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  1. some of the new youtube comments "sonic fans are never pleased" regarding sonic forces are kinda weird tbh. sonic fans are not known for high standards...

    1. Milo


      that and you'd think with the widely-praised mania, that would be obvious that sonic fans can be pleased

      but nah, we're all supposed to be a collective hivemind, right

    2. Strickerx5


      Not going to lie, went to an anime convention last weekend and sat in on a group discussion of sorts. Sort of seems like people outside the base know more about Forces than they do Mania... Don't really know how that's possible or if it was just the group I was in but that seemed to be the case. Hell, some of the people who did know about Mania thought it was just an hd remake of the old games... which is kind of true in a partial sense...

      As such, when they read some comments about how people don't like a game for basically doing what the well received Generations and Colors did... it can give off that air. Not justifying it, but I could see myself making the same mistake if I wasn't in the fanbase as heavily as I am.

    3. ThePrinceOfSaiyans


      It's not about high standards, it's about multiple standards. That said, yeah, people who don't like Forces have Mania to fall back on, so I don't see too many people disappointed about what's on offer here.

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