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  1. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Oh no! Marine's finally gone over the deep end hasn't she?
  2. "How many Shadows do we need?"

    Now there's a question.

  3. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    Just a quick chaotic drawing this time. ^^
  4. Cuz

    Why Sonic Underground Sucks (In my Opinion)

    Yeah, as I understood it Hurst is actually responsible for some of Underground’s better episodes, and while he was involved with a SatAM movie pitch at one point. You’re conflating him with the guy who dicked over the Archie comic. Story goes he also caused the pitch to fall through.
  5. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    In addition he was the star of Forces DLC which was kind of, sort of, integral to understanding Infinite as a villain, and it doesn't get any more recent than Forces right now. Honestly I thought post-reboot Archie moved a fairly slow clip, so this isn't really news to me. Actually makes me all the more satisfied that I'm waiting until the comic has a couple dozen issues before seriously diving or weighting in.
  6. Ah, finally got to introduce a young fan to Nazo. It warms my heart. ^_^

    1. VEDJ-F


      But everyone knows about Super Sonic. 

    2. Cuz


      Yeah, but you see he's basically coming up with Sonic-by-way-of-Dragonball-Z all on his own. So, I think it's about time. xD

  7. Hmm, posts are starting to replicate themselves again...

  8. Take a look inside your heart. What seemed fair today... tomorrow it may not. Just one more journey. Don't stop reaching high. Don't let the times pass you by.


  9. So, how much would it take to convince Sakurai to put tripping back in?

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      Leak the dlc characters.

  10. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    Some more Tekno fun. Eh, while I'm here: I've already shown most of these in another topic a few months back, but they're small and pithy why not include them for completion sake. (Now with staunch French coyote).
  11. Cuz

    Archie Sonic Main Discussion

    Ah, 5:56-6:02 - "That gives birth to the gene mutated world of the story" That's just hyperbole. He's over-exaggerating.
  12. This is awesome! Sara makes an odd amount of sense given her role in piloting Mecha Robotnik as Eggy's "hostage", 😆 and I'm ecstatic to see Tekno make her first leap from print to motion picture! Probably my favorite character to come from Fleetway's neck of the franchise. I love the comic exaggeration in the profiles, the size of the Piko Hammers, and Cream's (adorable) ears really make those characters standout among the crowd. (Heh, Catty Carlise)
  13. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    You know what's a crying shame? There's not nearly enough Tekno art out there! I'll see what I can do about that. I imagine somewhere there's an equally pained Sally aggressively typing back at her on Nicole over some forgotten chat room. (Darn, that's the 2nd time I forgot her loopy power-earrings. >_<) Sketch:
  14. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    It's just GraphicsGale, a lot of indie devs and pixel artists recommend it. That's why I originally picked it up, but I find it quite fun to use with traditional art as well. It's nice for working with sprite animations: The whole process of cleaning things up digitally is pretty new and experimental to me.
  15. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art


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