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  1. Not fake. Just from Forbidden Planet's listing. Maybe A and B covers have been switched since the first solicitation, but I don't know.
  2. It’s me actually. EDIT: Not fake either (concerning the below post)
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  4. Hope everyone likes the IDW cover when it gets revealed! :wave_tone2:

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      I'm sure folks will!

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the UI changes by the time release comes around. I remember Unleashed's changed quite a bit from the E3 builds.
  6. Hmmm yeah. On first glance I'd say the original looked a bit more refined.
  7. If you've not seen this video, I recommend it. They go in to some nice detail! I loved this movie just based on the care that went in to the animation. You're never gonna get this level of rigging going in to Sonic though, and frankly there's no need for it. Peanuts is a unique example where the characters have (I think) always been based entirely in 2D and that style makes them who they are, same with Mickey's ears. Sonic's head on the other hand has been well established in 3D going all the way back to 1991. If you're specifically going for a 2D rendering style, then maybe - but even then I'd guess the amount of tech that would need to go in to pulling that off on Sonic just isn't worth it when again, we've already had the character in 3D form since the very beginning.
  8. Isn't there a stream today?

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      Blue Blood

      I'm sure you can find many streams all over the place.

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      I think so.

      Strike that it's starting now 

  9. This fooled me too, but the buckles are actually on the outside of the shoes, it's the fact his feet are crossed that make it look wrong on first glance.
  10. Yeah, this is a valid point. Maybe something not so restrictive then, say when you've completed the Divine Beast quest, maybe then Zelda would talk to you and give you a new quest to go find the sword, advising you to have it before you face Ganon. Or hell make Impa give you a quest for it when you return to her after the Divine Beasts. I dunno, I'm spitballing - I think I would have just liked to have seen a more guaranteed encounter with it.
  11. Well this is it, I thought these were all hints and teases at what was to come, not direct instructions if you know what I mean. Naturally I went Plataeu > Kakariko > Hateno, and from there had been following the Divine Beasts quest pretty closely, essentially just going directly between each respective town I needed to visit. I also went Zora > Gerudo > Rito > Goron. I did stumble upon the giant pink tree eventually, and I had heard from various NPCs the sword was hidden in the north so I figured that's where it was. I first tried to glide over to it from the west side and of course found myself getting teleported out, same thing happened at the main entrance so I figured I wasn't supposed to be there yet and left. I never encountered the NPC at the Woodlands Stable so I had no hints or whatever on how it to get through. I don't think how I progressed through the game is really at fault. This is not to say I haven't greatly enjoyed the game and overall, I think it's fantastic. But I did end up facing Calamity Ganon for the first time really confused, as a result of misinterpreting in-game hints and trailers of what I thought was essential content, and I felt that spoiled the Calamity Ganon moment for me. I think I would have rather seen something happen like for example, maybe you turn up to the castle entrance for the first time and Ganon puts a forcefield around it. To break through the forcefield you need to strike it with the Master Sword, and at that point Zelda tells you to go find it and you get a new quest. I don't think something like that would have damaged the open world design of the game.
  12. Well, I still consider myself relatively new to Zelda, my only previous experience of completing one of the games was Wind Waker, and beyond that I've played Twilight Princess and currently working through Ocarina of Time right now. I think I was fooled after seeing the trailers for the game showing the sword in the stone and all the cutscenes, that these were part of the main storyline. At that point in BotW for me, I had been handling all the Divine Beasts first and had just finished the last one. I hadn't been bothering with the memory flashbacks yet so hadn't seen the cutscenes in context. Up until this point I had felt the game was guiding me through it too, telling me to finish the 4 shrines before I can leave the Plateau, telling me to handle each Beast before I fight Ganon. That kind of direction on top of characters outright teasing the sword to me throughout the game, I had no reason to believe the game wouldn't direct me to it later on. EDIT: Also, The Master Sword is the sword that seals the darkness, the only blade that can kill Ganon? That's another reason why I expecting to need it.
  13. See, the Lost Woods actually really annoyed me. I stumbled upon them by chance and interpreted the teleport as the game telling me to come back later to get the Master Sword when the story had progressed a bit more, so I left. When I ended up face to face with Calamity Ganon I was incredibly confused at what was going on with the sword, so I left the fight and had to look it all up online. Kinda ruined those parts of the game for me to be honest. Why on Earth everything with the Master Sword and Great Deku Tree aren't part of the main game I will never know, so much great content potentially wasted if the player misses it during their play through.
  14. The comments are talking about Project 2017. I heard Iizuka mention USA and Australia, and he mentioned SEGA of America too. I think he's just talking about the Mania development team to be honest.
  15. Daytona 3 Championship USA http://segabits.com/blog/2016/11/01/sega-amusements-reveals-daytona-3-championship-usa-plus-more-details/
  16. Isn't it weird that Snively is there with Eggman? Considering he's nowhere near Eggman is the present, last I saw he was working for G.U.N. ...
  17. What do you have to do to enter the 25th party contest?

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