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  1. Tommy for me was just that character that wouldn't stay dead! It seemed like he had so many martyred moments, I half expected him to walk this one off back in the day. It's fitting he takes the form of phoenix in the next chapter with how often he rises from the ashes. On top of that he was one more for the brain trust then we really needed. I mean I'll go to bat for Rotor, Chuck or even Nate Morgan, but Tommy was pushing it.
  2. Welp, Mon Colle Knights, Rose of Versailles, and Dragon Ball Z Buu Saga all arrived at the same time. Guess I'm on one hell of an anime binge! xD

  3. More Arts. :D

  4. Okay, these are looking pretty presentable now. Gonna go ahead and spin this into it's own topic since they're far removed from my traditional art. Anyone familiar with Heroclix, or Warhammer? (I'm only familiar with former honestly. ^^;), Miniature tabletop gaming? I casually fall in and out of Heroclix, which is a tabletop wargame that, at least to me, seems more approachable then Warhammer. It's kind of like chess with the flexibility of trading card games. It's Mostly kept alive with waves of Marvel and DC characters, though it has crossed over to other series every now and again. Anyways, one of my pipe dreams was to make custom units of series that'll probably never see their way into the game. (Though I don't know, they throw some good curveballs like Street Fighter, Yu-gi-oh, and TMNT). Well that's looking less and less like a pipe dream now. Have at look at some miniature Sonic sculptures I'm working on. These are sculpted from scratch, and I just hand painted them. Still have a few details I want to add paint wise, namely shading effects. You may notice Bunnie's limbs are black, and Nicole just has a primer layer and splotches. Those are some of the details I plan to get to. Oh and the eyes are kind of hit, or miss. Before paint: Yes, the plan is to will figures of the core Freedom Fighters into existence; (that includes Sonic and Tails), and I'll branch off from there. Probably doing the core game cast next. So, if your not into the FF, don't worry! I'll cover the usual suspects ere long. Though they're not on Clix bases, I am also thinking up Clix dials for them to use in home games. What do you think? I know Sally's kind of not up to scale with the others, but this could of gone so much worse then it did. Do you have any experience with Warhammer and such tabletop games? I've wanted to do something like this for so long, but I was always searching for information in the wrong places. I learned about heavier duty sculptures instead, and didn't even realize "miniatures" was the word for this scale sculpture until recently. Once I did it all clicked into place.
  5. Anyone recognize what series this Yetee shirt is referencing? I can't quite place my finger on it. a-golden_640x.jpg?v=1619653052

    1. Thigolf


      Golden Sun!

    2. Cuz


      Ah! That would explain it, as I've played too little Golden Sun to recognize a stylized take. xD


  6. Nack's best bets for making it over to the modern era would of been in getting rescued in Sonic Heroes like the Chaotix did, or, I personally believe, he stood a good chance in the next game, Shadow the Hedgehog. Funny enough he just kind of fits stupid well with the tone of that game then anywhere else. He's the scrapped, or "classic locked" character with the most appearances in the games, though Mighty might be most popular and better known thanks to his membership card with the Chaotix. For my own alternate takes? As I understand it there was a brief time in the franchise when Sally Acorn stood an honest chance at breaking into the main cast. It's been cited that one of the reasons behind the decision to keep her alive during the Endgame arc was SEGA asking them hold off as they were considering her for their own projects, and that brings to mind the similarities between her and Tiara.
  7. Unpopular opinion time, but I've always liked Sonic as a knight damn it! I was down for it in Black Knight and I've always been down for it here. I can understand the modern backlash that it runs contrary to his image as an untethered free spirit. On paper it doesn't sound like it should work, but I don't care. Knights are cool, man! and it's not like Sonic was ever shy about speaking his mind, and defying the crown if he had to with or without the title, and it measures up with Mario, and Link who are knights in their own right. Yeah, I also wasn't too big on that arc. It's self-contained and alternate universe-y and I prefer things that impact the broader narrative. I'm also relatively cold to Silver in general. Which isn't his fault, the franchise just can't figure out what to do with him. Similarly Omega he's just kind of there in the cast for me. Not really doing anything for me to think of him in the negative not really doing enough to go in the positive. Same, Ian's longer arcs are usually my favorites, Iron Dominion probably being the biggest success. I kind of lament that this era your reading now is a succession of 3 or 4 part arcs. Even if the arcs themselves are gold. I kind of prefer how old Archie was defined in 25 issue milestone rather then arcs.
  8. Yeah, the thing about Naugus, and why I prefer Mogul to him, is that he really only had one legit shot as the big villain of the book, and that was all the ways back in World Tour. Just as he was gearing up for his come back tour the Pendering happened and washed it all away. He got the short end of the stick. Their mother was one of Nagus enforcers along side Kodos, and Max, and that's the only connection I can think of. It's a weak connection, but it's there. -and that's all covered in the next paragraph- xD
  9. Exactly what are you looking for? The Sal/Nicole pairing isn't exactly an uncommon question, and gets brought up in a couple episodes. Definitely search the master list that was linked in the other topic, (ctrl+f is your friend), to find the relevant episodes. Here's one. TyranoRex5 Is Sally Acorn gay or bi? She liked Sonic before the reboot, but it was implied she went for Nicole after the reboot. Did the wave change her? Revolving Door of Morality - BumbleKast #105 - YouTube
  10. Art Stuffs.

    This isn't quite ready to be shown off yet, but maybe just a small one. Mostly cause I'm curious if it reads as well to other people as it does me. ^^; 

    Got some green stuff and been teaching myself mini sculpture. Not gonna make a big deal about it until I have like a set of figures to show off. Always wanted to do my own set of Custom Heroclix, but until now my studies always landed in the heavy duty, like classical sculpture. Anyways.... 


    Here's the first a peek:



    This is probably be all I say on it until I get a few more, and maybe painted. 

  11. I don't think I'll ever get tired of the fanon image of Shadow being overly invested in Cream like a doting big brother. xD

    1. Zaysho


      There's a specific image of Shadow teaching Cream how to use a gun that I love but the artist seems to have deleted their account and I didn't think to save it.

    2. Cuz


      That's one of the 3 exact images that come to mind when I think about this trope! xD I could probably find it somewhere if I tried. 

      Shadow Teaches Cream how to use a Gun : SonicTheHedgehog

      The others are that one cover of Sonic Universe with Cream on his bike, and someone just did a little strip.

      Cream: "I got into a fight."

      *Shadow barrels thru shoving Vanilla and Rouge aside*

      "Did you win or lose?!"

      Love it. xD

    3. Zaysho


      Yes, that's the one. Thank you!

    4. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Makes me think of that Doom Slayer/Isabelle dynamic

  12. Tired: The Rock playing Knuckles

    Wired: The Rock driving the GUN Truck. 🙃

    1. Piko


      Extra wired: The Rock playing the president

  13. True, though that the OVA is kind of the progenitor of that idea. ^^;
  14. It's really just the one scene IIRC. But, yeah I can't imagine editing the film in any way. I tend to theory craft continuations instead. Like I'm with the spirit behind getting Amy in on this, but just superimposing her into Sara's role is clumsy and not what I want. Instead I'd introduce Amy as like a part of Sara's circle of friends, again in a hypothetical extended series. and I'd love to expand on Knuckles, but I would need to be careful not to ditch this treasure hunter version in favor of something more game accurate.
  15. Fair point, though as you noted, I find my criticisms carry over to IDW a good deal. So I think it's fair to pen them as a feature of Ian's work over any executive meddling.
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