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    Legendary Emerald reacted to OBD96 in Why I hardly have faith in the Sonic franchise now   
    While I'm still and always will be a fan of Sonic The Hedgehog, I pretty much have no faith at all in the franchise now, despite the overwhelmingly possitive reviews the recent Sonic movie got. 
    Some reasons for this include the games continuing to get bad reviews, Sega keeps lying and getting things wrong, and writers (especially Pontac & Graff) constantly messing up the characters' personalities, people meming the crap out of the series and making fun of it, and Sega not even seemingly listening to criticism. No matter how long they spend on a game (Forces was in development for 4 years) it'll likely still end up dogshit in the eyes of the general public.
    Does anyone else feel the same way?
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Indigo Rush in Any good Sonic Youtube channels?   
    There's plenty of good Sonic-focused content on YouTube. The aforementioned channels TheKazeblade and Em. Bani. both have great content, though uploads are not as frequent these days. Other good channels that aren't solely focused on Sonic, but have great Sonic content, include ShayMay's Sonic Spitball series, the Game Apologist and GameHut, which is run by someone who worked on older Sonic games like Sonic R and 3D Blast; and we all know and love SomeCallMeJohnny. Special shout out to our own @Badnik Mechanic's fantastic channel that covers more obscure corners of Sonic history!
    If you're into more casual things like streaming, memes or reaction vids, you have Sam Procrastinates (formerly Sam's Procrastination Station), Mr. Pasquale and Premydaremy. It's also worth mentioning that Tails Channel does a lot of news coverage like we do. 
    Hope that helps to get you started!
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Palette in Any good Sonic Youtube channels?   
    TheKazeblade and Em Bani are, without a doubt, my go-to recommendations for people if they ever want good analytical Sonic-focused channels. Lots of really great constructive insights from the videos of these dudes.
    Also, not really a Sonic channel at all, but the Geek Critique's Sonic videos are fantastic as well! He got done doing some retrospectives for the Adventure era games not too long ago and they're straight up some of the best long-form video game reviews/video essays/retrospectives/whatever-you-want-to-call-them on the entire site IMO.
    Besides these guys, I don't really follow a whole lot of other Sonic Youtubers. I guess RadicalSoda still makes Sonic videos? He's pretty funny sometimes I suppose. Those are all my recommendations for ya. Have fun with 'em.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Korbit in How would you rank the difficulty ?   
    Sonic 2 has a ton of beginner's traps and generally unfair level design, like bottomless pits, checkpoints that lead to no rings, or bosses that don't have any rings at all. Definitely the hardest classic Sonic in terms of just beating it at all.
    As for later games, they're all pretty easy. Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 will waste your time, but nothing I'd consider difficult about them. Heroes can be tricky, and Shadow has some serious control problems and tedious, very long win conditions on some levels that it partially inherited from Heroes. Secret Rings and Black Knight have their difficult moments, and 06 and Unleashed can be unfair at times but overall pretty beatable, with 06 still quite a bit harder of the two.
    In general the portable games tend to be hard, especially finding and beating special stages. Suffers from a ton of unfair level design, especially the Advance games.
    In summary I'll go ahead and say that Sonic 2 is the hardest of any of the mainline, non portable Sonic games, followed by the more broken 06 and Shadow games in the modern era.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to batson in How would you rank the difficulty ?   
    I agree. The end of Sonic 2 is probably the most difficulty I've had with a Sonic game.
    In general though, I find that Sonic games tend to not nearly be as difficult as many other platform games. Like, compare classic Sonic games with classic Mario games for instance.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to chaosjam in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    If Ken is still thinking of how to fit current world topics into this thing, he will never finish it.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    This has been mentioned to him before. In the end he's all too aware that the Sonic stuff is the only thing that makes him even remotely noteworthy or brought him any kind of fame. It's not about vision or wanting to continue the stories he started in Archie- it's about desperately trying to monetize whatever popularity he had in those days in whatever way he can. 
    Personally I'm still giggling at him talking about producing and directing films as if any of his works have been released in any capacity. That's akin to talking as if having written a manuscript makes you a writer. 
    You must have some VERY childish friends, Penders. Both for having asked something that asinine and for them believing that you are in any way capable of actually addressing something like that. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to The Tenth Doctor in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Penders better watch himself. A certain person compared Sonic to real life events recently and it didn't end well for him. Of course, both of these people are egotistical crazies who do anything for attention so pea's in a pod.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Eggman looked up to and admired Gerald Robotnik.. so why did Eggman become evil?   
