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  1. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    Thank you for the comments. I appreciate them. Have a hip-ity hop: Been sitting on this one for too long. High time I did something with it. Pencil Sketch:
  2. Season 1 again but hover boots & "A nice dream, but dream's were meant to be.... broken". Still few and far between. xD I'm also very curious about that "little freedom fighter uprising in the northern frontier" Julian felt the need to personally stomp out in an afternoon.
  3. Cuz

    Cuz It's Art

    I drew some Whispers. Enjoy quietly. Pencil Sketches:
  4. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I'm afraid to ask so I shan't. Creepy was certainly not the goal though, sorry about that.
  5. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Okay I'm done for now. This was too much fun not to do. 😃
  6. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Quick someone check the cargo holds! ....Shoot, I seriously underestimated this idea hang on I'll be back... with art.
  7. I've got from not giving two cents about this movie and having the lowest prospects for it to strangely and hopelessly rooting for it in the span of 2 seconds. This is either going to be some Christoper Robin feels or a dumpster fire brighter than a thousand stars, and I can't tell which. ;_;

  8. On the bright side Ghost Busted at least pulled double duty by bringing Tails along and giving him some much needed development. Seriously though, Bunnie's the team's muscle and she has nothing to do in nearly the whole series! Even season one barely centered anything around her. Rotor's got the pilot, Sub, Harmonic, and various odds and ends in season 2. Bunnie's relegated to the corners of other people's episodes.
  9. I very much agree. I wish anybody not named Antoine got more to do in the season two. One had a balance that the second lacks, between Ant and Dulcy. If I recall one of the producers or executives thought that Ant was a riot and the writers tried to play up to him. A vast majority of my favorite episodes are rooted in that first season. I'd describe SatAM as over ambitious. It wants, and tries, to do more then it competently can and that's kind of endearing.
  10. Cuz

    Revive One, Banish Another

    I'm honestly not sure what they'd do with Marine. Not to hate she just seems like an especially auxiliary character.
  11. For all the critique of Sonic and Sally. I always liked that (at their best) it always read to me like they were 'meant' to challenge eachother as two characters on equal footing. They were both capable of giving eachother a hard time, I don't think it was all Sally ragging Sonic with the idiot-ball. To me it's a refreshing dynamic since it's rare that Sonic's paired with people that don't have to look up him to some degree. Not that I don't also enjoy that aspect about him, (that Sonic can be more of an ideal than a character at times), and that's not to say SatAM's Sonic couldn't be as inspiring as Game!Sonic either. To give some positive points to him: when Rotor feels like a sub par member of the team Sonic's there to talk him up in Sub Sonic, or how about in Warp Sonic where he altruistically splints the power stone in two for Griff. That a move right out of modern Sonic's playbook. Happy birthday SatAM.
  12. Cuz

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    Welll.... -Don't get pneumonia.... just don't do it. -They address Silver's "language" in the relevant IDW Issue. In their minds 'crap' is simply not a swear. I don't follow this thread too closely but I believe that was a hotly debated topic, and some fun was had at Shadow and Silver's expense concerning chaos emeralds and their damned-able nature. -For all plans concerning abandoned Archie plot-lines please refer to Ian's future best seller - Lost Hedgehog Tales. Release date: TBA - Indefinitely. -Plans for QuakeWoman, and other Megaman comic threads if that series had continued were briefly discussed. The Megaman Soccer arc we never got. -Ian mentions that there have been some character approval jittering around in IDW Sonic. Stresses that such unnamed characters are likely not barred from appearing all together, rather they were not approved for the specific storyline. I imagine Cream probably figures in there somewhere. He does believe that any living modern character is on the table. -Apparently Team Dark was killed off in Worlds Unite because the Editor really wanted someone to die and Ian knew the reset button was just around the corner. - (Long Marvel Movie credits scroll) ....Tangle's Village will return. Naming the other locations just seems like needless fluff to them. - He couldn't continue the Sonic Underground TV show even if he wanted to... but it they could they'd recast Robotnik as Jim Cummings. Nuff said. For Sonic Underground as planned in Sonic Universe... please refer to Ian's future best seller - Lost Hedgeho--- - Mobius 25 Years Later. Cream is an awesome adventurer, Cheese is a light chao, King Shadow's causing troubles somewhere, somehow, and Rouge owns a chain of Casino Night Zones. Breezie would be envious. Amy takes the time stones and has awesome time traveling adventure (sadly no word on green Canary sidekicks 😥). - King Nigel Acorn to (handheld) Nicole: "How are you my adopted daughter? You're next in line for the crown in case Sally cax it!" - Ian does not intend for Sonic to come off as mean to Silver. - Silver's time traveling will remain undefined until Sega defines it. God help us all. - Archie Sonic is no longer canon. You're all free now. - Interesting bit about Knuckles and spiritual themes that led to pairing him with Chip in Archie. - Ian really likes the implications of Blaze's fate in Sonic '06. Iblis being sealed in her, and shoved into another dimension. Really wants to explore it. - Origins of a Linkara cameo in Archie. - Are Chaotix Classic/and/or Modern/Spicy Jalapeno/ or Ranch? Nothing new on that front. They acknowledge that Knuckles Chaotix is almost certainly non-canon these days, but with the more solid Classic/Modern divide being so new verdict still out. - SA3 is after Shadow 2, and before Storybook 3. Mark your continuity timelines people! -Ian has a momentary lapse in judgement and proclaims that Sonic 4 Ep. 2 was in fact good. -Ian is not a harbor. Do not park your ships on his shore.... They will be towed.
  13. Cuz

    Your Unanswered Sonic Questions

    She literally blows away in the wind at the top of the game. xD
  14. Cuz

    Revive One, Banish Another

    Kind of like the ol' hurt and heal forum games. xD I'd revive Honey the Cat, Nack/Fang the Weasel,Wolf, Jerboa, Kangaroo (whatever species he wants to be this month), and Chao (gardens). Banish Zazz, Zavok, and Wisps I suppose, (don't really have an issue with the Wisps, but Chao are so much more involving then anything they've done with Wisps so far).
  15. This one's for @Alexios31 #111Jeff Axer #95 - Fry and Lim again

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