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  1. http://www.twitch.tv/hairookami welcome to lets play monkey driedel errbody come in and bring your pokecards or we will kill your pet ants
  2. i did a double take when i realized you were online

  3. How are you even.

    1. TCB


      I don't who this 'even' is, but right now I'm...ok.

    2. Cola


      Eat your peas, son.

    3. Cyrus


      Do you even boost, bro?


  5. You could be a little more understanding next time, it isn't hard to interpret your posts as condescending. Anyways, Carlos, you're doing perfectly fine, better than most, don't worry about it. If you make any errors, you can make edits to your posts. Me personally, I am not a big fan of Silver, but I like that you're using your imagination with all of these ideas.
  6. Welcome to the forums Carlos!

  7. Just because it isn't Nintendo hearing people out doesn't mean that it isn't worthwhile voicing your opinion, if someone wishes to articulate something and they have legitimate reasons to express them, then why shouldn't they?
  8. Super Mario World changed the season as well, and the overall aesthetics. Luigi's Mansion granted you a Hard Mode, and people should complain in order to voice their opinion, so you're saying if they have a reaction to it they shouldn't voice it? I agree that people shouldn't of expected too grand of a reward. You do realize though that they marketed that you should have the incentive to collect all 1 million coins. When you realize it's merely a statue after all that sensationalism created by Nintendo, wouldn't you be a little mad?
  9. I don't think replacing the team improves it in any aspect, as you can tell that they're absolutely devoted to the franchise with the past 3 main series games.
  10. I agree completely, a petty insult can transform a very legitimate point into a very derogatory one, and that extremely influences the user's interpretation of not only the mod, but the forum in general.
  11. http://oi47.tinypic.com/wci71c.jpg Cola what have you done to SSMB?
    1. Cola


      I have taken it over

      You are all under my control

    2. Jacky


      I for one welcome our new Cola overlord.

    3. Jeffhog


      Curses, a worthy adversary!

    4. Chibinuva


      He's poisoned it. We must purge him from the boards, effective immediately. :P

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Where's Pepsiman when you need him? D:

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