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  1. If you haven't seen it yet, here's the remix of Dreams of an Absolution by Faseeh featuring me on vocals. I really hope you all enjoy it. Don't be too harsh! :D
  2. Thanks a bunch. We worked very hard on this remix so it means a lot when we see you guys like it just as much as the official remixes. Thanks again! ^^
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2b2MJObkYc This is the official remix of Dreams of an Absolution from Sonic Misadventures, made by the fantastic Faseeh and Zachary Frazier (That's me)! You've also may have heard this when we previewed it at SEGABits' Sonic and Sega Fan Jam! Song Creators: Faseeh - https://soundcloud.com/gottagofas and https://www.youtube.com/user/GottaGoFas Zachary Frazier - https://soundcloud.com/zachary-frazier and https://www.youtube.com/user/ZachariahFrazz92 Noah Copeland - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCp8P9yOaQXtIbrKyTfTcgSQ "Hey everyone. I, first, wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this cover of Dreams of an Absolution. I had the honor to work with the fantastic Faseeh and the amazing Noah Copeland. Without them, this song wouldn't have happened. This means so much to me. So much. I've been wanting to cover this song since 2006, but I was super afraid if I could do this song justice because the original is iconic. This is basically a dream come true to me. I truly hope that you guys will like this song. I want you guys to have as much as fun listening to it as we did making it for you all. That's all. We spent a good 4 months making this song as great as we can. I just hope I did Bentley Jones and the rest of the team proud with this song." - Zachary (Konoha) Please share this around or tell your friends about it!!! Tell us what you think as well! And watch out for the show coming to Tails' Channel soon!
  4. https://twitter.com/TailsChannel/status/586313024325160962 Check out the preview of the new remix of Dreams of an Absolution I did with Faseeh for the new webseries Sonic Misadventures. Let me know what you think!
    1. FriendBot


      My man, Faseeh, always brings in dem beats.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I'm always impressed by Faseeh's progress whenever I see what he's been up to. I quite like this too.

    3. Konoha


      Thanks guys. Faseeh is a super talented musician, and I had a lot of fun singing on this track. I hope I did the song justice. The full song should come out soon.

    4. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Looking forward to it.

    5. FriendBot


      Misadventures hype on the way!

  5. I really don't know what to think about this Sonic movie news....

  6. I found the music video to Ringo Star's song for the special. You get a better look of how the animation is going to be. I actually like it. It takes some getting use to, but I like the style better in motion than on a screenshot if you guys know what I mean. It's just a little too over saturated in some parts. That's just me though. Here's the link: http://www.avclub.com/article/watch-the-trippy-video-for-ringo-starrs-i-wish-i-w-106741?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=Default:2:Default
  7. For what was shown so far, I'm excited to some action in the cutscenes. Maybe it's not fully finished yet because of the weird lighting issues with the two bosses in the background. There's already re-dubs of the first shown cutscene. MugiMikey and his friends made one that I personally think is hilarious. haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quU0_H5GOyk
  8. Even if it's a rumor, I'm still hoping for some type of update about Lost World. Looks very interesting.

  9. The Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Christmas Special ("A Lost Claus") please? That would bring back some good memories.
  10. Hey fellow Sonic fans! I'm 28th out of 6200 people! I would appreciate it if you could support me and vote/thumbs up my video auditioning for Glee. If you could tell your friends about this video and ask them to vote, I would be so grateful! I need all the support I can get! Thank you alot! Click the link and thumbs up! http://thegleeprojectcasting.com/Auditions/View/853769

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      Youuu again.


      *thumbs up*

  11. I just noticed that IGN is posting videos of boss fights and certain stages. Okay then IGN.....
  12. Just heard Generations's 3D version of Crisis City. It's sooooo GOOD. Even better than the original. LOVE IT!

  13. So was the Demo Hack from June wrong about how many cutscenes are in the game? I mean I'm kind of sad, but at the same time, I'm just glad we have some cutscenes.
  14. Hahha okay. I get what you're trying to say now. Nice drawing btw.
  15. Do you have a comparison video or something to further explain about the moving of the ankles? I really want to know what you mean about that. I've never noticed that.
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