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  1. May I please have my account deactivated?
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  3. I-I like having characters besides Sonic/Tails/Eggman show up, it's only for 5 second cameos anyway, lighten up...
  4. I think I worded that wrong. "I think it's just my hatred of Sonic talking." as in, the HATRED I have of him, the hatred talking, not HIM talking, I like his voice, just not his personality, nor only him being playable. ...
  5. Apparently Sonic can swim now...? Now what weakness does he have? That's kinda stupid, they should give him wings next and spikes on his fists. Ya'know, so you don't NEED anyone else but Sonic! :/
  6. Shadow~ Now I really have to buy both. Or maybe even just Colours DS and save the Wii game money for something else, DS games are cheaper.
  7. Looks like I'm gonna be buying both versions for Christmas~
  8. Well, now you can't say they haven't perfected Sonic's gameplay anymore. Now, next game have more characters, pleeeeeeaaaaaaase? Preferably the ones with their own Super forms?
  9. Okay, Metal Sonic, BLACK KNIGHT SONIC, a freaking YELLOW Sonic, WEREHOG, Knuckles, But no freaking Tails, Shadow, Amy, GYAAAH. Oh, and it's only available in one country in Europe. Maybe it's a good thing that it sucks, I'm less likely to want it. And don't say 'But Shadow has nothing to do with the 20th anniversary!' neither does the Werehog, Metal, Sonic with a sword, or a yellow Sonic.
  10. Is it normal for it to take a month to receive a comicbook after resubscribing...? I still don't have STH #218 yet...
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