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  1. got the game post pics or video in a bit
  2. One piece unlimted world red demo video part 1 is up

  3. Demo's for one piece unlimited world R and gaist crusher are up on the e-shop i'll be doing videos on both later tonight

    1. Ferno


      Murrican/Europe eShop? It's coming over here?

    2. Smash


      no jpn eshop

    3. Ferno
    4. Smash
    5. Ferno


      *it was a sad stickman

    6. Smash
    7. Smash


      the one piece demo is uploading ^^

  4. i caved in and bought lost world on 3ds

    1. Tails spin
    2. Uraraka
    3. JezMM


      Hope you are one of the chosen 50% who love it too lol

    4. Kiah


      Hope you enjoy it! : )

    5. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Hey, different strokes for different folks, after all.

  5. http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/review/35746
  6. was thinking of let's playing pokemon y but all i have is a camera

  7. What like.... left?.......horizontal ?..vertical ?....(I'm so sorry i couldn't resist )
  8. This song for is an underrated masterpiece
  9. RC gadgets footage is uploading right now there's some more i didn't show off in the screens
  10. It just shows you screens for the final game when you try too go to it sure i'll try
  11. I actually got accustomed real quick controls are spot on one thing that took a while too get used too is the spindash you can't rev it up you just the hold y button untill it's all charged up and when sonic gets on a wall from the side his speed increases an insane amount but again just take's a while too get used to it
  12. Pokemon X and Y in a couple days can't wait!

  13. In windy hill act 1 you get a little helper depending on if you die a couple of times you get a different one depending on which checkpoint you just passed the gold omachao shows up if you die right at the start without hitting a check point it collects items(like 1ups) and rings for sonic the second one the balloon let's you fly over the level the jet hits enemies with rockets before you even have a chance to hit them yourself they all have a time limit though the chao stayed with me for half the level as far as i know there's no way to change the voices
  14. 13 minutes then the cutscenes will be up okay i just found this i'll post some screens of it when the videos are done but there's a small gold remote control jet that you can get in an item box and it shoots rockets at the enemies here's the first cutscene
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