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    Art, computer, playing video games and soccer. Hey, if you want to talk with me, feel free to do so. Everyone's equal to in my eyes. (Except one-sided jerks.)
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  1. melonie%20bust.png


    Helping my family move. Drew something quick while I had time. So here's Melonie again.

    Haven't had much time to work on anything Fruits of Discovery related due to the move, but I plan to jump back in once that is done.

    1. Blacklightning


      That's a quick drawing? o_O

    2. MightyRay


      Damn you work fast.

    3. YoshiUnity


      Oh yeah. Forgot to mention. I would add this in the gallery today. I'll wait until I finish a few other things to do that.

      Blacklightning: Yup! Took me around oooooooooooh... Three to four hours tops, I think? Normally, I work on a picture for around eight to up. :P

      Mighty: I draw around at the speed of sound. I got portraits to sketch. Gotta color my rain-BOW!

    4. Kiah


      If that's considered a fast drawing, I can't even begin to imagine how amazing it would look if you took your good ol' sweet time! ;)

    5. YoshiUnity


      Kiah: I can't wait either. After being somewhat disappointed with how my characters looked tweak after tweak, I went back to basic and brought back an old favorite of mine -- ambient occlusion. Really helps make drawings stand out in a 3D model type of way. definitely using it in my later pictures. 

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