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  1. Big fan of Stanley Parable, but I've never played Left 4 Dead, so thanks for the heads-up.
  2. I'm kind of sad to say that absolutely none of the Sonic Boom content looks at all interesting to me. Not the cartoon, not the Wii U game, and certainly not the 3DS game. Which sucks, because I was really getting excited about the series again after enjoying the heck out of Colors and Generations. After years and years of trying and failling with every kind of gameplay gimmick imaginable, the series finally seemed to have found its stride with the daytime levels of Unleashed, and the two following games both built on and improved that gameplay style. Watching it get abandoned in favour of once again experimenting wildly with disjointed gameplay styles across multiple characters feels like taking a step backwards, and I can't build up any kind of interest for going through that whole spiel again. It'd be awesome if I'm proven wrong, and these new types of gameplay turn out to be wildly succesful, but if that's the case then I'll get that affirmation from public opinion after the fact. Right here and now I don't give a damn. Incidentally, I found it really depressing that the 3DS trailer included a bit where Sonic jumps, does not roll into a ball, and then loses his rings when he lands on an enemy. That's not Sonic. That's Sonic 06.
  3. The main problem with adding more super forms on top of the regular one has been thoroughly explored in Dragonball Z. Super Sayian was super awesome, but Super Sayian 2 was basically "now with 50% more flavour!". And then form 3, and then form 4. Sonic is better off having just one regular super form which is powerful enough to defeat whatever gigantic robot or monster is threatening the world, but not so invincible that it gets boring to watch. And while Hyper Sonic has probably never triggered an epileptic response, the flashing colours are really annoying.
  4. This is great! Now I can wait an extra year before having to buy a next-gen console. By which point I'm sure the models will have some more kinks worked out. Also I'm giddy as a schoolgirl for Scarecrow.
  5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a buggier game than Sonic 06. I base that controversial opinion on the fact that I have never done a playthrough of Skyrim without an NPC, quest or location bugging out in some way that either crashes the game or makes the NPC, quest or location permanently inaccessible for the remainder of that playthrough. Sometimes all three of those in the same game. There isn't a single aspect of Skyrim that doesn't carry some risk of bugging out or being broken. Yet Skyrim is one of my favourite games of all time, wheras Sonic 06 is deplorable. Why? Because when they work, one of them is incredibly fun to play and the other isn't any fun at all. Which goes to show that bugs and glitches can definitely ruin a good game, but that doesn't mean the game isn't good to begin with. It just means it shoulda seen a helluva lot more playtesting and bugfixing before release, Bethesda. Mario 64 is a pretty buggy game, too. Exploiting bugs is the heart and soul of most speedruns. Still a much better game than Sonic 06.
  6. If it means they're not rushing the development like they did with ME3, I'm very happy to wait. I'll be double-happy if they announce that ZERO PERCENT of the development cycle is going towards a multiplayer aspect.
  7. Well, it's winter, and his main stealth schtick is going where people aren't supposed to be walking around. It's not that much of a stretch that he would find it useful to be able to gauge the density of a support. He also demonstrated during the Mr Freeze fight that when he doesn't have the software he needs he can download it on the fly from the Batcave computer thanks to Oracle. With the sum total library of apps available to anybody with a phone and a stable internet connection these days it's borderline realistic.
  8. To be fair, Batman is almost consistently defeated whenever he encounters a completely new villain. There's a reason for the "prep time" caveat. But hey! Everybody loves a good comeback, Rocky-style!
  9. I can only think of one show that does Deus Ex Machina regularly and does it well, and that's Doctor Who. And the reason it works so well is because the title character himself is explicitly presented as someone who always knows just a little bit more about what's going on and what's possible, and because the most enjoyable aspects of the show itself is watching the Doctor go into Let's Fix This Mess mode with all the excitement and energy of a child discovering a brand new toy. In fact, one of the main points of having a companion along is just to ask "What are you doing?" so the Doctor can explain what he's pulled out of his ass with all the flair of a show magician and how it's going to save the world from imminent doom. Even the kind of Deus Ex Machina that isn't the Doctor's doing works well within the confines of the show, as we're constantly shown in each and every episode that there's always something more going on than we know about, and there's always a brand new mystical alien species about that the Doctor has known about all along but simply hasn't had an opportunity to mention until now.
  10. Really? Guess I'll turn signatures back on then. There's only certain ones that are painful to look at. Some users have signatures so obnoxious and hideous that I'd rather not see anyone's signature than have to put up with those flashing colors and gaudy images when I'm trying to read, so I've had signatures disabled for years now. EDIT: Yup, still lots of 3-second anime clips. Thank goodness I can now selectively hide those. Awesome forum feature
  11. That was at twenty-five pages. We're now up to sixty-one pages of the same argument, and in all my years of sleuthing internet forums I've never seen any single person keep going for so long without running out of wind or resorting to so much flaming he gets banned. A for effort! Meanwhile, on the subject of Elise's tears or death freeing Iblis. While it's unlikely that Mephiles wouldn't simply just walk up to her and kill her if that would solve all his problems. It's also equally unlikely that a human being would be able to go a decade and a half, including puberty, after losing both parents at an early age, and never cry. Even discounting the assumed requirement that the tears have to be sadness induced so garlics wouldn't, it's ridiculously unlikely, based entirely on how human beings function. Having said that, it actually fits the story really well, because Elise is nothing like a real human being. She's an ivory puppet with glass eyes, and her creepy motion would fit better in a horror story with an awkward premise. Also, when one adds the assumption that Mephiles is an idiot any logic goes out the window.
  12. I don't give a shit about the amazing new graphics. Frankly, the game could have less polygons than Arkham Asylum and I'd still love it as long as it's got some innovative new tricks up its sleeve. Would be really awesome if they used that increased processing power to do something that would be impossible on the previous gen consoles without just being a higher definition texture. Like having way more mooks and civilians in the city at the same time, or being able to fit way more moving props onscreen than before. How pretty/gritty it looks is something that really impresses you for about ten minutes and then your impression adjusts to it and stops noticing.
  13. Batman is already depressed and driven throughout Harley Quinn's Revenge, so I'd really prefer for Arkham Knight to have a point where Batman gets a heart-warming pep-talk from Alfred around two-thirds through the game that reminds him of why he does the things he does, so he'll be at his A Game for the finale. I know they already did that in Arkham Origins, but for all that game's faults they did a fantastic rendition of Alfred and Bruce's relationship.
  14. I don't want Joker to come back from the dead, but I'd be stoked for a cameo of the Joker as part of Scarecrow's hallucinations. One scene only, though.
  15. Considering the speculation that Batman may die at the end of the game, I personally don't think that will happen, and the main reason is unlockables and collectables. If Batman dies at the end, you won't be able to explore Gotham for Riddler Trophies or complete side-missions after completing the main story, and that part was so integral to Arkham City that I find it extremely unlikely that Rocksteady will want to set up a story where the final villain just stands around playing Tetris while he's moments away from completing his dastardly scheme, just so Batman can 100% everything before the final boss. In any open world game it's just generally bad design not to have any post-story gameplay at all. I consider Rocksteady above that. I know Asylum didn't have it, but Asylum didn't have any side-missions or optional villains either.
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