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  1. Honestly, part of what makes some SA2 stages so memorable isn't even just how they play, but also their context in the story. Like, there's literally no way you could take 8 minutes to finish Green Forest unless you're purposefully waiting for time to run out. But just knowing that there's this urgent, time-sensitive situation going on where Sonic has to save his friends before they blow to smithereens gives the level that much more impact. I hope we get moments like that in another Sonic game someday.

    1. Zaysho


      It being set to what's basically a Sonic version of The Offspring's "Americana" makes it even better.

      Though Green Forest doesn't have it, I do like how some of the stages make good use of in-level dialogue without being overbearing like it is in Heroes or some of the later games. It feels like it ties the action and story together well.

    2. T-Min


      Yeah, the music in Green Forest adds a lot, too. It does sound pretty punky.

      And yeah, the very light use of in-level dialogue also adds a lot. I think Crazy Gadget is a really solid example. It's just Eggman taunting Sonic about the danger Amy is in the farther you get into the ARK. If it were like Heroes where the characters are constantly exchanging quips and observations, that would take away from a lot of the tension, but the fact that Eggman taunts Sonic about having the upper hand while Sonic has to just keep moving forward makes the situation feel so serious. I love it.

    3. iambitter21


      honestly, I've been thinking about this recently. I was replaying the story modes in SA2, I was at the point in the dark story where they talk about their mission and I gained more respect to levels like Weapons Bed. while I think that level is a bit too easy, it makes narrative sense because he was distracting the military so that rouge could enter the vault without getting caught. It's honestly really damn clever and there are a lot of other moments of this in the game.

    4. Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      Vertical Snoop [D.K.]

      presentation was a big part of what gave SA2 its sense of scale - a lot of cutscenes literally took place in chunks of the levels, and then seamlessly transitioned into gameplay. it's a small thing, but really helps elevate the idea that everything's connected and not just Video Game Levels for the sake of it.

      now compare that to recent games, where the cutscenes take place in one area and then gameplay takes place somewhere completely different... yeah, no contest.

    5. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Granted I did always dislike the fact that SA2 completely lacked logical level transitions half the time. You cite Green Forest, but how it transitions from Metal Harbour is a mystery to me. They had an opportunity to transition cleanly using the missile at the end of the level, but nope.

      Each level is memorable in its own right though. That they managed to create so many unique desert stages and stages set on the ark that are distinct from each other is impressive. They really was laser focused on giving every level a defining gimmick or mechanic in addition to a distinct appearance. Like, Crazy Gadget and Final Rush are Sonic's final two stages and both are set in the Ark, but they're entirely different. Even comparing Crazy Gadget and Eternal Engine, which are more visually similar, the differences are instantly apparent.

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