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  1. Admittedly, you're probably right on that one. The idea was to have a "bookends" sort of deal since Mephiles/Solaris would be the main villain of a season. Keeping your criticisms in mind, it would be much more easier to reintroduce Mephiles as a new character instead.
  2. Have the writing be at least TMNT2k3-level quality. It'd have a nice mix of action and comedy. With season finale's leaning more to the serious side. Traditionally animated. Either anime style, or Spectacular Spiderman/Ultimate Spiderman style. There would be season, and possibly series-wide arcs and character-arcs, but written in a way that you can watch a random episode and not be completely lost. Similar to Spectacular Spiderman. The Super Six (that is: Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Blaze, and Silver) + Amy, Eggbotnik, and Metal Sonic would be the focus characters. Silver and Blaze would show-up half-way through the first season and become Major-recurring characters from then. The S6 will only appear as a complete team during season finale's and other "big" events. This would give more impact to their team-ups. Mephiles, Black-Doom, Imperator Ix, and their respective cronies will be brought back to fill out the rogues gallery. Chronologically, it'd be an AU set immediately after Unleashed. Though, the prologue scene will depict the final battle of '06 with Sonic and co. defating Solaris, after this it flashes forward to the final scene of Unleashed. There'd be adaptations of Black Knight, Chronicles, and Colours, Generations, etc. All with substantial differences to fit them into the show's continuity of course. Original characters will be used, but the existing game characters will remain the focus. Other minor characters like Prof. Pickle would appear too, along with characters from other Sonic media like the comics and even other cartoons. Eggman would be the Big Bad of season one. Season one end with a big confontation with the Death Egg. Music will be an important factor. The OST would conist of tracks from existing games, both original and remixed, with original tracks made for the show as well. There'd be insert songs that would play throughout episodes. Sung by artists who have contributed to Sonic games (e.g Crush 40, Bentley Jones, Julien-K, Magna-Fi, etc.). Similar to anime, there'd be an OP that would change roughly every season/half-season. The Crush 40 version of Sonic Boom would be the first opening. *whew* There's probably a lot more I'm forgetting. n_n;
  3. Sonic- A mix between his Black Knight and Colours characterization would be ideal. I don't mind him not showing any fear or hesitation, so long as he's shown having fun, showy, and snarky towards his enemies ala Dante. Not too say he wouldn't take anything seriously whatsoever, he still would, he'd just hide his seriousness underneath his cocky grin. I'd also make him a Big Brother Mentor-type character to younger characters like Silver and Tails. Tails- A mix between his Colours and SA portrayal basically. He'd still be a kid genius, but he'd also be more snarkier with Sonic. Knuckles- Less of an idiot, more serious and stern like he was in SA and early Sonic X. Constantly analyzing his enemies and surroundings, yet still getting easilly irritated, espeically by Sonic and Shadow's cockiness. Shadow- More arrogant like he was in SA2 and the final battle of 06. He'd still be anti-social and aloof, but would smirk a lot more, and constantly belittle his enemies.His hubris would sometimes even get him thrashed by major villains due to him underestimating them. Blaze- Pre-Rush Blaze would be incredibly aloof, anti-social, and borderline nihilistic (obviously toned done due to demographic, but there could still be hints), constantly belittling...pretty much everyone regardless of who's side there on, save for a select few people. Post-Rush Blaze would be much kinder, but still pretty aloof. Behind her elegance would lie a fierce love for battle and blood-lust, because of this she feels more comfortable being a guardian of the Sol Emeralds than having any political power as a Princess, knowing that if someone like her who lusts for combat were put into such a big position, she'd have a much bigger chance of putting her Kingdom in danger due to said love for combat. SIlver- Start out as a naive, idealistic knight-templar. With very black & white views on Justice. His character development would be about him trying to figure out for himself what Jusice actually is . This quest would lead him to butt heads with Sonic, Blaze, and Shadow. His rivalry with the former two would be more friendlier, but his rivalry with Shadow would be somewhat more intense due to the latter's cynicism. Metal Sonic- Make him the Bass of the series. Someone who follows Eggman to an extent, but wouldn't think twice about going against his orders if it meant beating Sonic. He'd be Sonic's primary rival.
  4. The reason I brought up BRS is because I thought Sega had some involvement with the BRS game that came out a year ago and thought they had rights to use the character, but it turns out they had no involvement with the franchise at all. Guess that's what I get for not doing my research beforehand. n_n;
  5. *Raises eyebrow at the TJ&E debate* Anyhoo, I'm happy to see that Miku's doing well in the poll,though I'd of preferred Black Rock Shooter instead, mostly because I though Sega was involved with the PSP BRS game, but it seems that isn't the case. Vectorman and Sega Sanshiro aren't doing too bad either.
  6. My how times have changged. I remember when Mephiles was actually considered a cool villain. Mephiles could work as a sort of "Darker" villain to use, kinda like what Unicron is to Megatron/Galvatron. I'd rather a new show improve on the characters who're hated, rather than create new ones. Not to say that I'm against show original characters at all, I'd just wan't them to be used in moderation. I'll try and remember to post my ideas for a Sonic cartoon tommorow.
  7. Well to be fair to Shadic, it's not like he said that he hated Heroes' soundtrack, just that it wasn't up to par with the other mainline titles, which I agree with. As for what I think as the worst soundtrack (outside of Chronicles of course), I thought Battle's was pretty mediocre.
  8. If both Sonic and Rainbow Dash weren't so gay, I could see them working as a couple. Seriously, you guys all saw the way Sonic was eyeing Caliburn in that one cutscene of SatBK. Of course, Sonic has to play with him some other time.
  9. Well, he does have his moments of hamminess. ("I promise you...REVENGE!") or need I remind you of "Lets get MOVING!" or his medieviei counterparts "I HAAAVE FAAAILED!"?
  10. Omega eh? What can I say? I love Heroic Sociopaths, if they're entertaining, interesting, and fun to watch (and not like GoW's Kratos, but that's another bucket of fish), and Omega definitely falls under the entertaining and fun to watch category. I was dissapointed by his absence in Free Riders and Generations. I'd much rather he not kill the Doctor simply because Shadow and Rouge have no desire to see him dead, or are on good terms with him. That's a lot more interesting to me than this overly simplistic and patronizing "it's wrong" crap. Quite honestly? It's quite sad that people are actively discouraging chracter development like that in this topic. Since when did developing characters yet still keeping the core of what made them lovable in the first place become unwanted? Ridiculous.
  11. I think it's supposed to be added later tonight. We'll just have to be patient (I'm a PS3 owner as well).
  12. Maybe such a character would suit a more J.Jonah Jameson style role. He's not a villain per say, but he doesn't make the heroes' lives any easier.
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