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  1. Finally got 271 today. Anyone else get there's?
  2. With the way their were presented indvivdualy and then together in CTC and on the cover of future issues, seems that way to me
  3. Ben Bates Explains Mecha Sally design and Sally Redesign : He hasn't posted part 3 yet. http://benbates.deviantart.com/art/Sally-Redesign-Part-1-419696823 http://benbates.deviantart.com/art/Sally-Redesign-Part-2-419872316
  4. (dragon natuarlly speaking this) Monday, October 14, 2013 start time : 3:08 PM Now I did another version of this earlier today, and what I'm about to say is something that as fans we need to start considering or at least doing. Ever since the New York comic convention last year. And throughout all of 2013 so far, this fan base has been divided on the character redesigns. Some love them, some are okay with them, and others just flat out disdain them. Well I can understand that, but I believe we should focus more outside of the redesigns and/or at least talk about what potentially could happen as a result of this soft reboot. With the redesigns, I can understand that the main problem with them, is not how they look, but how the personalities will portray them. I believe as a longtime fan, that the personalities of the characters will not change whatsoever, they might have a tweak here and there, but if Ian Flynn says that the characters will be who they are as we know them, then whether we want to believe him or not, we will just have to wait it out and for right now, take his word on it. But as I mentioned above, we need to focus more on what could happen afterwards. For example, what kind of character development will we get from the freedom fighters, once they come in contact with Nicole. I mean one of the major things that fans are indeed worried about and understandably so, is Antoine and Bunnie's marriage. Will it still exist?, Or will be null and void? You see that is something that I am intrigued about. Because if Ian Flynn decides to make the marriage and act like it never happened, and possibly the relationship of Antoine and Bunnie as well, to me that would be the wrong thing to do. Because out of all the romantic couples and relationships in the comic's history, you don't take one that through all the trials and errors and all the ups and downs that several writers took them through for 127 issues and that alone was built up to the marriage in 174, and then add on the 60 issues that came afterwards, plus the four sonic universe issues that they were a part of, and you would be throwing away up to about 190 issues of story and character development. That is what Ian Flynn would be doing with the Antoine/Bunnie relationship and marriage, just throwing out almost 200 issues worth of character and story development. And that's just one thing that could change as a result of this soft reboot. Another could be Fiona Fox. Now I get that storyline wise, she's in the anti-world, but who's to say she still won't be affected. Think about it, a majority of fans were upset that Ian Flynn turned her bad/antihero in 172, for as some put it no real reason. Well let's look at it this way, it appears that everything that's occurring in CTC, is taking place between 225 and 230, and perhaps even before that. And one must wonder, if perhaps Fiona might be softly rebooted back onto the side of good. That's another thing that I would be intrigued about. And hey, what about factions? Who's to say that the sandblast freedom fighters and Baron Beauregard's dark Legion didn't switch sides. Who's to say that the sandblast freedom fighters are not now the sandblast egg Army and who's to say Baron Beauregard's dark egg Legion are not now freedom fighters. You see it's stuff like that, that we should be discussing more then our love/hatred for the main cast redesigns. And hey speaking of the main cast, whose to say that fan service will not be part of this soft reboot. Ian Flynn has proven that he can do just that, heck the comic as a whole throughout its history has proven that. Who's to say it won't happen more so in the soft reboot. I mean, if you want a good example of what potential fan service on a romantic scale could be delivered to us courtesy of this soft reboot, how about Tails/Amy, hey with this soft reboot it could happen. I mean there are some, if not a majority of fans that want to see Tails have a girlfriend. And from what they've said about Ian Flynn, perhaps Tails might get hooked up with Amy. But on the other hand, there's three more choices, they are, Mina, and this is due to the future story arc, as well as possibly a rebooted and good Fiona Fox, or perhaps what has become the biggest fan supported relationship for our two tailed friend, none other then Nicole. Now I know some a you might raise your eyebrows about that, but apparently it's one of the most popular fan supported pairings in the Sonic fanbase. And if Ian Flynn wants to provide some fan service to the fans,, who knows he might make it happen due to this being a soft rebooted continuity. Again it's stuff like this, that I believe we should focus more on, then just the character redesigns. Because whether we want to admit or not, it seems that these redesigns are here for the long haul. So I suggest as fans we focus more on the aftereffects of CTC more than the character redesigns. Because when one thinks about it folks, if we keep complaining about the character redesigns, we lose focus on what's really important and that's the story and the continuity that goes with it. Besides let's remember one thing, nothing last forever. So we cannot say that these redesigns will be here until the comic is eventually canceled, because when I say long haul, I look at more of a year to two-year maybe three year run, before we get another redesign or continuity event that switches things back to the way they were or changes them more so. So again, I ask as a fellow longtime Sonic fan, let's please try to focus on more of what could happen storyline/continuity wise, then what the redesigns of the characters will look like. I have more to say in my alternate version, which I'm sure a lot of you know of and a lot of you know where to find it, and if you like take your time with it. But that's all I have to say on the matter right now. God bless and take care. Ending time : 3:42 PM
  5. I have no doubt the cyborg thing is to troll/throw people off. I mean why spoiler what would be a surprise twist Ian would to save for the end of CTC.. Besides, it seems events are taking place before 225 ever happen.
