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  1. So I found this thread about trump's worsening dementia, there's a post of trump failing to pronounce a hard C, has this sort of slurring by omission become commonplace? I hate listening to him talk, so I wouldn't know. "NPC" Is just repackaging "Sheeple" and pretending it's clever. As for SJW, why are you giving your opposition the title of "Warrior"?
  2. So, over the last month or so I ended up learning the entire story to Kingdom Hearts through various means, and there are a few things that stick out to me: Mickey Donald and Goofy in Kingdom Hearts are so weird to me. I think it's a holdover of when they intended for Mickey to be the main character (Probably the three of them going around in some Disney crossover RPG), but all three are really weird for basically being the only three Disney characters who aren't in character. Mickey being this extremely well informed authority figure is so weird when most of his cartoons are about him getting himself in over his head and cartoon logic-ing his way out. Donald and Goofy are almost even weirder for being these ardent members of Mickey's royal court when they were really just friends of his when they appeared in the same cartoon at all. The villains almost universally have the ability to come and go from Sora's immediate area basically no matter what. It really seems to undercut the significance of ongoing events when the villains can come and go with zero effort or risk to themselves, or weirdly, seem to chose not to. The former is exemplified in BBS when Aqua beats up Vanitas and then he laughs, hops up, and runs away. If he was beaten up, why is he able to just run away like that? If he was holding back and wasn't actually beaten up, why did he run away at all? Then an example of the latter, where the Organization XIII members just sticking around to die in CoM or Big Boss not retreating when the fight isn't going his way in 2. This ends up with Sora seemingly having no agency until the final battle.
  3. Mmm, interesting, considering that the concept of needing a job to live is going to have to go away in, well not sure what sort of term to call it, it really depends on how bad you're willing to let the situation get. Short version: The threat of replacing truckers with automated trucks is pretty huge, general automation is getting advanced and generic enough to replace factory workers, and AI could start replacing more generic creative fields. The only way to override a veto is with 2/3 of both houses, all I can think of would be for the house to vote to impeach him but then it's up to the senate again from there.
  4. I’ve seen some versions of Rouge that get rid of the bald spots and make up gun make up and it’s a pretty sizable improvement, seen in this, shall we say, teen rated video Coincidentally the other example I can think of also deals with getting rid of the “bald” spots but in this case it’s on a few of the non mammals, Espio and Charmy. I’m actually not 100% on charmy because what do you put there instead?, but Espio has some reasonable options including just giving it a more scaley texture.
  5. Is the cave BGM not the theme to Crank Yankers? I feel like I'm going crazy every time I hear it.
  6. Oh right Silver. Lot of missed opportunities there. I’ll list some: Silver isn’t sure if he’ll still exist if he stops iblis. Will preventing the disaster butterfly effect himself out of existence? Silver returns to the future he’s created, and finds that his history has been erased and or the huge culture shock prevents him from staying. Remember, the world he came from was more or less the game’s present day but on fire, he has little in common with whatever he finds How about not seemingly have written him as an author insertion fantasy persona? A new character who is sort of paired with the newish and popular Blaze shows up and thinks he has to take down Sonic because of a misunderstanding, this is such a fanfic premise. Blaze having only two segments in the entire story was a misstep considering her gameplay seems to have been, whether intentionally or not, designed to work around the game’s problems as much as they could. You have the option of double jumping instead of doing an empty homing attack, which is much more controllable, and the attack she did on the ground was great at ripping through the overpopulated enemies. Granted it’s fixing problems they made, but it remains true that she did suit the game the best. Wait I just realized, I’m still not actually sure if Shadow supposed to have amnesia in SA2. The weird flashbacks and the way his change of heart scene went kind of give that impression, but it’s also possible he remembered that entire scene through the entire game and only at the end realizes it was worth carrying out because... Amy kind of reminded him of Maria? The actual point with Shadow I wanted to make was that just giving him amnesia to where he remembers nothing was a misstep, does he really care that a life he can’t remeber either way was actually his or not? All they needed was for him to have enough gaps in his memory to sow doubt, he doesn’t need to suddenly become a scowly tabula rasa. On the subject of doubt, I think they should have poked just enough holes in black doom’s version of events that it isn’t clear how much of what he says is true. If they wanted to rehabilitate Eggman’s villain cred they could have also portrayed him as not actually caring if he was the real Shadow or not so long as he’s the strongest shadow. Not a single ending to Shadow the Hedgehog had him realize that he had to go because his planet needed him. They made so many endings and there wasn’t a single joke ending. It’s like they’ve never even heard of Silent Hill. It turns out I’m not surprised there’s so much to put in a thread of missed opportunities in regards to Sonic.
  7. I think this started on /pol or something like it, it's basically just the alt right's latest strawman, "sheeple" with video game terminology.
  8. So I had a minor revelation: this newish “Liberals are NPCs” angle you see the alt right doing is an astoundingly worse argument than I thought it was: it’s an ad hominem attack against the opposition’s argument. Proofreading that sentenace made cringe because wow, that’s really the level they’re at.
  9. Ah yeah I forgot Penders also pitched a SatAM based movie. I bring it up because Underground’s status as a non-sequel series to SatAM is so weird. I can’t imagine Underground had much going for it prior to Hurst’s inclusion, so I doubt anything of value was lost.
  10. I'm just going off my memory because wow I'm super not interested in trying to find this stuff again, but I recall that Sonic Underground had been through a lot of its pre production when someone central to SatAM was brought onboard (I think it's that guy who keeps pitching garbage SatAM based Sonic movies to Sega) and they promptly went about forcing in as many SatAM elements as they could get away with even though it was explicitly not the continuation of SatAM.
  11. I remember Sonic Heroes being a combination of the more derisive descriptors of SA2 only you keep stopping to do really boring combat from the tutorial of a ratchet and clank game. Then you fall off the level because they couldn't figure out how to make it hard otherwise. It's kinda just boring.
  12. Given the motivation for making the whole mess, I really get the idea that the design of the character was dictated by their desired gameplay, that is, they decided to just copy god of war and then design the character to that concept. After all, the whole point was to pad out the length of the game, but they were following the letter of the "Sonic only" fan demand with no regard to the intent or motivation, so this happened.
  13. My mind immediately jumps to All Stars Racing Transformed. And no, not the subject of including this character or that, or the flag man from Outrun (though they should have), it has to do with Sonic's Japanese voice actor's (Jun'ichi Kanemaru) other longtime role: Hayato Kazami, the protagonist of Cyber Formula. A little side note, fans of Jun'ichi Kanemaru should probably check out Cyber Formula as he is basically just doing the Sonic voice, and there are actually of lot of releases in the series. OK, so what is the missed opportunity? For most of Cyber Formula, Hayato is driving the Super Asurada: Yeah, a six wheeled transforming open wheel racing car, but somehow Danica Patrick ended up driving that game's six wheeled transforming open wheeled car. And I've got another one! But it's not the most straightforward one. A while back I actually thought that a character creator could be very useful for a Sonic game, but not for the single player. My idea was more along the lines of Sonic in 3D but actually, it would create an opportunity for a tribes-esque Capture the Flag multiplayer mode and a character creator would suit that well. Interesting coincidence, Tribes Ascend is my go to example of a developer not understanding what made their game fun or why people liked it. They seemed to think it was an usual FPS game where they had actually created a digital sport and the goofy dialog they wrote for the two sides really resonated with the audience. They kept trying to balance it like it was just a weird FPS, and the made it worse by introducing cosmetics that had nothing to do with the already in game factions.
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