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  1. I actually put too much thought into how I’d like to see it end, but this isn’t the place for fanfiction. All I’m gonna say is that I want the Sonic series to have an climactic ending that results in an in-canon reboot, similar to what Marvel and DC comics have done, so we can shore up all the plotholes and have a consistent universe from there-on out. No more two-worlds, Blaze is either from the future or the Sol dimension but not both, classic Sonic isn’t from another dimension but is just young Sonic, etc. From there you can make totally new games and reintroduce the extended cast and build the world however you want.
  2. Huh, Black Knight IS only a decade old. Okay, I change my vote. Sonic and the Black Knight is my favorite Sonic story of the last decade. It attempted something thematically and committed to it. It had beautiful presentation due to the moving artwork cutscenes, and I'm going to count that as a point for the story because storytelling methods deserve just as much attention and praise as the writing itself. Seeing familiar characters reappear in new and strange ways was fun, and the game successfully matched tone with its environments and aesthetics. The fake-out ending worked better than it had any right to, and while the true ending doesn't have the same pathos as Secret Rings, it still managed to mean a lot to some people here who played it. Not perfect by any means, but then again, what Sonic plot is?
  3. Sonic Mania may not have much of a storyline, but I still got more enjoyment out of its character moments than most other games I can choose from this list. Some of the environmental storytelling was cool too, even if it didn't reach Sonic 3 & Knuckles levels. I also liked the way the final battle went down, with Eggman and the King fighting each other as well as you. But really, the only reason I can choose Mania is that all the other games are either completely nothing in their storytelling or downright offensively poor, such as Forces. I guess my runner up would be Lost World, because they at least made a good hearted attempt at characterization and plot progression, but that's faint praise.
  4. The one time this wasn't the case was G.U.N. in Sonic Adventure 2, which was just a military-police organization in pseudo-America abusing its powers. So what did the next game with them in it do? Invent The Commander, the cartoonish head of G.U.N. who operates on a nonsensical grudge held since childhood. Once he is no longer part of the picture, G.U.N. apparently became a fine enough organization that Shadow feels comfortable joining it as an operative in order to help the world. And so the dark, "mature" Shadow game manages to undo one of the actually subversive messages of the prior game.
  5. I believe that. I also believe that no one would want their name associated with such trash. And I still suspect Ken had the biggest yaoi hand in the pot. It's not often brought up, because its far from Ken's worst, but this was the cover art he produced for the SatAM dvd boxset. Wonder how many hands were on this one.
  6. Many Hands was, as far as I know, the first instance of Ken trying to color his own art and showing how absolutely god-awful he was at it. I don't think he ever officially owned up to it, but the similarities between the two Many Hands issues and his current Lara-Su art are too glaring to be a coincidence.
  7. Thank you for the reply. The plan is half-baked at best, but even just this little new information helps with getting an accurate reading of the situation. I wish the team luck with not getting the pants sued off of them.
  8. What are the team’s estimation of costs for producing one episode of this show? This is extremely important for any kickstarting type effort. There needs to be 100% transparency for where money is heading and what it is being used for. Having literally any staff on the production crew named also would go a long way. As it stands, the campaign has functionally zero budget at the moment, but is saying it plans to pay for “professional” animators. If that doesn’t mean a studio, that means getting hold of individuals so talented that only a handful would be needed to complete a production that normally takes a full studio. I can’t imagine that such individuals couldn’t make better money elsewhere, or wouldn’t rather put their efforts towards personal projects that they own the rights of. So here are my question in order. Who is involved in this project, what are the projection costs, what is an actual representation of the quality of the product, and what are the plans for the funds collected if Sega decides to act in its best interest and shut this whole thing down?
  9. Fan-fiction refers only to written work; this would be considered a fan animation. And yes, if they cannot afford to fund it themselves, they should not waste other people's money on a passion project for an IP that they don't own.
  10. It's also worth noting that this project currently has 19 backers at a rate of $201 dollars a month. When I tried digging for information on who's behind this sad show, I found that one of the admins of the FUS website, "Shadow," has himself backed it for $90. This means only $111 dollars has been raised from outside sources thus far, unless there are even more FUSers in the background inflating this number. Y'know, it's still not too late to return everyone's money and chalk this one up as a mistake, Sea3on team. This is all pretty depressing for me as a fan of SatAM. Is this what has become of my first fandom? I grew up reading fanfiction by Robert Brown, Francis Tolbert, Dan Drazen, Red Sonic/The Rune Reverend, and Netraptor. The first time I could watch the show was on postage-stamp sized Real Player videos. I've beaten Sonic Epoch multiple times despite all the glitches. The 2012 full series DVD collection is one of my most prized possessions. I even have an account on the FUS forum, though I doubt I could remember how to log in. SatAM's time has come and gone. Fans can keep making their fanfictions and comics, and that's great, but the time for a season 3 or "Sea3on" past by decades ago.
