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  1. Haven't posted here in a while, so I just wanna give 2 cents on the next Sonic game what it could be and why it has taken so long. Last we heard is that Sonic Team is examining the success of Sonic Mania and wanting to replicate that in their Modern games. I'm sure Sega management is in favour of that too. However if we look at the current staff of developers at Sonic Team, it's impossible to revamp their entire pipeline for that goal and have it be good and have it out in 2 years or so. So I'm guessing they pulling from the entire company and make something new from the ground up, which takes alot of time and is just very slow in a very big company like Sega.
  2. There is this four part blog abut the making of Sonic Forces graphics on the Japanese website that seemed interresting. I haven't seen it being heavily reported...but 3 pictures caught my attention. Original Green Hill concept art Avatar UI concept art Hedgehog Engine 1&2 differences
  3. they have the money to build resorts and hotels, but not a competent game of their mascot.
  4. What I want it to be: The gimmick is that is also has on foot racing with the kart mode, specifically for each of the characters and tracks. The cart mode is developed by Sumo Digital and the on foot versions are made by Sonic Team as a collaboration. Story mode and original enviorments. Treat it more as a Riders sort of deal, where it is different than just a using the old stages
  5. Nintendo definitly doesn't headhunt the best staff of other companies.
  6. That ResetEra post is really badly researched and is wrong. There is little to no crossover between Nintendo and Sega staff...it is either coincidence with people of the same name or minor contracted workers (which are often at the bottom of lists, or from sub companies.) I mean there are artists and programmers mentioned in the post. But as far as credits in Forces go, those sort of developers are well experienced that have worked on well loved Sonic games. In the end, we don't know the factors that made this and that game bad.
  7. Ever since Lost World, ST seems heavily downgraded. They share more staff with the Mario & Sonic Olympic guys (they also used to have more staff). Within Sega, I wonder what is going on. Alot of staff is unused. I bet on another game being in development. Mobile is also less likely, since they don't pump that much money into it anymore.
  8. It's a wierd thing. But actually most were from Sonic 06. (lead level designer and programmer). So year it's down to many factors like you said (leadership being a main one) Lost World and this seem of the same kind mediocore stank that came kind of out of nowhere.
  9. Yeah, nothing, I follow the JP Sega twitter and they did link some CEDEC stuff on NicoNico. But I guess it's closed doors for some things
  10. In the end, it doesn't mean much. Japanese developers don't make platformers outside of Sonic Team and Nintendo. CEDEC also had Sonic 4 Episode 1 featured once as a successfull smartphone game. Hedgehog Engine demonstration also existed.
  11. http://techblog.sega.jp/entry/2017/08/28/100000 CEDEC is a game developer conference, where developers talk about the process of making games. Sega is part of this too, and Sonic Team is ready to teach that "Level design requires continuing adjustment while observing the player, but even if you continue the adjustment without pressing points, it will not get any better, In this session, as an example of the "set" (the work of placing objects in the stage) of the latest Sonic series "Sonic Force" (action game) scheduled to be released in the winter of 2017, points and verification in level design I will introduce the process of improvement. " (Google Translate, but you can tell that they know all about flow of good level and object design). Good stuff, ey?
  12. Well it's just Secret Rings. Which was a cool idea, but people get hung up "he starts slow"
  13. I think there will be only tag team with the Avatar since it is the whole theme of the games to fight along with Sonic.
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