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  1. That's just standard comic pseudo science. The Flash would be proud. Oh the reading order's about to get a little complicated with super specials, and the Knux mini series all criss crossing with the mainline books. Both Knuckles next mini series and the Super Special: Brave New World comes before Sonic #53. And Return of the King hits off some time after #55 which I believe places it directly after.
  2. That is what I like about that big scaly crocodile, by now being in on the joke or scheme a cut before everyone else, while also getting to bumble along with the crew is something I chalk up as a character trait now. and I also always bought into the line being mistranslated and intending to say "Did you know shadow was a robot?"
  3. I'm a big fan of the art in this one. Robotnik backed up by all the doppelgangers with their full on metal appearances, is possibly one of my favorites panels in the series history. I always thought Snively had something to do with the trap, but it's been too long for me remember this era too well, you guys probably have a better handle on dropped plots and recons then I do.
  4. I'm torn between Mushroom or Pumpkin Hill. Bringing back the season changes for 3D would be pretty awesome, and Pumpkin Hill is a modern aesthetic that hasn't been done too often. Heck running through Pumpkin Hill (a zone originally all about gliding) at a modern games pace would be unique enough in itself.
  5. Blast to the Past part 1. Sonic does actually whistle for Dulcy in one instance on SatAM. In a despite for dear life sort of way, as him and Sally fall off a floating island, that's probably what they're pulling from there.
  6. What makes or breaks Endgame are if you can swallow how it answers it's little murder mystery, if you can let those slide and hindsight hasn't killed it for you already (Ken's name is sort of mud now days, and you already alluded to Thrash with the Tasmanian Devils) you might enjoy it overall.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. Probably one of the more doomed of the Freedom Fighters thanks to the family connection. Uncle Chuck is one of my favorite parental figures in the franchise. In SatAM he's, in a way, an interesting spin on a Metal Sonic, and character-wise you can see some of Sonic's traits reflective in him. Like the Freedom Fighters Chuck has been surprisingly resilient in the series thanks to existing in the margins of 2 cartoons and the Archie comics.
  9. That very much the one. As for the broader topic, I generally like this take on Robotnik. I specifically like the idea of him living up to his stated 300 IQ, and the idea that that causes him to crossover into morally sound stances once in a while is cool. Personally I'd like seeing the opposite applied to Sonic, dubious traits and elements of the doctor reflecting onto him. For all the ways they're different both of them do share an ego, and I think that's an interesting perspective just with far less material to work with.
  10. It's a completely different arc, but that's what he says when they're brought back together way back in Season 1's finale. I never thought to hard on it, but he's clutches them and remarks they'll never been separated ever again. There's a whole wealth of ways to interpret that, but on the face of it.... he quite literally says "mine, mine, all mine"
  11. That's more or less what I sum up the general distaste for Chris's character as. He proceeds to bar Sonic from leaving with the rest of the cast, and at least on one occasion calls the collective chaos emerald *his*. The point being the way Robotnik talks down to him in this moment is uniquely constructive. Like a parent disciplining a child. He's not being a villain he's teaching a hard lesson.
  12. One of my personal favorites, and it almost doesn't read like an act of kindness, (since it affords the Doctor the chance to gloat and monologue, but with some real moral fiber behind his words) Towards the end of Season 2 (episode 49 I believe) he gives out some tough advice when Chris comes barging into his base accusing him of causing the whole singularity thing that necessitates Sonic and crew having to leave Earth. At first he plays into it, but quickly turns around with a "wise up kid, this is over my head.... " speech spelling out that the he's reaching really hard for someone to blame and ultimately just looking to lash out. A rare moment were Chris is called out for being a bit of a brat.
  13. Oh, wow! I never put it together before, but that antlion is an unused badnik; isn't it?!
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  15. If Sonic goes off world, is it still His World? Does he like... own the deed? 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic has a habit of living in his own little world in his head.

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