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  1. really? where? can you link them? and they are not delaying de game for any change, there are place with the game, i'm sure
  2. AWESOME what about one with shadow and sonic now jajajja (you know, sonic whit shadow skin and shadow with sonic's one)
  3. I love how, this game, is a museum of sonic games's game-play, you know, you have almost every character, stage thing, and sonic's ability available in this game from a simple shield, trough that spring-fan things from sky rail in SA2, and even the wisp from colours, you can use homing attack with classic, you can use almost every shield of sonic story, you can even use the skateboard, and that just for classic! i didn't unlock to many modern's skill but still want to try all of them Also, from Crisis City i have 3 awesome surprises, the first, with classic, with the "that tornado is carring a singpost!"; the 2nd one, you know, in classics game, that moment that you don't have any life and you are in the middle-last part of the level? well i fell it again, i didn't fell like this in almost 10 years ago (actually it happened to me in classic's level too), and the 3rd with modern, i lost all of my rings, and then i found myself in a lava section with those platforms and something inside me say "WHERE IS YOUR BOOST NOW?" that was awesome (and scary) moment PD: sorry for my bad english xD
  4. Not a glitch but, i catch the 4th red ring in city escape (that one that you need to make tricks with the skateboard) without the skate it took me 15 minutes, and the first time, i passed over the ring e.e, the 2nd i catch it, but i fall in a pit ¬¬, and the 3rd i get it, and was awesome now i have the skate skill
  5. yeah, and i want to buy it, but for some reason PayPal or steam don't work :/ i want both 3D blast and 3&K u.u oh boy, bad luck
  6. Talking about water, are there any 3D water segment? at last in seaside hill? PD: awesome story VizardJeffhog
  7. Chemical Plant: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sDiZF2Zja8 Sky Sanctuary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IinMfuP8Bxc Skills Shop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b4dPxvpNgg Collection Room: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfUiJ-Fgyt4
  8. I WANT TO EAT DAT MOON!!!1 seriously, why so yellow?
  9. Well i don't have a PS3 or a 360 just a very good computer but with a really bad graphic card :/ so i need to buy one, plus the game and >o< it's a lot of money!
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