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  1. Pictures of my fan game ^^

    OP joined April 28, and their last visit was April 28. We ain’t gettin’ squat. Thread could probably be closed.
  2. Sonic 3D Blast: A Technical Marvel?

    I don't think a single thing you just said was true. The Saturn version is a port of the Genesis game, and the Saturn version was made in order to fill the release gap left by Sonic X-Treme's rough development & subsequent cancellation.
  3. Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    I'd wait to see whatever response he puts out; Doug and Rob are far from blameless. CEO Mike Michaud may have been the cause of most employee stress, but Doug is complicit in everything, right down to being the reason why Mike is CEO and why he owns the Nostalgia Critic character. Doug's incompetence, passiveness, and at times outright wrongful decisions (such as voting to fire Holly) made it so there was no respite for any contributer on the site. Edit: Wait a minute... this post I wrote doesn't make any sense. I completely misread AVGN as Nostalgia Critic in a fit of what I can only assume is total blindness, possibly brought on by imminent heart failure. But... I guess if you PRETEND that I was responding to something relevant, my point still stands? Umm... apologies to Harkofthewaa. Glad I caught this sooner than later.
  4. Top fan made Sonic games

    SRB2 is my favorite 3D Sonic game, hands down. You or anyone else in this thread can use what I’m gonna say next to take your SRB2 experience to the next level. Most veteran players feel the controls to be best with WASD for moving and strafing and mouse for moving camera and changing directions. I use m1 and m2 for jumping and rolling, but any keys that can be easily reached work. The mouse speed is very high by default, and mouselook is turned on by default as well, o if you find yourself staring at the ground or sky often, turn down mouse sensitivity and consider turning Mouse Look off in Mouse settings. Analog control with controller is also an option, and while it’s okay, the camera being almost fully manuel means you won’t get the speed and fluidity that the game is built for, so I’d never recommend it unless you absolutely can’t wrap your head around the mouse and keyboard controls that the game was built around. Running the game in OpenGl mode improves the lighting and smoothness of the textures when you crank everything up and generally provides a more stable framerate on modern computers. If you download a launcher for the game, such as the excellent SRB2 Mod Retriever and Manager, you can make this setting the default when launching as well as manage any mods. Which brings me to... The last way to get the most out of SRB2 is to download fan made level packs from the srb2 forum; Chaos Domain is higher quality than even the base game, and Tortured Planet is a lengthy challenge. There’s even a reimagining of Sonic 2006 that has no business being as great as it is. All these wads and more can be downloaded from the site as wad files or directly through the same manager I plugged before, which i will provide a link to. SRB2 is a gem, and its only becoming sharper as the dev team continues work on it. The amount of content that the official devs and fan devs have cooked up is staggering. It’s the best controlling 3D Sonic game and the most consistent in quality. Mod manager thread: https://mb.srb2.org/showthread.php?t=43294
  5. Sonic game based (roughly) in SATAM/Archie Universe

    http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_Epoch_Advance There’s a link to the homepage where the game on this Retro page. Epoch was a fairly big name in the old Sonic fan game scene, but its full release flew under the radar for most.
  6. Sonic game based (roughly) in SATAM/Archie Universe

    The best SatAM related game you’ll find out there is Sonic Epoch for the Game Boy Advance. It started life as a DOS game before being ported and completed on Game Boy Advance hardware by the primary developer. You can find the Rom file with a quick google search and Visual boy Advance M emulator should be able to play it with save files working (when not on original hardware, the game has glitches regarding save files, but VBAM seems to get it right). It’s a 2D sidescroller, not an rpg, but it has plenty of cutscenes and written dialogue. It’s a fair bit darker than SatAM or Archie ever got; it’s essentially a lost fanfic from an era in which writers like Dan Drazen and Robert Brown & Francis Tolbert were developing the SatAM world into something much more threatening. Epoch’s story is not as good as those author’s works, but it about the best you’ll find in a Sonic fan game. Surprisingly good musical score too. Shame the gameplay is so basic, but its a relic of the DOS development days.
  7. Does Sonic resonate with you on a personal level?