    Eggman looks up to Gerald because everyone likes Gerald and he also wants to be liked by everyone. He doesn't understand or see the value in humanitarian efforts, just the part where he was praised for his genius. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    Penders has been asked about that, about whether or not he's received permission from the various artists, colorists and inkers whose work is ultimately being used in this project. He's never actually said yes and has merely given vague assurances that he's 'got this', much like whenever he's questioned about the fact that while he might own the stories, a lot of those stories explicitly feature characters trademarked and copyrighted by SEGA. 
    Hilarious, and appropriately very pathetic. Sheesh. 
    Huh. That is... somewhat concerning that he doesn't seem able to keep track of details like that. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Adamis in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    When I translated this story three years ago *, he provided me with just (bad) scans of the pages.
    * He recently asked me to translate the story. Which I did. In 2017. He forgot and was ready to pay a second time for that work.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic 30th predictions   
    Right. I'm going to brush aside all speculation about story, plot, art style, tone etc for now and just focus on the "two Sonics" thing. SEGA has got to be aware of the fact that from the moment that Project Sonic 2017 was revealed, the inclusion of Classic Sonic was met with contention and confusion. And while I'm struggling to find the exact interview right now, SEGA stated that Classic Sonic was included in Forces to introduce younger fans to that side of the franchise, particularly to get them interested in Mania. Personally I call bullshit on that and say that the true reason is because Generations did it and they wanted to copy that. Much as they can claim otherwise, Forces tries its darndest to copy Generations outright. 
    Classic Sonic in Forces has a mere six levels and one boss fight. He doesn't go to Metropolis, he doesn't have any tag-team levels, he doesn't have any dynamic QTEs in his levels, he doesn't have any bonus/unclockable stages, his involvement with the plot is so minor that he doesn't even interact with Modern Sonic and the Avatar. The lack of content and focus he gets suggests that he was something of an after-thought, or that they didn't really want him to be part of the game. He's largely regarded to be the low point of a game met with mixed-to-mediocre reception.
    I don't know what to expect from the big Sonic game for 2021, but I'm pretty sure Classic Sonic won't be a part of it unless it's a Classic Sonic game. And that's a whole different kettle of fish right there because eeeesh I do not want to see SEGA how much SEGA would butcher that.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Tracker_TD in Sonic 30th predictions   
    The Famitsu news already dropped. It's Fog Gaming, a system SEGA's currently researching to allow arcade operators to leverage their machines into a cloud-style network, allowing them to continue earning even after closing; something that's especially welcome given how many arcades have been driven to the brink by COVID-19. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic 30th predictions   
    And? If you release a game and don't test its ideas and mechanics thoroughly, you are taking a risk that people will like it and buy it? Edit: I mean, you are anyway for sure, but releasing something without it being tested raises the chances it won't be received the way you want it to be. 
    This series took risks over and over during the 2000s for consistently putting out games without regard to quality control. If noting else, that happened. So whats the use in saying something like that? 
    Aaron Webber just said it outright on a livestream less than a week ago... 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to UpCDownCLeftCRightC in Sonic 30th predictions   
    I feel almost the opposite of you. I think many fans in this series don't put enough value on quality control, it is really underappreciated for some strange reason.  Games that are known for being simple, fun, and functional are a lot better than games with broken or sloppy mechanics, etc, just because people had a grand vision in their mind and not enough time to work it out. Potential can in fact be wasted. 
    I've been wanting the same damn Sonic game for over 20 years. Which is basically SA1 but a tad more classic-y and open world-y with obviously much more polished mechanics. Maybe I'll get it someday, maybe I won't. But I damn sure am not asking for a team to make it that isn't capable, because it's just going to make me suffer worse as a fan. All Sonic fans should know this, since both Sonic 4 and 06 happened. So I'd rather definitely have a a generations 2, which is solid fun with a character that I have always loved, instead of watching someone f**k up my dreams and the franchise even further. I want to see Sonic be awesome again, and not just once per decade. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in TSSZ is gone?   
    Tristan was given more than a day to deliver a walkback or clarification. It was on him for sticking to his guns and even escalating the situation further by being rude to those offended by the comment. I honestly think he could have said that and gotten away with far less blowback if not for what he did afterward. 

    Sonic has some parallels to real life political issues but on the whole a fictional world mostly devoid of the consequences we face from these issues in our day to day. It rarely has any substantial commentary or insight on things like police brutality and systematic oppression even if it leans into those tropes readily. It comes at these issues with a childlike perspective, which is completely fine. It's just not what a group of full grown adults need at the moment when we're facing very real, very tragic conditions. 
    In the aftermath of a tragedy where people are seeking real insight and ways to heal, it was a bad comparison. Not irredeemable, but it was absolutely the wrong thing to say at the time. If people had problems with Tristan covering the BLM movement, he could have just as easily told them to eat a dick and carried on because it was important. He didn't need Sonic's permission. 

