just thoughtlessly parrot that to avoid admitting one side is more evil than the other.
  19. A choice between a vile megalomaniac and a middling meh but not evil guy should be a no brainer.
  20. Only because the Trumpists are loyal to Trump only, and their own necks might be on the line because they dared criticize "Dear Leader" once.
  21. Subtlety doesn't work on me right now cuz I'm angry. Also at this point I want Trump and his enablers GONE from power. Immediately. They're fascists, terrorists and enablers of fascists and terrorists, and allowing them to stick around is only more likely to result in MORE coup and insurrection attempts.
  22. Can you be more specific? Do you expect him to run for it or something?
  23. The only two terms that should ever be applies to Trumpers, Trump and anyone who even remotely supports either at this point is terrorist and traitor. They have shown their true colors and we need to make sure it sticks to them like super glue. No running away from it. No "both sides". No more kiddy gloves.
  24. He's a terrorist leader, and he loves all of this mayhem and pain. He and every Right Winger who supported this insurrection needs to be locked up.
  25. I think it's interesting how his character's design is arguably kind of a reversal of how most other Sonic characters tend to be. Most other major Sonic characters tended to have a multitude of scenes that show them at their best light, or at least having moments where they’re allowed to shine, even those who have serious flaws or tragedy like Shadow and Knuckles. Shadow was always played as cool and suave with only minor moments of comedy and he rarely had moments of weakness, and his issues ultimately only cropped up due to flanderization and lack of understanding of the nuanced elements of his character. Knuckles had the benefit of being a classic character mixed with good moments, even as his character was eventually flanderized to the point that his out of touch meathead moments became his default. Silver by contrast at first seems to start off like the others, with a demonstration of his power, but he differs very drastically in that his flaws are shown very early from the get go. He's heroic and determined, but also single-minded, gullible, and above all else, desperate about his situation to the point he's willing to make a deal with the devil just to claw at a SCRAP of hope for his future. These kinds of traits (last one aside) are certainly seen to an extent in the other characters, but they’re rarely so pronounced to the same degree as the others, and rarely are those flaws focused and have such drastic consequences as the others. Even Knuckles at his dumbest was usually played for comedy and were ultimately short, whereas Silver’s flaws weren’t. Yet if anything in hindsight, those flaws also make him really fascinating to watch, especially once I went back and looked at his story.
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