    Sonic Adventure 2’s soundtrack is delicious nostalgia for me and always puts me in a happy head space. I was reminded today though that nothing will ever beat the impact FF7 had on me as a child; I purchased the PS4 rerelease on sale, and when I installed the bundled theme on my ps4 and heard the old menu sound effects and chimes, I nearly wept.
  8. Sonic Unleashed (Xbox 360) vs. Legend of Spyro Dawn of the dragon (Xbox 360)

    Really not sure what good comes out of comparing these two games directly, especially since Legend of Spyro 3 isn't exactly a popular or well known game. Heck, and I regret that I did play it; what a horrid followup to a flawed but interesting franchise. It was almost unrecognizable thanks to the change in developer and focus, and by the time I got to the open world-ish section, I got so bored I turned the game off every time. The first two Legends games were a bit interesting because of their camera angle, which was focused on Spyro's backside like a Zelda or other adventure game. Legend 3 zooms out the camera and looks and plays like every other children's beat-em-up game; it just doesn't feel good to hit enemies anymore. Edit: Having said that, I do have to admit that I haven't played the game since the year it released. I'd beaten Legend of Spyro 2 recently at the time though, so I had at least a direct point of comparison. Maybe the game is better than I remember it being, but all I can remember is being disappointed in how different it was and getting lost in the open-ish world section. I had already beaten Unleashed by the time I played LoS3, and while I wasn't impressed with Unleashed either, it at least didn't feel like such a departure that it completely alienated me.
  9. Most Annoying Sonic Characters

    Chip is by far the most annoying sonic character. His design is obscenely ugly (specifically his face and experessions), the US voice actor is just doing a lame dude-bro voice instead of trying to localize what the high-pitched Japanese VA was doing (which leads to the character not sounding like what he looks like in the US dub), and the piss-poor comedic timing of his “jokes” are the most cringeworthy moments in the entire Sonic canon for me.
  10. Is the Sonic Heroes Remake Real?

    What site does this information come from, so it can be blacklisted forever?
  11. Sonic The Hedgehog OVA

    I mean, its my childhood. The art design is strong, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, I unironically love the voice acting... but I don’t know how highly I could rate in compared to non-Sonic animes. I feel like it gets about the exact amount of appreciation it deserves for being just a fun oddity.
  12. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Again, I'm not sure what victory you think you've won. You brought up 3D Mario games and their tendency towards exploration as opposed to high speed platforming. I brought up how modern Sonic games have a button which leads to high speeds. There is no assumption there as to what gameplay style you prefer. I was comparing a 3D Sonic gameplay style to a 3D Mario gameplay style.
  13. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    ... What, exactly, do you think you have caught me in? I too am a classic era fan who wants the boost formula to end, but that doesn't mean the Boost formula should be excluded from this discussion when it has been the norm of the series for a decade now (starting in Rush, continuing in Rush Adventure, Unleashed PS2/Wii, Unleashed PS3/360, Unleashed Mobile, Colors, Colors DS, Generations, Generations 3DS, and now Forces). And of course I am going to reference the mechanics of the 3D sonic games when you are talking about the gameplay of the 3D Mario games.
  14. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    You just admitted to having not played Galaxy or other recent Mario games, just making assumptions as to how they play and how you are to play them based on video footage. Regardless of the topic at hand, I implore you to seek out and play some of these games. You'll find that they have tons of platforming and speed-running tech, even if they don't have a button that makes you instantly go fast. The reason you don't see more linear 3D platformers like Sonic is that it is generally a poor use of 3D space, but if you really want precision platforming and a focus on speed, you'll love the hell out of the original Crash Bandicoot games; you can pick up the original PS1 games on PS3 psn, or the great N. Sane Trilogy pack for the PS4.
  15. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Hmm... Nice strawman you got there.

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