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  1. Honestly Cream has, or had, so much potential. I can get behind the idea of a character forming a sisterly relationship with Amy that parallels the brotherhood Sonic and Tails have, and, not to repeat JezzMM but, that's exactly what they did with her and Blaze in Sonic Rush. Personally I think Sonic Battle kind of hamstrung her character by cementing extreme pacifism as a personally trait. It wasn't necessarily there in Advance 2 or Heroes. Really, I should like Cubot and Orbot. All the spin-offs media is ripe with Ineffectual comedy duos: Scratch and Grounder, Sleet and Dingo, Decoe and Bocoe, I love those pairings, but in the games it just lacks the charm. Stale writing maybe? "Silver's the character whose popularity I never really understood. Since his introduction game imploded on itself, I've always felt like it has left his presence in the franchise as this odd "I won't mention the time abnormality if you don't" sort of limbo. Like the resistance just having him on hand in Sonic Forces felt weird to me. Rivals carried the time traveler thing through with Eggman Nega, and otherwise he's just had the Waluigi excuse of showing up in party game roles or on the sidelines just "because".
  2. Don't know the logistics of which crossovers are feasible, but ever since Sonic X gave us giant Gundam/Zord-style robots I've sort of wanted some kind of Power Rangers crossover. Just the image of Sonic standing on the shoulders of a Megazord is somehow fitting. Of course Sonic's no stranger to fighting giant monsters of the week, and while at first you might think he'd be out of place in a fight between giants, I think it could actually work as a good contrast. Sonic and his team are powerful and adept at taking down threats much larger than them. Of course I'm perfectly okay with giving IDW Sonic the time to grow it's beard.
  3. While I take umbrage that the title insinuates Robotnik somehow isn't a villain capable of extreme cruelty, (the guy held Amy up at gun point, and bargained for her life once! Made a completely "no win" scenario out of it too. If it weren't for that damn-fourth- er, fake Chaos Emerald and plot convenience), and I believe the good doctor is in a better position to attack Sonic on a personal level than a fresh face. I will at least admit that the franchise could use more card-carrying villains besides Robotnik. Monsters of the week don't really count. I think that's really the key here. Sonic doesn't really need a new villain to come in and do something horrifyingly cruel or edgy, just make sure that by the end of the game... they're still a villain. Keep them around for a few games, don't discard them, and don't redeem them. That was something I loved about Archie; between Mammoth Mogul, Nagus, Scourge, there was a rounded cast of villains you loved to hate.
  4. Sonic-related pet peeves?

    It loses it's luster when the planet's entire outer-rim happens to also be floating islands. but yeah, it can be hard to get people to understand Knux was once the Shadow of his day.
  5. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    I honestly like the run from 90 - 100 even though I imagine that's where a lot of people jump off since Mina, technically, starts the shipping wars that seem to drag the book down for a lot of people, I don't think that gets too bad until Sonic comes out of Space. Oh and they put everyone in a highschool setting despite, you know, waging a guerrilla war for some odd years. They should practically be combat veterans at this point. There's a real low between #99 to like #116 where you can tell the books were on a shoestring. The main stories got completely hamstrung to give Knuckles space for B stories now that he didn't have his own series for that to play out. #109, let's remind everyone that Rotor's family are a bunch of mind controlled zombies, and do nothing about it for 100 more issues. #112, I actually really like this one, but it's still a really short story where Antoine fools himself into doing something brave. #116, Muttiski gets super speed and the whole things over in a montage. They actually do some pretty interesting things here, like nuke Robotropolis, or Knuckles warping reality, Mecha Sonic and Tails steamrolling de-robotized Robotnik and Snively, but they all could of benefited from more page time.
  6. Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Spaz was definitely on his A game in the early days of the book, and maybe it's just me, but I love when the books are hit with mandated adaptions like Adventure. The team has to get real creative, real fast to make this thing, that's almost fundamentally different from what they've been building at, work at all.
  7. Yeah, that boss fight just got kind of surreal, with nothing but a full cast of classic locked characters on screen. xD
  8. Conversely I’m all for finally confirming Mighty’s super strength in game.
  9. Curious, and a little a apprehensive about Ray. If his personality even comes out in the gameplay, I hope Mania doesn’t canonize the meek little guy Archie popularized, never really liked that characterization, and game!Ray doesn’t have that “trapped in a time warp for a decade” baggage that warrants it. The blue shoes are a nice touch but please don’t take anything else from them (Okay, maybe his bromance with Mighty).
  10. Sonic Mania Adventures (Part 2 Coming Soon)

    A portion of Mania's goodwill comes from embracing a lot of those spin-off titles though, it sort of blurs the lines and honestly makes the classic era wildly more interesting I think.
  11. There's no way Might and Ray make it out of Mania without Super Forms now. Otherwise the gameplay becomes wildly asymmetrical.

    1. Pawn


      Super forms aren't exactly important to the gameplay, though? I mean, they probably will, but I don't think it's vital.

    2. VEDJ-F


      Well, all the super forms in Mania besides Super Sonic are non-canon anyway so eh. 

    3. Marcello


      Ray the Flying Squirrel is getting a super form before Amy. Who'da thunk it?

    4. VEDJ-F


      He already went partially super pre-reboot anyway. 

    5. TailsTellsTales


      They better be able to go super.

    6. Cuz


      Everyone's gonna go blind at the sight of Shining Ray. :b

  12. Mighty's back, tell a friend, Mighty's back, Mighty's back, Back again! :laughing:

  13. Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    I'd just retool Zeena personally, dial back the vanity, and after Zavok and Zik she's easily the most salvageable of the team. Jettison Zor and Zomzom.
  14. Robotnik's Weapon Of Choice

    I tend to picture Robotnik with a ton of gadgets hidden underneath his suit, that he just "hidden blades" out as needed. Kind like how Tails plays in Sonic Battle.

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