    Everyone says dumb shit in the heat of moments like these though, so I would have been willing to let him off and carry on had it not been for his childish response afterward. Take your hits on the chin like an adult and just be better next time. No need to spite the entire community over blowback from your mistake. 

    If TSSZ does return then I hope it's not under Tristan. He's never been fit to run a major news pillar in the community and this is the latest in a long line of incidents that prove that. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to StaticMania in Weird Official Sonic Art   
    That's not a corndog...
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to KittyNakajima in TSSZ is gone?   
    ^ Essentially this in a nutshell. Tristan Oliver took to making a tone deaf parallel between the adventures of a fictional video game character to the death/rightful outrage over it caused by police brutality. Sonic can come back to life at any time in any of his games with enough rings. George Floyd and the many others treated like him can not. Not only was it an incredibly flippant comparison, it also came across as some misguided plug for the website. That's what pissed people off, myself included because it was misguided empathy. I'm sure he won't ever have to worry about being stopped in a strange neighborhood and given a hard time by police because you don't sound/look/act so and so....
    I don't think it would have been an issue if he had simply just covered the news with retweets and not added that comparison or started his own personal account to voice his views. Yet rather than be mature by deleting that tweet and issue an apology, he took to deleting over 20 years of work because he felt like he was being shouted down. Keep in mind that I'm emphasizing him as I know there were other people associated with the site who did not agree with or share the same stance on using the news account in such a way.
    That said, will I miss the website? No, not really. I haven't read an article over there since that practice of his where he'd lurk here and other online forums during a Sonic dry spell to report on forum drama. That and the fact that he's proven time and again to be particularly apt at being a smug prick.
    But I feel for those who wrote or collaborated with TSSZ that weren't pricks, who may have now very well lost years of hard work because it's so difficult for Mr. Oliver to humble himself by saying two simple words.
    P.S: To those of you who remember me, hi. Just dropping by because I saw this in real time and it pissed me off something terrible.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Won't Stop, Just Go in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    In terms of raw uniqueness Knuckles Chaotix did a lot with a comparatively simple soundfont. Makes it stand out a lot to me even though as a game I cant stand it.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Blue Blood in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    I can think of precisely one good track in the whole of RoL, and it was the Abandoned Research Facility for Knuckles and Amy.
    The rest of the soundtrack was bland, forgettable and downright generic. I know that they were going for something much more cinematic and atmospheric that typical Sonic games, which gravitate much more towards contemporary pop or rock themes. But urgh, the end result was pretty rubbish. Especially that hyper-generic "epic" orchestrated theme tune. It was all pretty boring so I guess you can say that it fit the game pretty well from that perspective. I don't think that that's what they were going for however... RoL having a weak soundtrack is definitely a popular opinion that I agree with. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to ComeAsYouAre in TSSZ is gone?   
    The whole situation feels like a mess 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to CleverSonicUsername in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    And yet I kinda want to. Like the experience might be miserable, but my mind is racing at the thought of both drawing those characters better and more legitimately horrifying.
    Ok here I gave it a shot, can't wait to be told it's too disney or whatever. (And he'd be right to as I've said disparaging things to him on twitter, so)
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I'm honestly really impressed how you're relatively close to Penders' design but it actually looks good. Quite good, in fact.
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    If Penders is to be believed, there were in fact international releases even in the 90s- he claims to have received letters from overseas fans. Penders often cites this as justification for his belief that the Archie Books, at least when HE worked on them, are just as widely known and popular (implicitly moreso given his fondness for mentioning them as being 'the only game in town' wrt Sonic for a while) than the actual games themselves. It is through this rationale that he justifies his intent on releasing his work with multiple translations rather than testing the waters, because as far as he is concerned he already has a huge, built in audience hungry for more of the Lara-Su Chronicles. 
    The fact that those overseas releases he mentions were niche releases sold in speciality stores never seems to factor into things, and all attempts to point this out have proven fruitless. He refuses to view Sonic as anything other than a comic franchise that HE led to 'greatness', and this in turn informs everything he does. That, and unrealistic expectations in general- he's honestly justified his approach with how movie studios do things, never stopping to consider that movie studios have the resources and built-in fanbase that they can in fact risk multiple language releases with their product on the first go. 
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    Legendary Emerald reacted to horridus in The Lara-Su Chronicles and Ken Penders topic - READ PAGE 164, POST 4096   
    I'm not sure what's more eye-rolling. Him trying to convince us this was something that never occurred to him before, or the fact he feels a need to justify it as being 'inspired' by the lives of a pair of celebrities. 
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