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  1. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    You can, kind of, with 3D red/cyan glasses, it's the "oldskool" way of doing it, eg images that look like this: Google Street View also supports this, right click on Street View and choose "3D mode on" to see what I mean. Maybe they considered adding support for that, but decided not to because it would just be a pain, and who keeps a pair of those old red/cyan glasses?!
  2. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    CE number 1 arrived, the box seems so much bigger in real life: 10th Birthday Collector's Edition looks rubbish in comparison! Ring number 9506 / 12000
  3. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    Errr... My original Amazon order just got shipped. Anyone wanna buy a collectors edition? I'm gonna have 2 within the week!
  4. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    Wow, that's shocking service, I mean I know HDNL are bad, but that just takes the biscuit! I got that ridiculous Amazon alert too, like you said Dyne, absolutely useless: On a lighter note, my Amazon Marketplace order (which has so far been more reliable and quicker to reply than Amazon themselves) is now at this stage: My official Amazon one still says 16th December, I'm leaving it as an active order more for a laugh than anything, then when it DOES get cancelled by Amazon I can have a real moan and try and blag something like free Amazon Prime or something!
  5. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    Whoever gets ring number 1991 is awesome. My Marketplace order is now "Dispatching soon", so I should have at least one copy of the CE by the end of next week. NEXT WEEK THOUGH! Tempted to buy the PC version on Steam in the meantime to tide me over!
  6. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    LOL just got a call from Amazon's Customer Service Escalation team saying they were sorry about how it's gone and they still think they will get stock. Gonna leave my other order there just in case, and they sent me this in an email: So if it does arrive, next day shipping for nothing!
  7. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    It goes against what I would usually do, but I caved in: Enjoy your few quid profit, Marketplace seller!
  8. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    I think I've been given the HP Touchpad treatment here, people who ordered when the demand was massively high but chose Super Saver delivery had theirs sent out first, and the people that paid extra for next day delivery got shafted because Amazon dispatches them later and by then the stock discrepancy had caught up with them
  9. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    Yep! And to be honest, if it definitely WILL arrive then I don't mind waiting, but would their supplier really hold back stock? My theory is they accidentally allowed the product to be back in stock again on the 31st October, meaning none of these orders could be fulfilled. If anyone who ordered then has theirs out for delivery please let me know to at least clear things up!
  10. Release Dates and Release Editions Speculation

    So how many people who ordered it on the 31st got this email this morning? What annoys me even more is I cancelled my pre-order like an idiot from Amazon DE when I got a UK order in. Call my cynical, but will they really get more stock in a month considering there was only one run of 12,000 made of these things? Sent a few annoyed emails to Amazon but not had any worthwhile reply yet James.

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