  6. probably shading or over color, when one uses the same color to shade or etc.. and doesn't realize it, a color mistake. like in animation.
  7. TGIF, September 6, 2013. Start time 10:28 AM One of the things that I've mentioned and asked about, is, "Was these past two years, the best time for Ian Flynn to do his epic World Tour 2/Death Egg Mark 2/Mecha Sally arc?" Well, my obvious opinionated answer to that, is no. And here is why. Now, I don't want to shift or put the complete blame of the timing of this two-year story arc all on Ian. You see, despite how you feel about him, he wasn't given a heads up of any kind from any of the higher-ups at Archie comics or even Sega. Because you see, if someone way above him would've taken the time to call him or e-mail him, heck even Skype him, to let him know that those previous two years would not be the best time to do this arc due to some behind-the-scenes shenanigans and court proceedings that were beyond their control or even his. Ian, in my opinion could've had the opportunity to not only put the storyline on hold, but as crazy as it sounds, perhaps make it even grander, and as some fans have complained about, make it more sensible, in other words, make the plot/arc easier to understand and follow. If someone higher up then Ian or even Paul could have done that, not only would allow Ian to do what I just mentioned, but also to probably do the Worlds Collide crossover before hand as a "Another Time, Another Place" event, that could have spanned the issues in which this recent two-year arc took place in. It could have even open the door for other possible stories to take place, and through these other stories, Ian could have found a similar/different method to get where he was going with issue 230. This isn't the first time that something like this has happened. You see, back in the early to mid-90s, DC comics was planning on doing a wedding issue between Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The only problem, was at this time, Warner Bros. and DC comics were producing the live-action Lois and Clark : The New Adventures Of Superman on ABC. Now what happened here, is something that I believe in a similar way could have been done with this comic book. You see, DC comics and the creative staff on the Superman comics, were all set and ready to do the wedding issue, however Warner Bros. along with ABC wanted to do the wedding of Lois and Clark before DC comics did it in the Superman comics. So what happened, is they let the creative staff on the comics know about this and ask them to hold off on their version of the wedding until after their version had aired on ABC. Now this, obviously left a void in that timeframe, and they needed something to fill that timeframe, and thus the Doomsday arc/The Death Of Superman was created as well as the aftermath, along with his return. And again, what does this have to do with these past two years? Very simply put, the higher-ups or someone up there could have done the same thing for Ian, they could have told them to hold off on his mega story arc until these behind-the-scenes shenanigans are/were taken care of. Thus, as I mentioned before, would have given Ian a little more time to work on his script of this mega arc that has recently completed. And giving him other story options to work with. And in the long run, avoided this whole mess that fans say Ian and those associated with him got themselves into. Now, this is just my opinion as a longtime twenty-year fan. But I honestly feel, that if someone in the high offices could have had the balls if you will to come down and let Ian and his fellow creative staff know what was going on behind the scenes, and told/asked them to hold off on this mega arc until everything was settled, then none of the BS that fans have said that Archie comics and Ian himself put them through, throughout these past two years, in my honest opinion, would have never happened. And that's all I'm going to say about that. TGIF, September 6, 2013, ending time : 10:58 AM
  8. Proof I finally opened issues 230 to 247
  9. Wednesday, September 4, 2013, start time : 5:03 PM This is a review of issues 230 to 247. As you will see in the picture provided or the link to the picture provided, I have finally opened those 17 issues that I had received in the mail, but had yet opened until yesterday. Now I will say this, as I opened and look through them, I will admit that I had an uneasy feeling when I saw Sally in her robot form, doing and saying things that were not of her character. Now I understand that in the story, she was not in control of her actions. But even still, I could not imagine her doing or saying those things. But again I understand that this was all done to develop her character even more than it had ever been, as well as opened the door for other characters to grab the spotlight and run with it. As far as Sally's sacrifice went. From what I saw and read, she and Nicole