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  1. I think my account hates me today. It made three dupes of the same post and it came up with an error based message even though it secretly made them topics on Tapatalk.

    1. TCB


      It's the forum most likely messing with that

    2. kimplix


      I guess so. I've sent Hogfather a message to remove the dupes anyway

    3. Lisbon


      Yeahhhhh, site's been glitchy lately.

      Invision Power, the software this board uses, is really prone to these kinds of things. Moving the forum to a different kind of message board software would be an ungodly hassle, though.

    4. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Either that or you're subconciously desperate to get rid of Sonic and Knuckles :U

    5. Lisbon


      i kind of wish it would've made 5 so it could fill out all of the recent topics tbh

    6. Ferno


      IP Board isn't the best but I prefer it over vBulletin which most other forums use.

    7. Lisbon


      Yeahh, it's definitely better than vBulletin.

      XenForo is the best, though. It runs so smoothly and has such a great interface in comparison to the competition.

    8. kimplix


      all my dupes have been removed. goodie!

  2. So much Christmas stuff yesterday. My most favourite were the new 3ds and drawing tablet. It time that I did my thing for drawing ups and practicing onto them, but the downside is that I can't register my tablet

    1. Scott


      Did it not come with a CD to install the drivers? If not, try looking on the manufacture's site for drivers to download


    2. kimplix


      I was on about registering via serial code to account wise, but the cd thing did come with it. There was an optional choice of downloading the installer as well in case of people not having cd drives

  3. It seems I have never checked my Profile Feed ever since I joined here. Strange enough, these 2 birthday messages were just left here. I'm sorry :c

    1. C4k3


      I forgot about my first Bday messages too D:

  4. What to do for my 20th today. Any ideas?

  5. I've haven't posted my new sonic comic's for quite some time now. should I do it or not? Also, Happy Halloween everyone! (Don't mistake me. I said it 1 day early so I don't have to tomorrow)

    1. Dejimon11


      You should do it if you want

  6. Do you think I should keep my comics bagged and boarded or just bagged? I'm just a tad bit worried about the protection of my comics, but also how they react for the mass of time within them (especially the color)

    1. Zaysho


      Boards are good to have when storing them since it'll reduce the chances of the books warping and gives them a little extra protection.

      In general, make sure the materials you get are acid-free/archival (it usually says on the packaging) and that they fit your books.

  7. Figuring out what to do for my 21st this Wednesday, but can't decide on what so far. Just need to figure out some ideas on the day

  8. Well.. Today's that day, gentlemen.

    Happy Valentine's Day

  9. So I got my PayPal refund, so now to find another comic supplier. Anyone know any cheap places?

  10. It happened again with the b-day msg's. Thanks in regards tho

  11. So I might do a show off for what I got from Summer of Sonic last week since I saw Hogfather do a couple days back.

    I just hope to get a frame for one of the merch items I picked up though.

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