  11. Okay, so here's my thoughts on this topic. I wrote this out at the same time I created this thread, but didn't want to editorialize too much in the main post. This group has done nothing to inspire confidence. There's no staff or contributors listed outside of “the original composer of SatAM” whom the project doesn't even name (there were three composers for that show, by the way,) and I had to fuss around the FUS homepage to find even one username associated with it: “Chief,” who is also involved with the season 3 fan comic that FUS produces. The comic looks fine; leagues above the Zelda CDI quality animation in Sea3on's trailer. But does anyone involved in this really have the pedigree to produce an animated show? Hard to tell when we don't know who is working on it at all. What about the money? Does this crew have any realistic idea how much it would cost to produce a show like this? There is no stated funding goal or any description of how animators and voice actors would be hired; zero transparency at every level of production. And because this is Patreon and not Kickstarter, this crew gets to keep all donations regardless of ever putting out a product or not, making this a very dubious investment for anyone interested in the idea. What about legal issues? SEGA historically plays nice with fan projects, but I can't imagine they approve of a fan project being funded in this way. Sea3on can say it's non-profit, but they are asking for donation to complete a project that will, let's just say it, never make it off the ground. They are taking people's money using the Sonic the Hedgehog IP, even if you believe their intentions to be pure. I'm no fan of corporations and IP law, but SEGA is firmly within their rights to shut this down immediately. I've seen this kind of project pop up and fail before. A Knothole Resident tried something very similar a few years back that never got past its proof-of-concept trailer. Countless unfinished fan-comics and fanfics about the concept of Season 3 exist, to the point where even I tried making one when I was 13. But unless I'm remembering incorrectly, none of those projects asked for your money, and you at least knew some of the people involved in it. This, though? I don't want to call it a scam, but only because I don't want to attribute malice to what is more than likely ignorance.
  12. (Apologies if this topic needs to be moved elsewhere.) So I was informed this morning of another attempt at creating the mythical Season 3 of the Saturday Morning Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon, and found this article by our very own Sonic Stadium. https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/05/dedicated-satam-fans-crowdfund-season-3-production/ Long story short, old fandom standby Fans United for Satam is attempting to crowdfund a fully animated, fully sound-tracked, fully professionally voiced Season 3 of a beloved show that has been cancelled since 1994. The route they have chosen for this is to ask for funding via Patreon and they produced the following image and trailer to advertise it. Now, I have some rather... strong feelings about this idea, but I'll save my full thoughts for a little bit later. What does everyone else think of this?
  13. PBG has issued an apology. As I said in my first post in this thread, I can see why Jared's friends would first respond with disbelief and denial. Glad PBG made this apology as soon as he did.
  14. This is the only part I haven't heard so far. None of Heidi's tweets mentioned underage fans, so all I know is that the possibility existed. I don't think many people outside of the young would be enamored with a youtube star enough to show them their bodies, but whether that's sub-18 young or not seems to just be an assumption at the point. Correct me if I'm wrong, because if true, this just makes this all even worse Anyways, like many people here, I was never interested in Jared's content in the first place. He just seemed like discount Peanut Butter Gamer, who... woof, is defending Jared. Now, if Heidi's tweets are true (I'm much more inclined to believe her in all this) Jared is a master bullshitter and gaslighter, so I'm not surprised his close friends would be on his side. I don't think anyone can hold it against them for being skeptical, but involving themselves publicly with this scandal is a very bad idea. PBG's words about changing his mind if it turns out Jared is a shitbag ring hollow, because there's not gonna be the kind of conclusive evidence that the internet likes to think is all that matters. You can't prove that Heidi is mentally ill and fabricating abuse like Jared claims, and you can't prove that Heidi was gaslit and abused by Jared like she claims. Does everything we do have and know line up with Heidi's story of events? Yes, and that's enough for me to be on her side in all this. But some people will just plug their ears and go "NO PROOF" and continue to support Vic Mignona anyway... sorry, just a little parallel, please don't derail the thread. Everything that Heidi has said and what Jared has not denied paints a pretty awful picture of the man; even if Heidi was ill, that's no excuse to use tumblr and sketchy mobile app to ask for nudes from impressionable people who can lie about their age, and its no excuse for cheating on her. None of that would fix his marriage, release him from the situation, or help Heidi, so Jared's defense is basically pure bullshit.
  15. Not at all. Writing is a very fluid process for most people.But should you have your details worked out before you start drawing panels for your comic's issue 1? For god's sake, yes.
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