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  1. (Sigh) So I can expect tons of pointless arguing and flaming on this forum, too? Whatever. I could take it on the official SEGA boards, so... Anyway, I loved the Sonic Adventure games, Adventure 1 in fact being the first game I ever played. However, as much as I would love an SA3 if it were done right, I have this terrible, sinking feeling that if an SA3 were to be made, it would suck. If they do make a Sonic Adventure 3, it shouldn't have alternate gameplay styles like the mech shooting and treasure hunting. Although the Adventure fans such as myself enjoyed it, it's the source of a lot of the Adventure games' hate. Thus, in my opinion it should be done away with so that more people will enjoy it. Really, though, even though I would buy it, I don't need a Sonic Adventure 3. I would mainly like to see a style of Sonic gameplay more akin to Adventure 1 and Adventure 2 in a future game, but if they never use that style again, then oh well. =P
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