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    This time, in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Dub: Episode 36, the end of the journey to Poshley Heights aboard the Excess Express is in sight! ...Well it would have been, if we didn't have a bit of a Smorg problem covering the windshield...and everything else.


    Also, since I forgot to post last time:


    Episode 5: With their new objectives in hand (literally), the Questers take a detour into the tramway connecting the cities of Stormwind and Ironforge, to meet the gnome mage Deuce Ex Machina in hopes of finding a means to lift the curse without needing to trek all the way to Darnassus. Things get derailed by Ellers' bizarre vocabulary, and Guy's inability to not make a bigger mess when he gets wind of Deuce's experiments...

  2.  https://medium.com/@OfcrACab/confessions-of-a-former-bastard-cop-bb14d17bc759

    Confession from a former cop on how much of a bastard they all really are, and the systemic problems that allow them to fester and exist.


    So what do we do about it? Even though I’m an expert on bastardism, I am not a public policy expert nor an expert in organizing a post-police society. So, before I give some suggestions, let me tell you what probably won’t solve the problem of bastard cops:

    • Increased “bias” training. A quarterly or even monthly training session is not capable of covering over years of trauma-based camaraderie in police forces. I can tell you from experience, we don’t take it seriously, the proctors let us cheat on whatever “tests” there are, and we all made fun of it later over coffee.
    • Tougher laws. I hope you understand by now, cops do not follow the law and will not hold each other accountable to the law. Tougher laws are all the more reason to circle the wagons and protect your brothers and sisters.
    • More community policing programs. Yes, there is a marginal effect when a few cops get to know members of the community, but look at the protests of 2020: many of the cops pepper-spraying journalists were probably the nice school cop a month ago.

    Police officers do not protect and serve people, they protect and serve the status quo, “polite society”, and private property. Using the incremental mechanisms of the status quo will never reform the police because the status quo relies on police violence to exist. Capitalism requires a permanent underclass to exploit for cheap labor and it requires the cops to bring that underclass to heel.

    Instead of wasting time with minor tweaks, I recommend exploring the following ideas:

    • No more qualified immunity. Police officers should be personally liable for all decisions they make in the line of duty.
    • No more civil asset forfeiture. Did you know that every year, citizens like you lose more cash and property to unaccountable civil asset forfeiture than to all burglaries combined? The police can steal your stuff without charging you with a crime and it makes some police departments very rich.
    • Break the power of police unions. Police unions make it nearly impossible to fire bad cops and incentivize protecting them to protect the power of the union. A police union is not a labor union; police officers are powerful state agents, not exploited workers.
    • Require malpractice insurance. Doctors must pay for insurance in case they botch a surgery, police officers should do the same for botching a police raid or other use of force. If human decency won’t motivate police to respect human life, perhaps hitting their wallet might.
    • Defund, demilitarize, and disarm cops. Thousands of police departments own assault rifles, armored personnel carriers, and stuff you’d see in a warzone. Police officers have grants and huge budgets to spend on guns, ammo, body armor, and combat training. 99% of calls for service require no armed response, yet when all you have is a gun, every problem feels like target practice. Cities are not safer when unaccountable bullies have a monopoly on state violence and the equipment to execute that monopoly.

    One final idea: consider abolishing the police.


  3. On 6/8/2020 at 6:11 AM, horridus said:

    Penders has been asked about that, about whether or not he's received permission from the various artists, colorists and inkers whose work is ultimately being used in this project. He's never actually said yes and has merely given vague assurances that he's 'got this', much like whenever he's questioned about the fact that while he might own the stories, a lot of those stories explicitly feature characters trademarked and copyrighted by SEGA. 

    Hilarious, and appropriately very pathetic. Sheesh. 

    Huh. That is... somewhat concerning that he doesn't seem able to keep track of details like that. 

    You think he just forgets what he said or did in the past and just repeats them again and again repeatedly because he thinks they're new, hence why his work is stuck in place?

  4. To answer the topic: No, otherwise MHA and many other franchises would be worse.

    The issue is has always been the same: They don't use the characters effectively when they have a role, and they overuse or underuse them even when other characters could be given a chance to shine.

