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  1. Is the Sonic Heroes Remake Real?

    What site does this information come from, so it can be blacklisted forever?
  2. Sonic The Hedgehog OVA

    I mean, its my childhood. The art design is strong, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, I unironically love the voice acting... but I don’t know how highly I could rate in compared to non-Sonic animes. I feel like it gets about the exact amount of appreciation it deserves for being just a fun oddity.
  3. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Again, I'm not sure what victory you think you've won. You brought up 3D Mario games and their tendency towards exploration as opposed to high speed platforming. I brought up how modern Sonic games have a button which leads to high speeds. There is no assumption there as to what gameplay style you prefer. I was comparing a 3D Sonic gameplay style to a 3D Mario gameplay style.
  4. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    ... What, exactly, do you think you have caught me in? I too am a classic era fan who wants the boost formula to end, but that doesn't mean the Boost formula should be excluded from this discussion when it has been the norm of the series for a decade now (starting in Rush, continuing in Rush Adventure, Unleashed PS2/Wii, Unleashed PS3/360, Unleashed Mobile, Colors, Colors DS, Generations, Generations 3DS, and now Forces). And of course I am going to reference the mechanics of the 3D sonic games when you are talking about the gameplay of the 3D Mario games.
  5. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    You just admitted to having not played Galaxy or other recent Mario games, just making assumptions as to how they play and how you are to play them based on video footage. Regardless of the topic at hand, I implore you to seek out and play some of these games. You'll find that they have tons of platforming and speed-running tech, even if they don't have a button that makes you instantly go fast. The reason you don't see more linear 3D platformers like Sonic is that it is generally a poor use of 3D space, but if you really want precision platforming and a focus on speed, you'll love the hell out of the original Crash Bandicoot games; you can pick up the original PS1 games on PS3 psn, or the great N. Sane Trilogy pack for the PS4.
  6. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Hmm... Nice strawman you got there.
  7. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    It's not our job to give you that answer, and if you don't have one yourself, you shouldn't be making an arguing.
  8. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Nothing is impossible, but you have not given any reason to believe that Sonic COULD be objectively better. Almost all of Sonic recent history has been full of missteps, rushed development schedules, poor critical reception, bad character writing, dropped plot-lines, faulty controls, and lack of support post-release. Even if Sonic followed the path of least resistance, scrapping 3D game development entirely and giving everything up to the Sonic Mania team, you'd still be left with a franchise that is only recognized for its 2D pixel games that live in the past rather than innovate. It takes a lot more than Sonic Mania 2 being better than New Super Mario Bros Switch for the Sonic series to overtake Mario. Having faith in the Sonic series is no argument. Faith is just the opposite of critical thought and reasoning.
  9. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    You're more than allowed to prefer the Sonic series to Mario, because that is pure opinion. But am I incorrect in assuming you are arguing that the Sonic series is BETTER than the Mario series, as this thread title suggests? If you are intending to say as much, you have not given adequate evidence to make your point. As such, your opinion on the matter has become harder and harder to take seriously, especially since your focus has been on "potential" rather than reality.
  10. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Something that came to mind when I was reading this topic. For all its attempts at world building and character writing, no Sonic game has ever hit me on the same emotional level as a Mario game. The World of Nothing in Super Paper Mario sent chills down my spine, and there were two specific points in Mario Odyssey that had me crying tears of joy as I played through them. Mario games are fundamentally about a plumber who rescues a princess. Sonic games are about an anthro character stopping an evil genius. Neither has more latent potential than the other, but the Mario games have done a much better job of remaining recognizable while still innovating in their gameplay and story design.
  11. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    Like I said, the New Super Mario Bros series is Mario at its arguably worst. But even in the time period since New Super Mario Bros 1 to now, we've also had two Mario Galaxy games, two different Mario RPGs franchises with multiple releases, the fantastic 3D Land and 3D World, Mario Maker, Mario + Rabbids, and freaking Mario Odyssey... so if you're like me and the New Super Mario Bros series isn't your cup of tea, its not exactly like you've been left out in the cold.
  12. Sonic is in my view better than Mario games

    The least good Mario games don't change up their formulas enough (New Super Mario Bros franchise) whereas the worst Sonic games change things up too much (Storybook games, Sonic Boom). The difference is that even the New Super Mario games are supremely playable, with fluid controls and tons of polish to balance out the unoriginality of using the same level tropes and enemies every game. There had not been a single GREAT controlling Sonic game since Sonic 3 & Knuckles up until Mania's release; no 3D Sonic game has ever approached the playability of Mario 64 or Odyssey. Mario at his worst is still consistently better than Sonic at his average.
  13. ... everything. Improve the control, the level design, the story telling, the art direction, the length, the music instrumentation variety... I have a hard time thinking of aspects that don't need drastic improvements. The frame-rate performance on PS4 was surprisingly good, I guess?
  14. You mean nearly all Sonic mobile games in the past 5 years?
  15. Bayonetta 3! (Coming Exclusive to Switch)

    I'd be grateful for a sequel to 101, even if it was Platinum's most disappointing game. A sequel on more powerful hardware could go a long way towards making the gameplay more engaging, as constant debilitating slowdown wouldn't be a factor. Even then, I think a sequel would need to fundamentally overhaul the way combat works. Playing Wonderful 101 is like playing a game of Simon Says mixed with Rock, Paper, Scissor: you're always switching to certain forms to counter certain enemy types, and most of those forms work the same and share the same moveset, so there is actually very little need or incentive for experimentation. Everyone complained (and rightfully so) about the color coded enemies in DmC, but W101 made an entire game out of that concept and somehow gets a free pass. Once you know each enemy's weakness, you've essentially solved the game, and there just isn't enough combat variety to make it a fun game to replay. That's totally fair. Nero is probably my favorite character to play as in the entire franchise, and the switch to Dante along with the jump in difficulty was a big hurdle on my first playthrough. It's a game that really does get better on subsequent playthroughs, like all games in its genre. If you get the chance, I'd still recommend picking up the Special Edition on sale some day; if nothing else, you can just play through Vergil's campaign, which has only one cutscene and doesn't switch your character at the halfway point (you still have to do the backwards trek through the whole game, unfortunately, but at least the game is throwing new enemy types at you).

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