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  1. Four tips I want to share for those who stress out easily when drawing.

    1. Having trouble getting a pose right? Use references, build the pose up by shapes and lines, and do not trace! When you are tracing a picture, you are not focusing on the pose, you're only retracing the lines and where the color and shading goes. Also, it doesn't help yourself build confidence as an artist because you're depending more on the picture than your skills. And if you're planning on making a career as an artist, tracing is considered taboo in the field. So don't do it. Instead, use a reference picture of a pose you want to take on to help make it easier for you. And when you see the picture, still don't try to mimic the picture! Break it down to lines and shapes for the roughs. Take the roughs and fix the proportions to the character you want to make. Once you're satisfied, work on fleshing on the roughs. Be sure to also focus on poses and positions you're not familiar with instead of those that you are.

    2. If you start a drawing, but immediately want to start erasing after just drawing a single line. Stop it. Save details for later and work on roughs now. If you constantly erase every time you think you make a mistake, you will only take up more time erasing that actually drawing. The eraser is a great drawing tool, but wait until you actually have a good rough drawing and then clean things up.  You don't have to nail the picture immediately and roughs are supposed to be messy. So literally just go with the flow.

    3. I want to stress this... don't rush a process. Yes, people love getting to the part where you add details, but details always come last, especially the fine ones like texture, fine lines and such. Take your time and get comfortable with what you're working on. Because if you rush it, you'll most likely miss an opportunity to add more detail to make your finished piece really shine. Patience is a virtue. So take advantage of it so that you'll gain more confidence in your work and be able to speed up your process. Also, if you're working on a deadline, waiting until the moment is always a bad idea! So don't ever do that. Plan ahead, make a schedule and pace yourself. 

    4. One of the best tip I've ever learned for speeding up my drawing process is turning my brain off. This may sound hilarious, but one of the reasons why most people struggle to finish a drawing is that their mind is occupied with a massive amount of thoughts racing through it... Mostly doubt and self-loathing of all things. Take a moment to calm yourself and push those distracting thoughts out of your head. After which, focus on the drawing and confidently draw your picture. Listening to music or podcasts normally calms me down and keeps the maddening of silence away. 

    Now these are only a few tips I want to share. Honestly, if you have way you prefer to draw, do it. Some people are wicked fast in their process and their are a few that actually to need much to any references. But if you ever have those moments that you're finding yourself banging your head against the wall when you're drawing. Hopefully these tips will give you more of an idea to loosen up, relax and better your progress. Because at the end of the day, the best tool you can have as an artist is confidence. And no matter how good you get it's always important to note that there has never been an example of perfect art no matter how good it is. So as you get better, always be sure to appreciate how far you came and continue to improve by drawing as much as possible.

    I used to draw like this...


    At the time I made this, I remember that this drawing took me around 8 hours to complete. And even when I finished it, I would even make excuse on the flaws by saying the it was "what I was going for" when I knew damn well that they were flaws that I was too intimidated to correct. 

    This is me now, 


    This took me around the same time as the drawing above, maybe give an hour or two. I can still see that there are places that I can better myself at, but overall, I'm extremely happy with how much I've improved. I have a style that I can comfortably say that's a style of my own so that I could improve in places doesn't bum me out at all.

    So yeah. I just wanted to share this just to share a bit of what I know. And to be honest -- and this isn't aimed at anyone -- but I hate it when people shoot their skills down as artist. Some people don't want to be better artists because they're not interested in drawing. That's cool and I'm fine with that. But if you want to better your skills, then you can improve yourself as long you're willing to put the time in. 

    Anyway, yeah. That's my big ol' post on this. Build confidence, use resources and references, and give it your positive all! 


    1. Blacklightning


      I clicked "read more" on the front page. Instantly regretted the page stretching ._.

    2. YoshiUnity


      Oh yeah. I definitely recommend clicking the reply link for this status update. A lot was said here. XP

    3. TCB


      Can this be like, posted in a a Drawing pinned topic or something cuz yeah this is damn near spot on

    4. YoshiUnity


      I would do that. But I think Nepenthe already made a topic like this and pinned it in the Showcase boards. I could still probably update that topic with this though, if these tips weren't already covered. 

      Anyway, though. Thanks man. Glad you like this Status Update! 

    5. SonicWind


      As an artist myself, I will take these tips to heart. Thank you!

    6. YoshiUnity


      Anytime! Hope that they benefit you the best they can!

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