  5. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2020/4/29/1941307/-The-evidence-you-need-to-see-regarding-Reade-and-Biden

    Hrm, apparently there's been a lot of mounting evidence that Tara Reade might not be telling the truth regarding her sexual assault, with a number of people pointing out holes in her story, the story in question constantly changing, and her strange affiliation with Vladmir Putin. Read this and make your own judgment, but it seems like her actions MIGHT have ulterior motives for political reasons.


    Then there is the fact that Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund referred Reade to multiple attorneys at its partner firm, the National Women's Law Center. They unanimously declined to work with her, because, as they expressed it, she was requesting PR assistance rather than legal representation:


    Then there are the heaps upon heaps of Reade’s own online postings and documented contradictions in her multiple and ever-changing stories: 


    After extensive interviews with Tara Reade, The New Yorker’s Ronan Farrow and the New York Times’s Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey — all of whom won Pulitzer Prizes for their meticulous coverage of the 2017 Harvey Weinstein investigation — refused to report on her story, because there were too many inconsistencies and claims which could not be substantiated.


    Next, there is her former employer, who says she has papers and emails to prove Tara Reade  stole from her charity:



    Lastly, in 2018, Reade had been writing multiple gushing posts praising Vladimir Putin, some of which were actually written in Russian. 

    @KHCast @Dark Qiviut @Legosi (Tani Coyote)

  6. 1 hour ago, CrownSlayer’s Shadow said:

    Now if he could only put for that kind of effort towards building a setting that actually unique on it own without it coming off like a rejected draft of the Sonic Movie. Seriously, he’d get a lot further if he made his works stand on their own without the stigma of it being copied from Sonic.

    Or at the least a setting that makes it clear he's not just riding on his old work's coattails and others, ala Freedom Planet or something. Being Sonic-like isn't an issue in itself, it's how over-reliant he is on his past stuff and the Sonic brand even as he tries to claim his independence. I think he'd be at least marginally more respected in that sense.

  7. No April Fools joke this year, it's Paper Mario The Thousand Year Dub Episode 35!

    No seriously, there's no April Fool's joke this year.

    It's Paper Mario The Thousand Year Dub Episode 35! This time, the exciting enigmas of the Excess Express enter a new episode as Pennington the Poser Private Detective and Mario the actual Marvelous Man of Mystery Solving continue their way to Poshley Heights!

    For those of you interested, check out the whole project from the beginning:


  8. 53 minutes ago, horridus said:

    Apologies for the double-post. Penders has updated the image from earlier-



    Well I'll give him this much- this IS succeeding in emphasizing the old from the new, but not for the reasons Penders likely wants... 

    M25YL Knuckles/Lara/Julie: Run, run! We must escape the Penders' grasp!

    LSC Lara/Julie: You can run, but you can't hide...

    Everyone creepily staring at us: We are the Penders Legion. You will be assimilated and buy his epic. Resistance is Futile.

  9. 2 hours ago, CrownSlayer’s Shadow said:

    I’m hearing a few talks about how Covid-19 is practically 2020’s version of 9/11, but on a global scale.

    I can definitely see how given it might cause a paradigm shift—just like how 9/11 brought neo-militarism, COVID-19 might pave way for the next group of soldiers: Doctors and Physicians.

    Would be better if the US had learned its lesson a lot better from in 1918 Pandemic, but times have shown that not a lot of people pay attention to history.


    EDIT: And speaking of which, Rand Paul has tested positive for the Coronavirus.


    And of course in the middle of a brewing pandemic, the right wing autocrats in control of the DoJ right now want to push their agenda of control even further.

  10. https://www.isidewith.com

    Hey, if you're interested in finding out how much your political beliefs align with 2020 candidates, you can use this site here. It quizzes you on major election issues, then helps to show you how much your beliefs align with the candidates' statements and plans. It's pretty eye opening really, and gets to the point without social media or media clogging things up. It's nonpartisan and nonprofit too, so there's minimal risk of bias.

  11. 7 hours ago, Ryannumber1gamer said:


    >Ian was always stirring the pot

    >Penders - the person who constantly shits on Ian, is the one claiming Ian constantly stirred the pot and threw him to the wolves.