had basically no other option, and from how the scene was written, because she was given a second chance at life, she decided to give that back to the planet that she loves, and to her friends and family that she loves. As far as her being modified, one of the things I like to look for is the tiniest detail that one might overlook. You see for those that feel that Ian Flynn had the Doctor gut her and basically rebuild her from the ground up, let's just say that my theory on her having weaponized armor welded onto her body, I think can be backed up. You may ask how can it be backed up? Very simple, you see the tools that the Doctor was using, were measuring tools for her arms and her head, and from what I could see and tell, he was measuring her as if he was measuring her for an outfit or a dress. But then it is confirmed even more, when you look at issue 239 or 240, there is a splash panel on top of the other pages of Sally and Amy engaging each other in a fight. And when you look at this splash panel you see Sally's tail sticking out of her backside as if she's wearing a uniform or as I have said before armor. Now one may ask Well what about the laser Cannon in her head?, again look at the littlest detail, she had a connector connecting the laser Cannon to her brain inside, thus proving that there was no brain removal. Another way at proving this theory correct. Is why would Eggman modified a power ring, if he had literally taken her apart and rebuilt her, if he was worried about a regular power ring restoring her free will, he wouldn't. Now speaking of her free will, issues 237 and mostly 238 Prove to me that Ian Flynn had originally planned on climaxing this story arc at the 250th issue, because when you look at 238 and Sally's confrontation with Tails, you could see bits of Sally coming through, as she gave Tails an option that she did not have to give him if she was fully gone. And when you look at 239 or 240, she could have easily gone to her brother's hut first and foremost, but she saved it for last and when you look at the picture/panel of her looking out the window and saying target lost, you could almost see Sally breaking through because of the possible emotion of sadness seen on her face. Which again tells me that Ian Flynn had originally planned for Sally to regain her free will as the first step and then be restored in 250 as the final step. But unfortunately thanks to some behind-the-scenes shenanigans, plans were altered. Now I spoke earlier of characters grabbing the spotlight and running with it. Well what surprised me and I'm sure surprised a lot of you, was the fact that we had maybe four characters that you would never have thought of getting the spotlight. Let's take Isabella Mongoose, not only did she become the newest member of the Royal concile, but she was responsible for having that cabinet allow Nicole back into the city. Then we have the pink wolf twins (Lyteea and Lyco) not just getting the spotlight and running with it in 237 and 238, but also in the SU arc about the secret freedom fighters as well as in 240 and 241, and then we have Erma, who in 247 was the only one that could decipher what Silver was talking about, when he revealed Sally as being the traitor. Erma basically said that between Silver's future and their present, that the information might have been lost, and that historians in Silver's time or leading up to it, didn't know that the tratior was working against their will or that the possibility of turning flesh and blood beings into robots even existed. So I do give credit to Ian Flynn on not just giving characters that as many fans have pointed out needed more of the spotlight, but by giving characters we as fans never would have thought of getting the spotlight and having it given to them. Now as far as the characters acting out of character, I think Ian was trying to put a bit of a reality spin on the situation. In other words when you have so much emotional stress put on you, the last thing you need is for somebody to come out of nowhere and press the wrong emotional button that will set you off and make you act like you normally wouldn't. And that is why a lot of the characters were OOC in this story arc as some fans had pointed out and complained about. As far as Endangered Species go, in 243 you can see where Ian Flynn was going with it, but as soon as 244 came around you could also see what he had to alter due to the behind-the-scenes shenanigans that were taking place. And if you don't believe me, there is a fan out there that posted some pics of the original draft, picture drafts that is, of what was originally supposed to be drawn and take place. I will agree on one thing, the advertisements/adaptions based around sporting events and games could have waited or taking place at the appropriate time. Of course I'm talking about issue 242 and Universe issue 45. I agree those could have waited or could have been done at the appropriate