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  1. Yeah, more or less, Sonic has 2 birthday celebrations over the books history, and a gap year from his time lost in space. So you could agrue it's 3 years.
  2. I mean, that's basically how it went. xD
  3. CD's one of my all time favorite soundtracks from this franchise, and only getting Boom from it is like only getting Live and Learn for SA2. I mean I'll darn well take them both, don't get me wrong, but those games have so much more to offer then the first two songs that comes to everybody's mind.
  4. For me it's the classic core all the way. Sonic, Robotnik, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy. Shadow's right behind them, and honestly with the latest direction Sega's taken him in has tanked his standing for me. He's better off in mothballs for now. and I've brought it up before, but Metal isn't all that important in my eyes. He's a cool design, I want to like him, but often he's just too hollow of a character. When he starts to do something interesting and grow a personality someone always comes along and pushes his reset button. ^^; and of course there are a ton of characters I wish were more important to the franchise, but I don't think wishful thinking is the point of the topic. xD
  5. From the Musical Event topic: Motobug (cytu.be) I have no earthly idea what the framework for it is honestly, you'll have to talk to one of the folks that actually mans the thing for that, but getting back to the event It was good stuff! Love the orchestral half. Kind of wish CD got more to show from it then Crush 40's take on Sonic Boom. Oh and what was up with the editing in that one announcement, I think it was for Dream's Come True, but there was a jump cut every other second, and it was just hilarious to me.
  6. Well, to be fair, the stadium community kind of gathered into the Motobug and live streamed it, and there were status updates flying by during the whole event.
  7. Sonic Essay 2: Battle

  8. Ahem. Attention Mega Man fan game guys! If you're looking for any unsolicited ideas: She has a hand cannon, and I would very much like to play as her in a Mega Man knock-off like yesterday. Please and thank you. ^^;
  9. ShyAwhoo sighted! 

  10. ... Yeah, in my experience the earliest IDW issues, in their original forms, are routinely out of stock, if not just plain out of print. Been trying to gun a couple of them for awhile now. ^^; Good luck.
  11. I don't know about easier storage I'm losing digital files all the time. xD Physical media is much easier on me to maintain.
  12. I wouldn't abandoned any of the long established ships over Sal/Khan anytime soon, but I wouldn't of minded the pairing lasting longer either. I get they were gonna go back to the original pairing sooner or later, but at least wait until they could come up with a better excuse to pull her away from Khan. xD Eh, I like the Sonic/Sally pairing for how fiercely stubborn, and independent both of them are. If Sal were to abdicate her position it'd feel just as wrong for her as asking Sonic to settle down is.
  13. Boom or not CD still got a little jipped, xD

    but regardless that was good stuff. 

    1. TheOcelot


      3K hardly had any as well.

      Can't play them all...unless they did a 4 hour concert, which I would be okay with :P

    2. Cuz


      At least 3&K showed up in it's proper place on the timeline with the rest of the Classics. CD had to wait for Crush 40 to get in. xD

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