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  1. It's funny. With a game like Star Fox Zero, I'd usually be one of the more optimistic folks trying to defend it until the reviews come out inevitably slamming it. This time, I'm probably the biggest duck in the "IT'S GOING TO SUCK" puddle.

    1. Milo


      I'm pretty torn on it. On one hand, it's the legitimate first SF game that follows on the rail-shooter gameplay of the first two games, and has PlatinumGames doing some work on it.

      ...on the other hand, it's pretty obviously low-budget (average graphics, no multiplayer, largely a throwback to 64) and has compulsory motion controls.

      What really sucks is that Zero could actually keep the series alive or kill it for good. I'm not happy with how Zero looks to have turned out so far, but at the same time the last Star Fox game --Command-- was roughly one decade ago, and if Zero flops, Nintendo would likely draw the wrong conclusion and bury it alongside F-Zero.

    2. Operationgamer17
    3. Milo


      @Operationgamer17 Yeah I believe some co-op multiplayer was announced. Should had clarified I was talking more about competitive multiplayer like in SF 64. Zero not having that is a huge missed opportunity, especially since it could had been the first traditional SF game to have online vs. multiplayer.

    4. T-Min


      Seriously, though, the new trailer really only serves to highlight just how lazy the game looks. It's almost like the Star Fox equivalent to Sonic 4: soulless nostalgia pandering with nothing of actual value to offer. They're copying the dialogue almost verbatim from Star Fox 64. "HEY, GENIUS, I'M ON YOUR SIDE." Like....seriously? You're not even going to try to make a new experience out of this? This isn't fanservice, it's pandering. It's using nostalgia as an excuse to opt out of making something actually new and fresh. Heck, it can hardly even be called nostalgia. There's no actual sentimentality to it; it's just a vapid coat of paint. "LOOK THE OLD GAME DID THIS DON'T YOU REMEMBER THE OLD GAME THE OLD GAME SURE WAS GOOD RIGHT IT'S ALMOST LIKE YOU'RE PLAYING THE OLD GAME I BET YOU WISH YOU WERE PLAYING THE OLD GAME RIGHT LOL" It didn't work for Twilight Princess, it most certainly didn't work for Sonic 4, and it doesn't look like it's going to work for Star Fox Zero.

      And to wrap it all in this "franchise history" retrospective, marketing this as the big revival we've all been waiting for, pretending that the history of the Star Fox series past 64 is even something worth celebrating rather than confirmation that Nintendo legitimately never cared enough to salvage it. Star Fox Zero is basically digging the series up from its grave only to shit on it and then bury it again. Way to disrespect your fans. Between this game, Color Splash, and Federation Force, either the Nintendo that actually cared is long dead or they're all working on Zelda U.

    5. Operationgamer17
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