    >Penders - the man who quite literally threw Hurst to the wolves, backstabbing him to get his "dream project".



    Uh, yes Ken. They do. Because they own their characters.

    Kenny's projecting hard here.

  12. 2 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

    Ummmm, yes.

    On surface it looks like nothing changed (um, style-wise). Still big focus on feels, same characters, same crazy scenarios and expanding the lore, learning the past.
    And yes, something missing. Conflicts feel shallow, comedy is weak, new elements feel token. But worst of all, Steven is really unlikable. Original series had this amazing quality when main heroes did something bad, you still understood and symphatized with them.

    Here I just felt "Oh my gosh, grow up, Steven! You were more mature as a kid!"

    There are good bits here and there, but I'm glad show is ending.

    I'd say a big part of it is because Steven Universe had an overarching myth arc and mystery regarding the Gem War, the Diamond Authority and Rose Quartz to keep people's interest, so the weak conflicts and questionable elements were usually pushed aside or forgiven because people were distracted by the other elements.

    Future doesn't really have either a mystery or the Gem War/Diamond Authority to act as a major distraction or source of interest, so Steven Universe's past weaknesses can't be glossed over as easily or were greatly amplified by the SU Crew's weaknesses as writers and storytellers.

  13. 2 minutes ago, Zonic 2099 said:

    Considering I lurked her for a couple of years that's probably where that thought came from. 😅 As for his inconsistency,Like I said if he and Archie never had any legal problems I'd imagine people would be forgiving in a schedule slip provided the paetron perks and prices were fair and he put out at least one page at least every once in a while without focusing on translating it into all languages getting people to record the voice lines all at once.

    He could even write into this hypothetical web continuation that King Sonic's actions caused a timeline split so both his and Ian's continuation of the story could co exist. 

    The core problem is that he can't stand the idea of co-existing if his past words are any indication. He's pretty much made it evident that he'll only accept his world as being the sole canon.

  14. 54 minutes ago, Zonic 2099 said:

    Considering the comic's over and the reputation he has, some people out of bile fascination. I can understand wanting to tell the story he wished to tell but I can't help but think that if he hadn't burnt every last bridge to ash he could have done so through a web comic rather than sue to get his creations back. He could have maybe made money through Patreon and donations. I don't know about a physical release given that even if Archie would be on board, SEGA would probably have the final say, but at least there'd be no burnt bridges.

    Funnily I noted this way back somewhere in this topic, and others noted that he'd probably never be able to pull it off because he doesn't have the discipline to maintain a consistent upload schedule.

  15. So to try to change up the subject from just Penders' nonsense and ramblings for a bit, I kinda want to actually try to tackle a bit of the story that he's hinted at so far in the few scripts he's bothered to release. I'd go and link the scripts in question, but I honestly cannot remember which page they were located on.

    The bit that I do remember was in regards to the notion of "Assignment Day", and I have to say this:

    Is it just me, or does it come off as strangely dystopian/authoritarian? It also kinda makes me think of the City of Ember book.


    For context, in the City of Ember, Assignment Day was done to give jobs to newly graduated kids by assigning them jobs via lottery. It should be noted that said city is a city that is basically on the edge of a total blackout because the whole place is "the only city in what seems to be a neverending world of darkness" that surrounds the entire town, and the lights after 200 years are basically starting to fail. And it's also implied that Assignment Day kinda contributed to the steady failure of the light generator because unqualified people kept on getting put towards a duty they sucked at. Also the mayor and the police are corrupt and trying to cover up the failure of the lights and are also hoarding whatever supplies and power are left for themselves and are ready to leave everyone else to die in the darkness once the lights completely fail.

    Anyways, combined together with the whole thing regarding the council not being happy with Lara about her flaunting of her future Praetorian duties and creepy disturbing implications, and it seems like Ken made his Suetopia lean heavily/potentially authoritarian.

  16. 23 hours ago, MetalSkulkBane said:

    You know what makes me laugh most about Sequel Trilogy?


