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  1. From Trails in the Sky, to Grandia this JRPG train marches on with isometric goodness.

  2. Trails in the Sky FC was a game I liked very much. On to chapter 2!

  3. Preach! I've never been able to truly get behind that mutant chao. While it's not his voice for me it comes down to him looking over-designed, and I've always been sore about his overall place in the story. I mean did we really need a new character to go palling around the globe with Sonic? Those were quality interactions that could of been crafted around Tails, and/or Amy, not this one-and-done celebrity guest star, and no him secretly being a giant golem who punches Midgard serpents out for a living does not score any points with me.
  4. *Points to SA2's multi-player foot races* Can... I just have more of that, please, like pretty please? More characters, more stages of course, but just "that" worked so well for me.
  5. The absence of FFVII Remake discourse is weird. 

    1. KHCast


      Probably because a lot of members here don’t have or want PlayStations

    2. Soniman


      Game just came out dude 

    3. Cuz


      Guess I'm kind of spoiled seeing all these people with early releases in Europe and Australia. xD

      Even if folks aren't playing it, I was still expecting some hype to be going on in the general video games board. 

    4. Celestia


      Everyone's too busy playing it!

  6. *Long cig drag*

    "Canon? What is canon really? Does it matter anymore?" 

  7. need JRPGs stat! 

    Dragon Quest 11?

    Seiken Densetsu 3?

    I don't know... Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together?

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Literally any Disgaea game (Nippon Ichi/NIS in general)

      Literally any Fire Emblem game

      Atelier Ryza

      The Ys series, Trails of the Skies series, and Tokyo Xanadu (Falcom in general)

      Tokyo Mirage Sessions

      Persona 2 duology

      Odin Sphere

    2. Cuz


      Played and loved Disgaea 1.

      Modern Fire Emblem looks impenetrable to me. Maybe if I approach it from the snes era up. 

      Ys 3 is on my bucket list. 

      As is Odin Sphere (Big fan of Muramasa the Demon Blade)


      I know nothing about Trails, Tokyo Xanadu, Mirage Sessions, or Atelier Ryza. Might be worth a looks. Thanks!


    3. Polkadi~☆


      Dragon Quest 8

    4. Detective Kaito

      Detective Kaito

      Dragon Quest 11 S is amazing.

      Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana is the best Action RPG I've ever played.

    5. Polkadi~☆


      If you want Japanese Action RPGs, you can never go wrong with Dark Souls. I'm serious.

    6. Cuz


      I've been through DQ's 1,2,5, and 8 now. :D 

      Oh, Ys VIII's on the Switch is it? Tempting.

    7. Cuz


      I have the first Dark Souls, I got suckered into it's environments and overlapping level design. But, I'm looking for more traditional RPGs over action based at the moment. Just came off of finishing DQ5 and I'm debating if I really want to get into 11 so soon after. 

    8. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

       I think the SNES era of FE is pretty good. Mystery is literally 2 games in one so...

      Odin Sphere is actually my favorite game of all time. Its remaster really helps it out.

      I will say this at least. Atelier Ryza was THE best JRPG experience from last year I had and its one of the best games I've played. It was a more experimental title in the Atelier series due to a revamped battle system that keeps you on your toes. I guess it might spoil yourself to earlier games in the Atelier series but its still very worth.

      Usually the Atelier games are about a girl going on their own and making it big via alchemy. Its a very chilled series but there's usually something special about every game like kingdom management or a magical painting. Ryza in particular starts out small where the title character is trying to figure out what she wants to do in life until an alchemist from a foreign land comes in and teaches her alchemy. I love the small personal goals that leads to character growth and later on Ryza and friends get involved with bigger stuff.

      I've been hooked on it personally and its a really fun experience. I really really recommend this game.

    9. Polkadi~☆


      DQ11S is massive improvement over massive improvement for the series. It streamlines things and feels much more modern. My only complaint is that it isn't truly open world, and is sectioned off by loading screens.

    10. Cuz


      Yeah, it really looks to be cut from the same cloth as 8. I just hope I end up liking nearly as much. It's hard to top a game with Morrie the Monster Arena manager.

    11. Cuz


      Thanks for all the suggestions I'm probably gonna go with DQ11 for now and work on getting Ys: III.

  8. You don't need to write long posts, per say, but do challenge yourself to include sentences that support your stance. You'd naturally get closer to paragraph length and have a more convincing argument. Things like pointing out specific instances in the comic that support your stance, and include things like how you expect Amy to act.
  9. The bunny has had all she can take, and she can't takes no more.
  10. Sonic R, fire when ready, but it's honestly such a short, sweet, racing game. I end up burning through a half hour unlocking everything, zoning out to the music and I feel satisfied by the end.
  11. Action, Adventure, the Chaotix in supporting roles. I'm honestly not that hard to please. My dream would be something akin to the OVA. Vast islands in the sky teeming with caves and ancient ruins to explore. Sonic and his friends are treasure hunters uncovering magic rings, chaos emeralds and their secrets. Robotnik has his badniks serve as excavating tools and they get into fights with our heroes as they try to leave with their loot. Robotnik stuffing people into his badniks has swamped the Chaotix Detective Agency with missing person inquires, so they work with Sonic to pull people out and reconnect them with family. Not just Sonic, but Amy, Vector, and Rouge, could have their own custom planes as that's how you get from island to island in this universe, and it kind of further brands the character's own treasure hunting clicks into teams. Maybe use that to get some light hearted team racing inspired episodes. It all gets very Disney's TaleSpin meets Mega Man Legends.
  12. Yeah the Speed/Power/Flight dynamic isn't going to work with that setup at all. Mina's has a good claim to speed type, and really Sally would have a hard time fitting into a category. While I want the freedom fighters to make a immigration to the games, or IDW one day. There's got to be a better approach than Sonic heroes team dynamics. Sally's gonna naturally fit a tech role as Tails and Robotnik do. It would be cool seeing the brash side of Amy's leadership contrast with Sally defensive mother-bear leadership. I actually can see earnest chemistry between Sally and Amy. Mina in the games sounds like a wild card though.
  13. Not a lot of takers for my Ancient Walker revival cult I see? Too bad this was one I always liked looking back. You don't get that many super forms in a room every day. I actually like Athair, but a good chunk of that I wanna say, it's been a good while, comes from the upcoming Lost Tribe arc.
  14. "The Deepest Fear" tackled it, and it was a pretty extreme hydrophobia if I recall. It's like the 3rd episode I caught as a kid. So it stays in memory. Also known as the one where the sibs meet SpongeBob's great grand dad. 😛 Cap'n Squegee absorbent, grey and porous is he. I mean Underground is were Sonic's constantly spouting: "Water! Why's it have to be water!"
  15. Yeah, basically what they already said. Espio's quirky ninja or Chameleon based abilities are where his appeal lives and dies at. I get where you're coming from, I think his ninja motif holds him back more than anything else, he would have so much more potential really if he got more rounded character moments than just being a strong silent stereotype. But the dude has: a huge tongue, invisibility, can stick to surfaces Spider-Man style, and has his own spinning technique. Beyond being ridged and underused, what's not to love?
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