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  1. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Play Smash! Someone asked about dinosaur anthros and proxies of Archie characters. Interestingly Starline (like Tangle and Whisper) was designed around a game mechanic, and is apparently one part of a trio that would make that game mechanic influence more apparent when they show up..
  2. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    The red of Knuckles shoes blending in with the rest of him never really bothered me, it's actually pretty sound design-wise since he's not Sonic and you would rather draw attention to his fists and upper body...
  3. GalaxyTrail dispensing with the Freedom Planet 2 features. :D

  4. Cuz

    Sonic Game Ideas Thread!

    Been stewing an RTS idea for a while. Subverting the genre by trying to keep the unit sizes rather small, since Sonic doesn't exactly field an army; just rag tag resistance / freedom fighter groups on occasion. Five man teams typically consisting of roles I'm defining as: Leader, MVP, Ranger, Solider, and Mechanic. -------------------------------------------------- MVPs are usually your most durable and heavies hitting unit. The star players: Sonic, Shadow, Metal, Knuckles. Leaders are your second most capable fighters, but have a duality to them as they can also handle the construction and maintenance duties typically expected of the mechanic class. So a question players get to ask in the moment is whether it's best for the leader to be assisting the war effort or building up the home front. Robotnik, Rouge, Sally and Vector come to mind. Rangers and Solider are your standard combat units, not as impactful as MVPs or as versatile as leaders, but necessary all the same. Opposite sides of the same coin: ranged and melee attackers. Amy, Omega, Espio, any number of badniks (I'm fond of Egg Robos and Motobugs myself) Mechanics (or Leaders) are necessary for Base construction. Many of them are certainly not useless in a fight, but that's not their primary concern. Tails, Cream, Charmy, Egg Pawns, Rotor. Spy is a trait (rather then a character defining role) that means they do extra damage to enemy structures. Most of the freedom fighters, Rouge, Robotnik, Mighty and Espio are pretty good at that. (I mean... Mighty's no spy but are you going to tell him can't demolish a building?) ---------------------------------------------------- Personally Command and Conquer is my go to RTS; so I'd look to it as the basic model. Gather resources to build structures in the base. Whoever takes out a base's critical structure wins. I'd even reference classic Zones as tiles. Rings and Scrap metal being the main resources. Green Hill Zones are tiles rich in rings. Casino Night Zones have a 50/50 chance of either Rings or Scrap, Metropolis would be rich in just Scrap. IceCaps are rich in rings while offering a defense bonus to it's occupant. To manage the small army size I'm thinking they could respawn after a significant time penalty. Provided the housing section of the base is still up. Structures include: The Base's HQ (the game's objective). (A Citadel for Robotnik, the Master Emerald Shrine for Knuckles and the Chaotix) Barracks or Housing (Huts for Freedom Fighters, Factories for Robotnik, The Chaotix Detective Agency) Lookouts or Turrets (Lets any character launch a ranged attack while stationed there) Starposts (Converts rings into chaos energy, which eventually amounts to a chaos emerald, and sooner or later super form shenanigans) Walls (Wooden for Freedom Fighters and Chaotix, Electric for Robotnik, Metal for Team Dark) I also have: Tails Work Shop, the Death Egg, Power Plants/Water Wheels and Never Lake (as a unique tile) Sketched out here, but haven't sussed out what their purposes could be yet. ------------------------- Teams: Freedom FIghters: Sonic, Sally, Amy, Cream, Tails. (Reserve: Bunnie, Rotor, Antoine, Uncle Chuck, Big) Chaotix: Knuckles, Vector, Mighty, Espio, Charmy. Team Dark: Shadow, Rouge, Omega (When asked why they're only a three man team Shadow had this to say: "we're the coolest!"). Eggman Empire: Metal, Robotnik, Motobug, Egg Robo, Egg Pawn. (Reserve: Buzz bomber, Tails Doll) Wild Cards (Nack, Ray, Chaos, A whole hoard more I'll keep to myself). That's about all I got so far.
  5. Comics receive passionate debate about quality control / brand management.

    -- Meanwhile  --

    Paramount: "It's Alive, it's Alive! Mahahahah!!!!"

  6. Cuz

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    The former don't have as many cross echidnas attached though. 😛
  7. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Why ask the higher ups to clarify something if none of your immediate pitches touch on, or incorporate it? I mean, Ian's a master at tap dancing around these situations where he can.
  8. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm fond of the theory that the whole thing is a result of mistranslation. Like two worlds was meant figuratively as in different cultures or regions.
  9. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Well my secret is that don't read these month to month like a slow IV drip, and instead wait until there's a bit of a backlog. Good point, and one day those kids will grow up and with any luck the materiel will grown with them. Though at that point I have to wonder if maybe I'm patient to a fault?
  10. Think I'm one of the few who actually liked Sonic X!Sonic. Admittedly he wasn't enough of a friend to his friends, that's gotta change, but otherwise he was much more reserved and introverted then his game counterpart, or really any counterpart has ever been. Like they sort of doubled down so hard on the beach bum aspects of "Cool" they twisted it into something else. I find it fascinating, whatever it is. Still, I generally think there's more potential for Sonic with a larger then life Bugs Bunny route than more traditional character writing .
  11. I'm the complete opposite side of the fence there. I think he's more believable right now, from Color-Forces (probably because a "90's surfer dude stereotype" is more attainable than the vagabond philosopher thing he had going for a while), than he's ever been and that's precisely what I would change going forward. You see for me Sonic is at his best when he's *ahem* "[living] on the edge of a knife, larger than life", (feel free to shoot me if I do that again). It's common practice to write flawed characters and avoid the dreaded Mary Sue moniker, but with Sonic I'd prefer to see writers take the trickier Superman approach and make him into an ideal of devil-may-care heroics and life lessons. Lost World is probably the most obvious example of a game breaking with that idea, simply by breaking the conch shell, it's the first time I can recall that Sonic is made to learn a lesson rather then teach one. That's on top of Tails overacting and having a hissy fit and by the end Sonic gets to pay for that one too.
  12. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    (Oops this was supposed to be an edit to my last post. My bad.)
  13. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Lol, I'm not that generous! If this thing hasn't struck some cords by issue 50 there's indeed cause for concern but, in keeping with what I said, I'm using Archie as benchmark and expecting more out of year three then one or two honestly. Right now almost everything just feels like setup to me and I'm waiting for the payoffs.
  14. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I honestly feel it's just expectations being set too high for such a short span of time. Archie wasn't anything to write home about until at least issue 25 in my eyes. This stone just needs time to gather moss.

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