    Ep 7: Here's Kylo Ren, he's evil and he's about to reform....NOT! Haha, gotcha.
    Ep 8: And now he talks with Rey and betrays his master and is about to reform.... NOT, BAHAHA, you fall for it again.

    Ep 9:.... Kylo Ren reforms. For reals. I'm not even entirely sure why.


    Honestly, it comes off as trying to appease the fans who just wanted a


    Kylo Ren redemption without any consideration for the fact that he's the Star Wars version of an unrepentant Neo Nazi, aping Darth Vader without taking the character arc Vader went through in the Prequels and Original Trilogy into consideration.


  17. Yeah just gonna post this here from a while ago:

    https://youtu.be/h_Pmzb8bD1E (The FTC CALLED ME about COPPA... (GOOD NEWS!)



     from the guy (KreekCraft) who was meeting with the FTC a month ago:

    1) They have no desire to go after every YouTuber, only cases that are clear cut violations of the COPPA law.

    2) Fines will hurt if given out, but they aren't going to try to bankrupt people with 42k fines.

    3) The FTC isn't familiar with YouTube/knows little about it, and they don't know much about the exact systems that YouTube is trying to push onto us. They don't really understand how Channels work, and pretty much thought they were websites. That said, they also noted that mixed audience is a thing, and they are familiar with and acknowledge that these kinds of works do exist.

    4) The FTC also cannot tell YouTube how to run their business oddly enough, only fine them for violating the law. This means that the For Kids/Not For kids mess was entirely YouTube's doing, and the FTC said that we should complain to YouTube about that, because they can't tell YouTube how to run their business.

    5) If a video is deemed a violation, the FTC will send a warning or a subpoena (asking for more information) which could lead to legal trouble unless we provide information. The information is related to demographics, and the ages of the YouTube account don’t count as demographics info because (according to the FTC), kids can lie about their ages. If we cannot provide this info, they will pursue other means of finding demographic information, though it is unspecified as to how this works. This one is arguably the most concerning.

    6) COPPA laws are vague INTENTIONALLY because they understand that not all animation content is for kids. They can’t be too specific because there are too many cases and contexts for such specific rules to apply to. Video games are a gray area, and note that most games have a mixed audience (Angry Birds cited as an example). If someone like PewdiePie were to make a Dora the Explorer skit that had adult elements, it would not count as kids content. CONTEXT IS IMPORTANT HERE. Just because a kids character or animated character is used, DOES NOT MEAN it’s automatically for kids.

    7) Toy Channels aimed at helping parents figure out how to buy something = adults. Toy channels where a kid is playing around with toys = kids. Again depends on Context.

    😎 Rated M games like Grand Theft Auto are considered adult, done deal. Rated T games are a bit grayer, but can generally be considered not for kids. Minecraft, Roblox and Rated E games are context dependent, due to the games having a wide audience. There will not be a black and white answer in this regard because it depends on a case by case basis.

    9) The FTC rarely goes to court; impossible to take thousands of creators to court.

    10) FTC doesn’t understand how YouTube works and keeps referring to channels as websites.




    Basically, it's YouTube who's fucking shit up to try to shift their mess onto us.

    Here's some other stuff regarding COPPA from different creators; the first two are from a lawyer.




    (Rattling the COPPA Saber: On the Weaknesses of the FTC’s Case Against YouTube Content Creators)


    (COPPA Cabana: On YouTube’s “Legal Requirement” Deception)



    (Mr. Enter's Understanding COPPA)





    (Folding Ideas)



    (Djdude167 He did the research)






  18. 14 minutes ago, Patticus said:

    The worst night in modern British political history, and the opener to what will likely be the darkest five years of our lives.

    Expect sharp increases in persecution of minorities, the LGBTQ etc communities, expect sharp rises in poverty and homelessness, among many other things. This election also marks a final end to Britain's role in combating the climate crisis, and the implementation of left-wing policies that might mitigate it, or its knock-on effects.

    If you can leave the country, I suggest you do so.

    It seems like the entire world wants to go full fascist, and just burn everything to the ground in the name of their fragile racist egos, not even caring how they're dooming the entire planet in the process.

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