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  1. Cool, IIRC they'll remain relatively consistent until Adventure changes them. I've taken note of them before, but didn't think they first developed this early on. Latest Bumblekast Spider-Man Far From Home.
  2. While I rarely return to Sonic 1 or 2. I often come back to 3&K and CD, and can safely say Mania has joined that list of classics that get regular play from me. I can get immersed in any one of the classic zones. The best zones feel like characters in their own right and that's what draws me back to the classics. It's also the fatal flaw of Knuckles Chaotix that prevents it from ever breaking bread with them... As for titles I enjoy booting up from time to time with no regard for popular opinion or critique, the "3D" Saturn-era titles like Sonic Fighters, and Sonic R get a lot of love from me. Fighters has quirky and expressive 3D models. Sonic R for as broken a racing game as it can be there's just this Zen quality to playing it. SA2 puts me in a similar state of mind, like I'm free running the foot race or treasure hunting stages. The physics just gel with me at this point.
  3. Village! the word you are looking for is village. xD So in the old days of Saturday morning cartoons there's the practice of getting stuff past the censors by going over the topic in your first script. Basically the extreme things get cut and the stuff the writers were really worried about getting taken out seem innocent in comparison. Well from the recent Bumblekast (#94) Ian mentioned that Iron Dominion started life as a similar "joke pitch" that he never expected to get off the ground. Thought that was interesting.
  4. Hell, Mecha Madness is just one of the best arcs in Archie's storied history. Can't wait to see the write up for this one. You've mentioned building anticipation for Endgame in the last couple reviews, and I'm just chuckling to myself "he doesn't even see this one coming". 😆 Oh and Metal Sonic totally happened already, did you sleep through issue 25 or the Knuckles Chaotix special? (granted a special's easy to miss when tackling the main numbered series like this)
  5. I may of read more into Amy's resolution at the end of Sonic Adventure then was actually there. To wit it sounded to me like she resolved to stop "overtly" chasing Sonic and instead become someone he respects, to flip the tables and focus on becoming a hero in her own right, where he's compelled to do the chasing. That's more or less how I've always read that ending, and it provides a nice anchoring point for why she put her own team together, took up an unhealthy obsession with boxercise that one time, and in recent times crops up organizing insurgence strikes for Knuckles.
  6. That was almost certainly the motion blur of his tails at one point, until the colorist got to them.
  7. That fits. In SatAM the gang would scavenge parts from Roboticizers to build a De-Roboticizer. It's probably just a modification.
  8. It's worth nothing that Bean and Bark weren't initially bad guys either until Ian popularized them as such. I agree there is room for both for the same reason you just gave, and given Sonic's sparse rogues galley. Never the less, that's usually the train of thought that gets used to shutdown any dreams of fang's revival. That and toting around a gun in a series aimed at kids, I mean that's Shadow's thing. and I was being candid in calling her "Shadow's keeper". 😛
  9. They're alike in that they're both treasure hunters whose defining vice is greed. Granted Rouge also has love interest, power house, super spy, and shadow's keeper going on, but she started with a similar archetype and grew out from it.
  10. Tad off-topic but I recall Knux could steer the thing in Fleetway. Assaults the Death Egg with it at some point. (I kind of feel bad talking about events so far a head of your reading, if you'd like me to shut up and wait for you to get there do say so. That said...) It, practically, never is prevalent to anything to be honest... it only comes up once before the A.D.A.M. story. Sonic chances upon a planet with red emeralds and... funny enough, channels a psycho Super Sonic separate from himself a la Fleetway, but there's no explanation for them and why they work the way they do is left ambiguous. The revelation of five other colors on five more planets only happens as they're melted down. Outside of that one off, we've just got green chaos emeralds that are about as rare as actual gem stones for most of the book. Ian's "Infinity Crisis" events tend to work that way, take a detail that everyone's written off, or taken for granted, and finally give it some context... and destroy the concept in the very same swoop. Want to know what silly affects those other colors might of had on Sonic? So would I... That kind of reads like I'm hating on Ian's writing, so let me just clarify that I really do love how he tears down the status quo in suitably epic ways, but it's a double-edged sword when the shakes up start happening too frequently.
  11. Most of the infamous stuff rolls in with Ken's Mobius 25 years series. That's like #131. So, not until the early 2000's. It's more the Dreamcast and Gamecube's generation.
  12. I'm aware, but it puts Hurst in Penders' vicinity as early as Underground's production that's '98-9'ish. Unless the movie pitch was earlier it's the furthest back I can track Hurst working with *anyone* with Archie!Sonic connections.
  13. Depends when that connection was established? I'd kind of like to know. I know he worked with Hurst on a movie pitch, the SatAM box art, and I'd speculate they may of been working together as early as Underground given Athair made the cut.
  14. Yay! Someone else made it to #35. Gotta love how trippy it is. If nothing else that One Billionth ring turns out to be a nifty McGuffin on occasion. Combots? I want to say they're more commonly employed by Robo-Robotnik rounds about issues 75 to 100. What connections? and bring in what way? He never struck me as a character Ken had any interest in...
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