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  1. You don't need to write long posts, per say, but do challenge yourself to include sentences that support your stance. You'd naturally get closer to paragraph length and have a more convincing argument. Things like pointing out specific instances in the comic that support your stance, and include things like how you expect Amy to act.
  2. The bunny has had all she can take, and she can't takes no more.
  3. Sonic R, fire when ready, but it's honestly such a short, sweet, racing game. I end up burning through a half hour unlocking everything, zoning out to the music and I feel satisfied by the end.
  4. Action, Adventure, the Chaotix in supporting roles. I'm honestly not that hard to please. My dream would be something akin to the OVA. Vast islands in the sky teeming with caves and ancient ruins to explore. Sonic and his friends are treasure hunters uncovering magic rings, chaos emeralds and their secrets. Robotnik has his badniks serve as excavating tools and they get into fights with our heroes as they try to leave with their loot. Robotnik stuffing people into his badniks has swamped the Chaotix Detective Agency with missing person inquires, so they work with Sonic to pull people out and reconnect them with family. Not just Sonic, but Amy, Vector, and Rouge, could have their own custom planes as that's how you get from island to island in this universe, and it kind of further brands the character's own treasure hunting clicks into teams. Maybe use that to get some light hearted team racing inspired episodes. It all gets very Disney's TaleSpin meets Mega Man Legends.
  5. Yeah the Speed/Power/Flight dynamic isn't going to work with that setup at all. Mina's has a good claim to speed type, and really Sally would have a hard time fitting into a category. While I want the freedom fighters to make a immigration to the games, or IDW one day. There's got to be a better approach than Sonic heroes team dynamics. Sally's gonna naturally fit a tech role as Tails and Robotnik do. It would be cool seeing the brash side of Amy's leadership contrast with Sally defensive mother-bear leadership. I actually can see earnest chemistry between Sally and Amy. Mina in the games sounds like a wild card though.
  6. Not a lot of takers for my Ancient Walker revival cult I see? Too bad this was one I always liked looking back. You don't get that many super forms in a room every day. I actually like Athair, but a good chunk of that I wanna say, it's been a good while, comes from the upcoming Lost Tribe arc.
  7. "The Deepest Fear" tackled it, and it was a pretty extreme hydrophobia if I recall. It's like the 3rd episode I caught as a kid. So it stays in memory. Also known as the one where the sibs meet SpongeBob's great grand dad. 😛 Cap'n Squegee absorbent, grey and porous is he. I mean Underground is were Sonic's constantly spouting: "Water! Why's it have to be water!"
  8. Yeah, basically what they already said. Espio's quirky ninja or Chameleon based abilities are where his appeal lives and dies at. I get where you're coming from, I think his ninja motif holds him back more than anything else, he would have so much more potential really if he got more rounded character moments than just being a strong silent stereotype. But the dude has: a huge tongue, invisibility, can stick to surfaces Spider-Man style, and has his own spinning technique. Beyond being ridged and underused, what's not to love?
  9. That's just standard comic pseudo science. The Flash would be proud. Oh the reading order's about to get a little complicated with super specials, and the Knux mini series all criss crossing with the mainline books. Both Knuckles next mini series and the Super Special: Brave New World comes before Sonic #53. And Return of the King hits off some time after #55 which I believe places it directly after.
  10. That is what I like about that big scaly crocodile, by now being in on the joke or scheme a cut before everyone else, while also getting to bumble along with the crew is something I chalk up as a character trait now. and I also always bought into the line being mistranslated and intending to say "Did you know shadow was a robot?"
  11. I'm a big fan of the art in this one. Robotnik backed up by all the doppelgangers with their full on metal appearances, is possibly one of my favorites panels in the series history. I always thought Snively had something to do with the trap, but it's been too long for me remember this era too well, you guys probably have a better handle on dropped plots and recons then I do.
  12. I'm torn between Mushroom or Pumpkin Hill. Bringing back the season changes for 3D would be pretty awesome, and Pumpkin Hill is a modern aesthetic that hasn't been done too often. Heck running through Pumpkin Hill (a zone originally all about gliding) at a modern games pace would be unique enough in itself.
  13. Blast to the Past part 1. Sonic does actually whistle for Dulcy in one instance on SatAM. In a despite for dear life sort of way, as him and Sally fall off a floating island, that's probably what they're pulling from there.
  14. What makes or breaks Endgame are if you can swallow how it answers it's little murder mystery, if you can let those slide and hindsight hasn't killed it for you already (Ken's name is sort of mud now days, and you already alluded to Thrash with the Tasmanian Devils) you might enjoy it overall.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  16. It's a completely different arc, but that's what he says when they're brought back together way back in Season 1's finale. I never thought to hard on it, but he's clutches them and remarks they'll never been separated ever again. There's a whole wealth of ways to interpret that, but on the face of it.... he quite literally says "mine, mine, all mine"
  17. That's more or less what I sum up the general distaste for Chris's character as. He proceeds to bar Sonic from leaving with the rest of the cast, and at least on one occasion calls the collective chaos emerald *his*. The point being the way Robotnik talks down to him in this moment is uniquely constructive. Like a parent disciplining a child. He's not being a villain he's teaching a hard lesson.
  18. One of my personal favorites, and it almost doesn't read like an act of kindness, (since it affords the Doctor the chance to gloat and monologue, but with some real moral fiber behind his words) Towards the end of Season 2 (episode 49 I believe) he gives out some tough advice when Chris comes barging into his base accusing him of causing the whole singularity thing that necessitates Sonic and crew having to leave Earth. At first he plays into it, but quickly turns around with a "wise up kid, this is over my head.... " speech spelling out that the he's reaching really hard for someone to blame and ultimately just looking to lash out. A rare moment were Chris is called out for being a bit of a brat.
  19. Oh, wow! I never put it together before, but that antlion is an unused badnik; isn't it?!
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  21. If Sonic goes off world, is it still His World? Does he like... own the deed? 

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Sonic has a habit of living in his own little world in his head.

  22. Went to sleep and now my brain feels like it ran a marathon... that's not how that's supposed to work... I didn't sign up for this! 

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Your brain:


  23. When you look past the classic series there’s Volnutt with ether Roll or Tron, .exe and Roll.exe reflect there operators Lan and Maylu. Zero’s got both Iris and Ceil, but as stated isn’t necessary a Mega. Come to think, there is a navigator that gets shipped with X among the fan base, but I can’t tell you if the game’s play into it any.
  24. Honestly I'd never heard it until the fan film: and even then it took even longer for me to realize the significance of the song, and to stumble on the original. I thought the lyrics were fan made a first. ( Yeah Their covers not one to one, but the fact remains I've never heard lyrics put to this theme until then. ) I can safely say I've never heard the Akon mix until right now. Which is kind of sad given how often I've queued-up Dreams of an Absolution and His World over the years. Kind of fits though, given how long it took me to find Dear Friend... honestly it would of been in my best interest for that emotional nuke to stay hidden. Awhhh, The ending theme has two names why can't the opener?! xD "Cosmic Eternity - Believe in Yourself" "Sonic Warrior - You Can Do Anything"
  25. Sonic 2's ending theme has lyrics that turn it into to a beautiful love song: Sweet Dream by Dreams Come True. I personally didn't know this until like 2, or 3 years ago. Makes me wonder if Sonic Warrior and Cosmic Eternity will pass into similar obscurity as they've been phased out of otherwise definitive remakes for licensing reasons.
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