times that they needed to be done. And as far as Worlds Collide goes, I believe you still could have done it, but have it done either in Universe and Mega man or wait until the original story arc that was supposed to climax in 250 is/was over. Now as far as the retcon goes, it seems Nicole will be the key in everyone except Sonic regaining their memories of the past timeline/past world, and it might even indicate that the events in 252 had occurred perhaps before the Endangered Species arc, which means down the line we may see certain characters returning. Overall, it has been one heck of a bumpy ride that will either continue to get more bumpier as we head into Countdown to Chaos or will start to smooth out and be a smoothed and enjoyable ride from here on in. We just have to wait and find out. And that is my review that I promised when this whole story arc began, I promised a review and this is it. Grade wise on this entire story arc, I give it a C+, because I know whither I get along with the guy or not or whither anybody else gets along with Ian or not, they have to admit that he did his damnedest. Despite the fact that there were many alterations and interruptions that had to be made and had taken place. End of review. Wednesday, September 4, 2013, End time : 5:48 PM
  10. Friday, August 30, 2013. Start time : 2:51 PM The other day I talked about the fact that fans were asking the question of what was the point of the past 2 1/2 years of story. Well, another question that has arisen over the past week or so, is "What was the point of robotizing Sally and modifying and weaponzing her if there wasn't going to be a payoff." Believe it or not, those that actually supported Ian's decision to turn Sally into a robot and modifier her, are actually now asking the question of what was the point if we're not going to get a proper payoff. And that along with the other question are good questions to ask and that need to be answered. Fans who had been against what Ian did to Sally, will come out and say that the reason we will not have a proper conclusion is due to the fact that what they had said over the past two years if not year and a half is true. You see, a strong majority of fans had accused Ian Flynn of having Eggman gut Sally from the inside out. In other words, fans accused Ian of having Eggman take Sally apart internally and rebuild her as nothing more than a battle ready Mecha robot. Thus, the reasoning for what we saw at the New York comic con in October of last year and more recently what we had seen on the final page of issue 252. In other words, what they see instead as a proper conclusion and a possible restoration of Sally back to flesh and blood, instead what they see is a copout or in other words a DEM. There is no doubt, that the other majority of fans will counter this and say give it a chance, that we may still get an explanation. But even these fans will admit and asked the question of what was the point of her being turned into a robot for the past two years. Some fans will point out, that issue after issue after issue, it was the same old pattern repeated over and over and over again. That being, fight Sally, almost rescue Sally, then let Sally escape, rinse and repeat. Which they will point out and say, that it was an unnecessary ride that Ian took us on with no final destination insight, thus the reason for the copout, instead of a proper conclusion. I for one, will sit and wait, I will read the issues starting with 252 and going forward, because I, a longtime fan for the past 20 years, I'm hoping we get a proper explanation as to why now Sally is back to normal, new redesign and all. I'm not afraid to admit, that I didn't like what he did to Sally, but for the past two years I dealt with it in my own way, true I still subscribed to the comic, but during the whole time she was a robot, I never opened a single issue. But now I will. I will open those issues, I will take a picture and video, so that you guys can see it for yourselves. But again, I'm not afraid to admit that I didn't like what he did, because one, through the summaries and scans that were posted at several of the Sonic message boards, including this one, I just cannot picture Sally saying the things that she said when she was a robot to her friends. True, story wise, she was not in control of her own actions, but still I could not bear myself to see her say those kind of things. And that's coming from a longtime 20 year fan of the comic and yes even the Saturday morning show. But still, several fans will ask, "What was the point of this whole story arc of her being a robot, if there is not going to be a proper payoff?" As I said before, if Ian Flynn does owe the fan base anything, it is a proper straightforward explanation as to what the point, if any, there was behind turning Sally into a battle ready robot. Friday, August 30, 2013, finished time : 3:15 PM
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