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  1. Happy Birthday, sweet prince

  2. good night, sweet prince


  4. My bags are packed...

  5. Here I come, sharper than the rest of them the best of them, tougher than leather You can call me Needler, unlike Zack I don't tweedle I'd rather feel my needles I'm sharp as needles, it ain't hard to feel I poke'em down whether they solid or feeble Unlike the rest I'm condescendant I got fresh breath, no tests feel the right then the worst's left.

    1. SuperClassic


      Yo it's your main man Zach

      And we're in Silva's Chat

      You ready for me to punch your face?

      Help me makes Bananas The Echidna

      Took a stumble without a trace and left my little dome

      At least we're with calls so I'm not all alone

      Bad thing was that Needler was killed

      Oh was that me? Or was he just ill

      What's this? Can't jump or dive

      must be because I'm just a white guy

      Messages comin' my way, weavin' g...

    2. SuperClassic


      Messages comin' my way, weavin' gotta reply

      Ain't a reporter, cause Skype mods don't pay

      Seen an ugly look, Needler's face

    3. Needler


      Oh yeah? YEAH!?

  6. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!

  9. So umm... that was cool... I guess...

  10. Initial thought when looking at Scarabesque: Ground Scaravich?

    1. Jeffhog


      Roboticized poop.

    2. Kamicciolo


      my first thought was "I wonder if anyone gets the pun/joke in it's name" :V

  11. My favorite video game series... It's really unfortunate that so many people have been missing out on these amazing JRPGs
  12. You know what I don't get that Shadow boss fight? Why the hell is there a full mo--*shot*

    1. Rinzler
    2. Noir
    3. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      Time Eater did it.


    4. Solkia


      Omg you're right OoO

  13. Can you shut the F--*shot*

  14. I can't believe it... Steve Jobs is dead...

  15. Dark Souls is a beautiful game!

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